The safety technology area has information for protecting workers directly with personal protection equipment and indirectly with interlocks, light curtains, machine guards, barriers, safety curtains, sensors, and ventilation systems.

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Industrial dust collection goes modular

May 24, 2016


Large-scale dust and fume collection can be somewhat inflexible. A fabricator moving, adding, or removing a few work centers can throw off the airflow balance and make the entire system less effective. A new technology aims to change this.

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Guide highlights standards for safety-related pneumatics

May 18, 2016

Aventics has published a manual titled Machine Safety Expertise for Pneumatics that covers key topics in the implementation of directives and standards for safety-related pneumatics using examples, circuit diagrams, and products. The 48-page guide covers topics such as international directives...

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LED communication system alerts employees when workers on other side of door

May 16, 2016

Rite-Hite has introduced LED Virtual Vision®. It allows workers to “see” through the door with red LEDs that indicate when another worker or object is approaching the door from the other side, helping to prevent collisions between forklifts and workers. The light communication system uses a...

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Flexible safety glasses available with lenses for cutting, brazing

May 9, 2016

ArcOne has introduced the 3000 series safety glasses. The flexible glasses provide full eye and side coverage. Lens colors vary from clear to mirrored; IR3 and IR5 lenses also are available for cutting and...

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Compact safety laser scanner offers 275-degree scanning angle

May 4, 2016

Sick Inc. has launched the microScan3 Core safety laser scanner. The compact unit has an 18-ft. range and 275-degree scanning angle for area and access guarding. It features patented safeHDDM™ (high-definition distance measurement) scanning technology that filters out dust and ambient light....

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Welding filter features viewing area of 9.1 sq. in.

May 3, 2016

ArcOne® has introduced the Optiva® O60V filter. It comes in two new helmet styles: Black and Gearbot. It features a filter viewing area of 9.1 sq. in. and four sensors. The filter has UV/IR protection and comes with two replaceable CR2450 Li...

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Flame-resistant head protection available

May 3, 2016

National Safety Apparel® offers a variety of flame-resistant and arc flash stocked head protection in an assortment of styles, fabrics, and protection levels. Arc flash balaclavas paired with goggles and/or faceshields offer an alternative to the traditional beekeeper’s-style hoods. These...

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Reporting to OSHA after a severe injury

May 2, 2016


During their presentation at the FMA Annual Meeting, attorney David Jones, along with Doug Raff, owner of Paragon Industrial Controls, showed a lot about what a fabricator can expect during an OSHA inspection after reporting a major injury. They gave insights as to how companies can best navigate the OSHA inspection and citation process.

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Autodarkening helmets offer optical clarity in large viewing area

April 29, 2016

Weldcote Metals’ Ultraview and UltraviewPlus autodarkening helmets allow a wide range of colors to be viewable while in light mode, providing optical clarity in a large viewing area. Both helmets feature standard 4-1/2- by 5-1/4-in. cover lenses, four sensors, solar power with battery backup,...

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Welding helmet comes with four filter options

April 22, 2016

ArcOne® has introduced the ZigTig welding helmet as part of its Vision® series. The lightweight helmet provides full coverage and a sleek, modern design, the company reports. It comes with ComfaGear® II headgear and four filter options: iDF81, X81VX, X54V, and...

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Protective gloves include touchscreen capability

April 20, 2016

Ergodyne has released the ProFlex® Trades series gloves. Included are a mix of eight updated and six new models. The new models feature touchscreen capability, enhanced cut resistance, and improved abrasion resistance, the manufacturer says. Incorporated technologies include abrasion-resistant...

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Clarcor Industrial Air brings back DustHog brand

April 14, 2016

Clarcor Industrial Air, Overland Park, Kan., which now includes the United Air Specialists business, has announced it will bring back the DustHog® brand with a new logo. The brand has not been in active use for a decade. The line of dust collection equipment features such media technologies as...

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Autodarkening filter offers 7-sq.-in. viewing area

April 12, 2016

ArcOne® has introduced the 4500V autodarkening filter. It has a light state of 4, dark state of 9-13, four sensors, and a 7-sq.-in. viewing area. The filter comes with a replaceable battery and fits in any of the company’s Carrera™ welding...

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Scientific Dust Collectors launches new website

April 8, 2016

Scientific Dust Collectors, Alsip, Ill., has launched a new website at It provides information on the company’s baghouse dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, cyclones, and bin vents. The firm has added a new section on engineering capabilities,...

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Encoders simplify machine safety designs

April 4, 2016

Heidenhain offers Leine & Linde 850 shaft and 862 hollow-shaft encoders. This technology allows incremental encoders to be applied where safe operation of machinery is necessary without requiring a redundant encoder or secondary sensing device. The products are certified for SIL2/PLd, Category 3...

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