Assembly and Joining

Assembly is much more than welding. This technology area covers adhesive mixing, metering, and dispensing equipment; hardware-insertion presses; clamps; fixtures, holders, jigs, and vises; part counters; part feeders; and part positioners.

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Dengensha opens customer service/support center in Mexico

February 5, 2014

Dengensha Mexico has opened a customer service and support center in Leon, Mexico, for resistance welding customers in Mexico and Central and South America. The company’s resistance welding product line includes projection and spot welding machines; weld guns, feeders, and controls with...

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TigerStop: Built Metal Tough

December 9, 2013

By: TigerStop LLC

The TigerStop is part of TigerStop's Built Metal Tough line of products. These are products with features and durability that metal working shops and plants have come to expect from their equipment.

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Retaining compounds cure through contaminants -

Retaining compounds cure through contaminants

October 22, 2013

Henkel Corp. has announced enhancements to three Loctite® anaerobic retaining compounds to allow primerless performance on oily or contaminated surfaces at operating temperatures as high as 356 degrees F. Loctite 638™ is a general-purpose retaining compound recommended for press fits...

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Kuka Systems acquires Utica Companies' plant engineering business

October 16, 2013

Kuka Systems Group, Sterling Heights, Mich., has acquired the plant engineering business of privately owned Utica Companies of Shelby Township, Mich., a welding equipment specialist and supplier to the automobile industry. Kuka Systems is a provider of production line automation, flexible...

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Cable tie-hooks remain fixed in place -

Cable tie-hooks remain fixed in place

October 16, 2013

Patented PEM® Type TDO™ self-clinching cable tie-hooks from PennEngineering® remain securely fixed in place where installed to provide permanent attachment points for mounting wires and cables inside electronic chassis or enclosures. They install without requiring screws or...

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PPI purchases StampSource

September 30, 2013

PPI, Athens, Ga., has signed a memorandum of understanding with StampSource (Taggart Enterprises) to purchase StampSource, a metal stamping and fabricating company in Charlotte, N.C. StampSource will be aligned with Gap Partners under the PPI umbrella to expand its metal stamping and fabrication...

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Self-clinching nuts suitable for restrictive design envelopes -

Self-clinching nuts suitable for restrictive design envelopes

September 19, 2013

PEM® type SMPS™ self-clinching nuts from PennEngineering® are suitable for fastening in ultrathin metal sheet applications in which design envelopes may be restrictive and space for attachment hardware may be limited. Installing permanently in steel or aluminum metal sheets as...

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Hardware-inserting press installs hardware into boxes up to 6 in. deep -

Hardware-inserting press installs hardware into boxes up to 6 in. deep

September 10, 2013

HPSI offers the newly developed Summit-Sert hardware-inserting press for installation of self-clinching fasteners. The press is available in three sizes: 18-in. throat, 6-ton capacity; 24-in. throat, 8.8-ton capacity; and 36-in. throat, 8.8-ton capacity. Rigid C-frame construction helps...

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Mate releases online video featuring thread forming tool -

Mate releases online video featuring thread forming tool

September 10, 2013

Mate Precision Tooling, Anoka, Minn., has released a video at featuring its Hybrid Threadform forming tool. The tool fastens two pieces of sheet metal together without tapping or secondary operations. The 4-min. video...

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Hardware insertion meets automation -

Hardware insertion meets automation

September 5, 2013 | By Dan Davis

Star Precision Fabricating, Houston, has always had hardware insertion capabilities since it opened its doors in the early 1990s. It has added more machines as the need for additional capacity has emerged. The latest automated equipment addition is making a huge difference in the speed at which it processes assembly work.

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Captive panel screws allow simplified access to components -

Captive panel screws allow simplified access to components

August 8, 2013

PennEngineering® offers PEM® types PF50™ and PF60™ self-clinching captive panel screws. They integrate a captive screw in a spring-loaded assembly to help simplify handling and installation. Their permanent mounting in thin metal assemblies helps eliminate loose hardware that...

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Mobile app allows access to fastener catalogs, data sheets

July 23, 2013

PennEngineering® has launched PEMSpec™, a product application designed to enhance fastnener catalog and data sheet searches via mobile device technology. The tool allows design engineers to search the company’s product database and view the pertinent application data. In close collaboration...

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Steel-base leveling mounts bear high static loads -

Steel-base leveling mounts bear high static loads

July 23, 2013

J.W. Winco Inc. offers series GN 343.1 tapped-type, steel-base leveling mounts, with or without a plastic or rubber base cup, in metric sizes. The RoHS-compliant leveling mounts can bear high static loads, but for high loads, they should be used in conjunction with screws of high tensile...

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Fontijne Grotnes Group acquires part of Hess Industries

July 16, 2013

The Fontijne Grotnes Group, a maker of manufacturing equipment in the Netherlands, has acquired the intellectual property (IP) of Hess Industries Inc., minus the Wheel IP. The newly acquired product portfolio is positioned as Fontijne Formitt Inc., which includes Formitt Processes and Formitt...

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Integrating stamping, fabricating, and assembly -

Integrating stamping, fabricating, and assembly

July 12, 2013 | By Tim Heston

Genesee Stampings and Fabrication has undergone a strategic shift from its core stamping and fabricating business. It has added an assembly operation to the shop floor.

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