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Shearing, a tried-and-true technology, is still necessary in fabrication shops everywhere. Read up on the machines and blades in this technology area.

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Ironworker basics: Cut it clean -

Ironworker basics: Cut it clean

December 3, 2012 | By Tim Heston

How does an operator avoid distortion and burrs? For the ironworker’s common cutting stations--the punch, angle cutter, notcher, and plate shear--it boils down to matching the job at hand with some basic variables.

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Kuka Robot

A shear and a robot, together at last

February 25, 2011 | By Jon Creese, Wayne Swift

Lane Steel Co. marries a guillotine shear and a robot—and frees a major shop floor bottleneck as a result, leading to greater throughput, better quality, and more flexibility.

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Cutting with an industry workhorse

January 27, 2009 | By Don Letourneau

To gain the most benefit from an ironworker's cutting stations, fabricators should select one with the right tonnage and blade characteristics for their applications.

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Getting control of your cut-to-length line

July 11, 2002 | By Martin Marincic

There are many factors to consider when selecting a drive and control system for a cut-to-length line. After choosing the line, you need to choose the drive, calculate the load inertia, calculate the feeder speed, and choose a motion controller.

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Cutting structural steel to length; The sheer facts of shear tooling and processes

February 28, 2002 | By Peddinghaus Corp. Staff

This article discusses the tooling and shearing processes used for cutting structural steel elements. It mentions the materials and heat-treating processes used to manufacture the knives (tooling) and two different shearing processes - - single-cut and double-cut. It also discusses the challenges presented by structural items that do not have uniform profiles, such as channels and I-beams.

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Analyzing shear features

July 26, 2001 | By Stephen A. Lazinsky

Understanding shears is a matter of understanding shear features, including design and drive systems. This article offers information about evaluating shears and includes a list of 20 enhancements and explains each of them.

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Material handling on squaring shears

June 13, 2001 | By Rod Stouder

Proper material handling equipment in front of and in back of utmost importance to your operation. Its impact on operator comfort and safety should not be minimized.

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8 ways to keep your shear in top shape

April 10, 2001 | By Robert Kotynski

Improving uptime and reducing maintenance when using shears for high production could mean following a few key steps.

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