Materials Handling Products

The material handling technology area encompasses systems and equipment for handling coil, sheet, plate, profiles, tube and pipe, raw materials, and scrap. It also covers peripheral accessories such as C-hooks, clamps, die storage systems, hoists, lifters, and sheet stackers and destackers.

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Conveyor drive features compact design

January 9, 2013

The new 2200 series Mid Drive belt conveyor platform from Dorner Mfg. frees up the motor and mounts from both ends of the conveyor, creating additional available space for operator and machine interfaces. The compact, three-roller design is 40 percent smaller than tensioned-center drives, opening...

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Compact positioner handles pieces more than 1,100 lbs.

December 19, 2012

Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome offers the LD-600R, a compact tilt/turn positioner that can handle pieces weighing more than 1,100 lbs., 6 in. off the table. It features a standard footswitch and pendant controls, as well as a protractor dial indicator. The compact size and square footprint design allow...

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Vacuum lifter handles domes, spheres -

Vacuum lifter handles domes, spheres

December 18, 2012

The Anver VFP series vacuum lifter features an interchangeable, custom-made, concave-shaped suction pad with a soft, replaceable, sponge-rubber sealing pad. Designed to let one person handle domes and spheres, this below-the-hook vacuum lifter is powered by compressed air and includes vacuum...

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Forklift handles indoor, outdoor applications -

Forklift handles indoor, outdoor applications

December 12, 2012

Nissan Forklift Corp.'s Platinum II Nomad® series lift truck, featuring solid pneumatic tires, can be used indoors or outdoors. Built on a smaller frame, the truck is powered by the company's K21 ultralow-emission engine. A standard seat-actuated operator presence system automatically locks...

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Large-diameter vacuum cups made for heavy lifting -

Large-diameter vacuum cups made for heavy lifting

December 11, 2012

Large vacuum cups from Vi-Cas Mfg. are available in sizes to 15 in. dia. to lift and manipulate large, bulky, or cumbersome materials. Several sizes of round, rectangular, and oval cups are available from stock to fit almost any type of vacuum lifting equipment from a variety of lift...

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Lifting magnets handle materials without marring surface -

Lifting magnets handle materials without marring surface

November 29, 2012

Eriez' SafeHold® permanent lifting magnets allow manufacturers to lift, pile, and transfer up to 10,000 lbs. of steel and iron without slings, hooks, or cables and without marring the surface. The magnets come in four styles. The APL series is suitable for quick, efficient handling of steel...

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Two-finger gripper provides versatility for high-mix automated manufacturing

November 14, 2012

Robotiq has introduced the two-finger adaptive robotic gripper for handling a variety of parts in high-mix applications such as light assembly, resistance welding, machine tending, bin picking, and parts transfer. The gripper provides three distinct gripping modes — parallel, encompassing, and...

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CAD platform allows users to build conveyor assemblies to exact specifications

November 7, 2012

Dorner Mfg.'s new Configurator is an intuitive, 2-D and 3-D CAD platform that allows users to build complete conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions. The tool provides the download of a single CAD model of the complete assembled conveyor, saving the time spent matching up individual...

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Hydraulic precision leveler handles material to 2.375 in. thick -

Hydraulic precision leveler handles material to 2.375 in. thick

October 17, 2012

The Arku FlatMaster® hydraulic precision leveler handles material from 0.020 to 2.375 in. thick. It features gap control, overload protection, and a quick-change system for its leveling rollers. The leveler is suitable for use in job shops for perforated material; laser, plasma, and flame...

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Material handling robot handles large, heavy parts

October 9, 2012

FANUC Robotics America has introduced the M-900iB/700 super-heavy-payload material handling robot. It has a 29.28-ft. horizontal reach and 0.77-ton payload capacity. The robot can handle very large and heavy parts, such as aerospace and power train components, engines, truck and bus frames,...

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Electric tug does work of four people -

Electric tug does work of four people

September 25, 2012

American Sales Development LLC has introduced the ASD electric walkie tug for moving heavy or unwieldy loads in a manufacturing or warehouse environment. With a capacity of up to 20,000 lbs. on wheeled carts or trailers, the unit replaces the effort of four to eight people. The walk-behind,...

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Flexible industrial vacuum hose resists chemicals -

Flexible industrial vacuum hose resists chemicals

August 22, 2012

Flexaust® MG-series all-purpose industrial vacuum hose is available in two materials for a variety of fluid handling, ventilation, and material handling or evacuation applications. The flexible, lightweight, chemical-resistant hose is available in PVC and polyurethane versions or blended...

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Cart spins for unloading of bulk containers -

Cart spins for unloading of bulk containers

August 15, 2012

Kinetic Technologies Inc. has developed a low-profile cart that spins on its own length to simplify the unloading of bulk containers filled with large items. The six-wheeled cart measures 6.5 in. high from floor to deck and has a 50- by 50-in. usable deck area. Additional features include a...

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Rack prevents damage to finished parts

August 6, 2012

Royal Products has introduced the Econo-Rack™, a device that collects finished parts as they come off of any bar-fed CNC lathe. It prevents damage to finished parts by feeding products onto a turntable covered by a low-friction UHMW material instead of into an oil-filled collection bucket. The...

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Double-acting magnet offers precise pickup -

Double-acting magnet offers precise pickup

August 1, 2012

Industrial Magnetics Inc. has added the TPLPDA to its Magnetic Transporter® LP line, designed to transfer ferrous steel blanks magnetically in a variety of stamping, transfer, and pick-and-place applications. Engineered with rare-earth magnets that positively hold the part during transfer,...

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