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The waterjet cutting technology area has information on the machines and processes, but it doesn't stop there. It also covers abrasives, hoses, nozzles, and pumps.

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Pressure matters in abrasive waterjet cutting

November 29, 2016 | By Pradeep Nambiath, PhD

Abrasive waterjet pump technology continues to evolve toward higher pressures. Within the pump’s design limits, the higher the pressure, the faster the abrasive moves, and the faster you can cut.

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Small-scale cutting: The next frontier

July 12, 2016 | By Shane Strowski

Many of today’s cutting applications require surgical-like precision to produce small, intricate parts. Technological advancements in waterjet and laser cutting are making these processes even more attractive to fabricators in a variety of industries.

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The reality of waterjet abrasive recycling

June 1, 2016 | By Dan Davis

Because shipping spent waterjet abrasive off to the landfill usually is easy, not too much thought is given to attempting to recycle it. However, in today's manufacturing world, all aspects of the operation are scrutinized for possible cost savings. That includes looking at abrasive recycling.

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Right-size your waterjet cutting machine

April 27, 2016 | By Jim Fields

Most fabricators choose waterjets with large work envelopes because they process large parts, but there’s a productivity element to consider as well, especially when it comes to material loading/unloading. Myriad other factors play a role, too, including horsepower and the number of cutting heads.

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Totally enclosed waterjet cutting

February 10, 2016 | By Dan Davis

After having purchased waterjet cut parts as part of his old job, Dan Sarmiento thought he could develop a better waterjet cutting system. He had his handiwork on display at FABTECH 2015.

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A waterjet pump primer

June 8, 2015 | By David Arthur, Deron Roberts, Jeff Schibley, Nancy Lauseng

Knowing the basics of waterjet pumps allows a fabricator to figure out just what technology makes sense for the work on the shop floor and just what type of commitment is necessary to run that pump technology successfully.

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Two tanks for waterjet productivity

April 29, 2015 | By Dan Davis

A dual-tank waterjet system made for a metal fabricator is now a product offering for all fabricators interested in boosting waterjet productivity.

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Engineer, weld, fabricate, test, and perfect

December 10, 2014 | By Tim Heston

Rando Productions juggles various projects from various customers—TV shows, commercials, theme park attractions—and each has its own timeline. It’s all one-off, nonrepeat work. Sound familiar?

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Selecting the right waterjet abrasive

September 8, 2014 | By R. Randolph Rapple

Almost every natural and synthetic material has been tried as a waterjet cutting abrasive. The best material appears to be almandine garnet. However, it's the right combination of hardness, density, toughness, and particle shape in the garnet that maximizes a waterjet's cutting capabilities.

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Reusing recycled abrasives in waterjet cutting?

August 7, 2014 | By Dan Davis

When it comes to waterjet cutting, most metal fabricators rely on virgin garnet as the abrasive that’s used in conjunction with the waterjet stream. After cutting is concluded, the abrasive can be collected and recycled as a filler for other construction-related products. An Auburn, Wash.-based company, however, thinks it has found a way to take the recycled material and return it to an almost-new state.

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Waterjet small gear patterns

Big opportunities in waterjet cutting microsize parts

March 3, 2014 | By Dr. Peter H.T. Liu

Waterjet nozzle technology has progressed to the point where the cutting of parts and part features smaller than 0.012 in. is now possible.

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Race team embraces waterjet cutting - TheFabricator.com

Race team embraces waterjet cutting

June 3, 2013 | By Dan Davis

When John Force Racing took most of its manufacturing operations in-house in the early 2000s, the focus was on controlling quality and lead time. However, it didn't have a quick-response fabricating tool for 2-D cutting. It has since found that tool with its new waterjet

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3-D Butterfly Abrasive Waterjet

Etching 3-D images with an abrasive waterjet

May 7, 2013 | By Dr. John H. Olsen

Currently used primarily in art and architecture, waterjet etching is beginning to make inroads into machining and fabricating shops. The textured gripper pictured in this article is an example of a 3-D etched part.

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2-D + 3-D = 5-axis waterjet cutting - TheFabricator.com

2-D + 3-D = 5-axis waterjet cutting

January 7, 2013 | By Dr. John H. Olsen

Five-axis waterjet cutting is not something you see in every fabricating operation. But for some applications where tube or precise edge cutting might be required, it makes total sense.

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Waterjet cutting table

The trend toward larger abrasive waterjet cutting tables

December 10, 2012 | By Dr. John H. Olsen

Once custom-produced on a one-off basis for specific applications, large abrasive waterjet cutting tables have become part of many standard systems, thanks mostly to advanced linear-drive technology that makes the machines more affordable.

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