Plasma Cutting

Alone or assisted with water, plasma has proven itself to be one of the most efficient cutting processes for sheet, plate, tube, pipe, and profiles. Search this technology area for information on equipment, cutting tips, and gases.

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Air plasma cutting system severs metal up to 2 in. thick

June 27, 2012

Hypertherm has introduced the Powermax105®, a 105-amp air plasma cutting system for hand and automated cutting and gouging designed to cut 1.25-in.-thick metal and sever metal up to 2 in. thick. The system features seven different torch options. Patented SmartSense™ technology automatically...

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Plasma spray gun features cascaded arc design

June 11, 2012

Sulzer Metco has introduced the SinplexPro™ plasma spray gun. The single-cathode gun has a fixed cascaded arc, which produces a consistent plume temperature and velocity profile to help reduce material costs and processing times. The gun can be integrated into most existing plasma spray systems....

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Choosing the right shielding for the best plasma cut -

Choosing the right shielding for the best plasma cut

June 8, 2012

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The methods used to shield the plasma arc from the atmosphere have evolved. The concept of using tap water to generate the secondary gas has been around for more than three decades, but high-precision plasma cutting using the nitrogen-water process was developed less than a decade ago.

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Nozzle allows for high-speed plasma cutting -

Nozzle allows for high-speed plasma cutting

May 31, 2012

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced the new XR series of high-speed cutting nozzles for its m3 Plasma™ system. According to the company, the nozzles help increase cutting speed and extend dross-free cutting. Nozzle cooling is improved, which helps extend consumable life....

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Retrofit torches bring longer consumable life to plasma cutting systems

May 31, 2012

Hypertherm has announced the availability of Duramax™ retrofit torches for five more plasma cutting systems: the Powermax600™, Powermax800™, Powermax900™, MAX42™, and MAX43™. In addition to these, the torches also are available for retrofit to Powermax1000, Powermax1250, and...

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Water-based coolant prevents odors, rust

May 15, 2012

Pico Chemical Corp. has introduced Pico Quench Guard G for use in plasma, waterjet, and other cutting table systems. The water-based solution is designed to cool and quench cutting surfaces and protect ferrous and nonferrous machinery components and processed parts from rust and corrosion for...

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Bevel cutting head features high-accuracy positioning -

Bevel cutting head features high-accuracy positioning

May 9, 2012

ESAB Cutting Systems has updated its line of CNC plasma bevel cutting systems with the new VBA Global PRO bevel head for high-accuracy plasma bevel cutting on steel plate. It features a high-accuracy positioning system with dual linear rail lifter, digital AC drives, and heavy-duty gearboxes....

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Miller to take weld expo tour to four cities

May 1, 2012

Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, Wis., and the ITW Welding companies of North America, including Hobart Brothers, Bernard, Tregaskiss, Weldcraft, and Smith Equipment, will be taking the "Under the Hood 2012: Learn | Weld | Connect" welding expos to four cities across the U.S. Tour stops are...

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Automatic coping robot is first of its kind

April 19, 2012

The first of its kind, Daito U.S.A. Inc.'s new CRII coping robot offers coping, piece marking, scribing, and cutting capabilities, all from one machine. Functioning automatically, the unit saves time and eliminates the need for manual marking and finishing. Featuring a six-axis robotic arm, the...

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Plasma torch control system controls torch height -

Plasma torch control system controls torch height

April 18, 2012

ESAB Cutting Systems offers the new Smart Voltage Height Control (SVHC) system, which automatically compensates for electrode wear in plasma cutting. The system uses the company's PB-MB-1 plasma torch station and integrates capabilities from the company's arc voltage sample and hold feature and...

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Ermaksan introduces fiber laser, hybrid press brake at open house -

Ermaksan introduces fiber laser, hybrid press brake at open house

April 12, 2012

Ermaksan held an open house Feb. 29-March 1 at its new plant in Bursa, Turkey, to introduce the Fibermak fiber laser cutting machine and the Evo II hybrid press brake. Two hundred guests from 90 companies in 40 countries attended the event. According to comments at the event from Ahmet Ozkayan,...

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Retro Systems opens technical training center, adds staff

April 12, 2012

Retro Systems has opened a technical training center adjoining its Valley Center, Kan., manufacturing facility. The 7,000-sq.-ft. training center includes offices, a student classroom, and a 4,500-sq.-ft. lab equipped with CNC cutting equipment for demonstrations. Classes are offered for end users...

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Hypertherm retires MTC brand name

March 29, 2012

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of advanced cutting systems in Hanover, N.H., has begun marketing its ProNest, TurboNest, NestMaster, and Design2Fab software under the Hypertherm name. The products, formerly marketed under the MTC brand name, support a number of different cutting processes including...

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Hypertherm names president, expands CFO's responsibilities

February 21, 2012

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of metal cutting systems in Hanover, N.H., has promoted Evan Smith, former vice president and general manager, to the position of president. Dick Couch, company founder, remains as CEO and continues to chair the company’s board of directors. In addition, CFO Carey Chen...

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Controller retrofits onto cutting gantries -

Controller retrofits onto cutting gantries

February 16, 2012

ESAB Cutting Systems has introduced the Vision 51R controller for retrofit onto cutting gantries. It can control up to four process tools in a variety of processes, including plasma, oxyfuel, and marking. The controller is designed to replace single box controls from the Vision 4 series,...

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