The bending technology area includes all manner of machines and processes for bending sheet metal, including press brakes, folders, panel benders, corner formers, ironworkers, notchers, orbital formers, and roll benders. It also has information on accessories such as gauging and backgauging systems.

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Forming technology eliminates die marks from bending

March 27, 2015

Using rotating supports within the tooling, Mate’s new CleanBend™ press brake tooling enables sheet metal forming in such applications as bending short flanges, bending a flange to a diagonal sharp or across existing holes, and bending delicate or polished materials. The tooling is...

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AP&T, Cell Impact sign cooperation agreement for high-velocity bending

March 19, 2015

AP&T and Cell Impact AB have signed a long-term cooperation agreement with focus on production lines for formed plates for heat exchangers, fuel cells, and electrolyzers. The cooperation initiative entails Cell Impact's high-velocity impact units being integrated with AP&T's complete production...

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How a punch press acts like a press brake

March 4, 2015


Traditionally bending high flanges on a punch press just hasn’t been practical, but new machines and software are changing the situation. Today, flanges up to 3 inches high can be bent not by the press brake, but by special tooling on the punch press.

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4 ways to improve time per bend

March 4, 2015


The time that a press brake operator spends walking to a control or maneuvering a part is time the customer is not paying for. Those seconds add up over the day and cut into a fab shop's profitability. New approaches to bending, however, can help to remedy that.

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Bending Basics: 6 steps to successful die selection for press brakes

February 16, 2015


Choosing the right die for an application hinges on the tooling and press brakes you have, and the tonnage limitations of both.

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JMT USA names president

February 5, 2015

The board of directors for Jorgenson Industrial Companies has announced that Jared Peterson has been appointed president of the JMT USA division, Salt Lake City, Utah, following Kyle Jorgenson’s resignation. Peterson has worked for the company as service and operations manager for the past 11...

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Unison to deliver tube bending machinery to Supercraft

February 2, 2015

Unison has won an order for tube bending machinery from precision aerospace engineering company Supercraft for the expansion of operations at its new manufacturing facility in Brough, U.K., in preparation for contracts recently secured from aerospace customers. The order comprises an Evbend...

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Wilson Tool appoints director of sales, North America

January 28, 2015

Wilson Tool International®, White Bear Lake, Minn., a provider of tooling systems for punch presses, press brakes, and punch and die components for the stamping industry, has named Ron Palick as director of sales for North America. In this position, he is responsible for building and leading the...

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Automated tooling setup for press brakes

January 22, 2015


As metal fabricators look to increase throughput in their bending departments while also facing a dearth of seasoned press brake operators, they may find their answer in the form of automated tooling change technology now found on the latest generation of brakes.

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Press brakes handle complicated, sensitive bends

January 15, 2015

Kaast Machine Tools’ HPB press brakes are designed for complicated, sensitive, high-speed single or multiple bending. They feature a user-friendly CNC and low-cost hydraulic maintenance, the company reports. Repetitive bending is obtained via synchronized cylinders and valves. Axis...

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Automated robotic bending cell handles small, complex parts

December 26, 2014

Amada’s EG 6013 AR automated robotic bending cell combines a servo-electric press brake with an advanced bending robot. The high-speed system is suitable for small, complex parts, eliminating the need for human operation and the associated risk of dealing with difficult-to-handle small parts....

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Press brakes designed for simplified operation

December 17, 2014

The TruBend Series 3000 press brake from TRUMPF Inc. features a new closed-frame design that provides high rigidity for improved precision. The backgauges can move across the entire length of the machine bed, enabling unrestricted use when bending at the ends of the machine. Automatic CNC crowning...

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Pass it on

December 12, 2014


Ron Covell’s 50-year career manually building autobodies for street rods, dragsters, and motorcycles is impressive, to say the least. But he doesn’t plan on hoarding all of the expertise he’s garnered over the years. His latest passion, of the last 20 years anyway, has been sharing information in his traveling workshops to current or up-and-coming autobody enthusiasts. It’s what he hopes is his longest and most impactful legacy.

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Press brake bends variety of parts

December 10, 2014

The TruBend 5130 press brake from TRUMPF handles a variety of parts. Whether parts are large or small, complex or simple, the patented ACB® measuring technique helps ensure that bending angles are correct from the start, the company states. Programming can be performed with TruTops Bend...

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