Tube and Pipe Fabrication

The tube and pipe fabrication technology area covers sawing (band, circular, and friction) and other cutting processes, such as abrasive, flame, laser, oxyfuel, plasma, and waterjet. It also discusses forming processes, including bending and end forming. Finally, it includes a handful of miscellaneous processes, such as trimming, beveling, finning, grooving, threading, and spinning.

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Electric hairpin bender produces 4,000 hairpins/hr. -

Electric hairpin bender produces 4,000 hairpins/hr.

March 4, 2013

The Oak Triumph electric hairpin bender from Burr Oak Tool Inc. features throughput capacities of up to 4,000 hairpins/hr., handling eight parts per cycle. The machine processes tubes up to 0.375 in. dia. The bender features stretch straightening to produce straight tubes, a feed and cut system...

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Orbital welding system captures welding information for reporting -

Orbital welding system captures welding information for reporting

February 27, 2013

The APEX™ 2100 orbital GTAW system is available from Lincoln Electric. Housed in a modular cabinet, the system integrates a welding power source, controller, water cooler, and accessories required to drive the orbital weld head and pipe clamping system. The system monitors, adjusts, and...

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End cutoff system preps pipe for hydrotesting

February 27, 2013

Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. has introduced a new end cutoff system for parting and beveling of pipes at various feed rates and surface speeds before hydrotesting. Beveling removes unwanted burrs on the outside of the pipe to prevent cutting the hydrotest seals as the pipe enters the test heads....

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Haven Mfg. adds director of engineering

February 25, 2013

Haven Mfg., Brunswick, Ga., a designer and manufacturer of tube and bar cutting machines, has named Mike Weidman as director of engineering. He has many years of experience in mechanical and control systems engineering within the OEM industry. An Army veteran, Weidman has a bachelor's degree in...

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Pipe saw produces end prep bevels for welding -

Pipe saw produces end prep bevels for welding

February 5, 2013

Esco Tool offers the APS-438 air-powered saw and WrapTrack® pipe trolley. It cold-cuts pipe with ±0.0625-in. accuracy and no HAZ to produce end prep bevels for welding. Suitable for cutting all pipe schedules of P-91, super-duplex stainless steel, and other hard materials, the saw...

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Graebener-Reika establishes new headquarters in Pennsylvania -

Graebener-Reika establishes new headquarters in Pennsylvania

February 4, 2013

Graebener-Reika Inc., a provider of machinery for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate, and sheet metal, has announced the establishment of its technical and sales headquarters in Reading, Pa. The 12,000-sq.-ft. facility houses the company's engineering, sales, and service staff with on-site...

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Nebraska approves new route for Keystone XL Pipeline; NAM urges President Obama to approve the project

January 22, 2013

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy Ross Eisenberg issued this statement after Nebraska Governor JDave Heineman approved the new Nebraska route for the Keystone XL pipeline: "Gov. Heineman's decision is another positive step that we hope will...

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Atlas Tube launches videos on HSS connections

January 17, 2013

Atlas Tube, a division of JMC Steel Group, Chicago, has released the second part of its ongoing educational video series on steel hollow structural sections (HSS), "Designing with HSS." The new installment features videos about HSS connections. The new installment starts with a video called "Intro...

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Fluid line expanded for tube, pipe industry -

Fluid line expanded for tube, pipe industry

January 10, 2013

CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology has expanded its CIMMILL™ line of products for tube and pipe customers. The expansion includes RP 365 solvent/oil-based rust protection. The product provides more than a year of corrosion protection and leaves a protective film residue. The RP 24-7 VOC-free,...

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Dixie-Southern fabricates large-diameter stainless pipe for Tampa Bay Water -

Dixie-Southern fabricates large-diameter stainless pipe for Tampa Bay Water

January 7, 2013

Dixie-Southern, Duette, Fla., has completed fabrication of 650 ft. of 84-in.-dia. stainless steel pipe for regional utility Tampa Bay Water's Lithia hydrogen sulfide removal facility. The company helped engineer and design the large-diameter stainless steel pipe in diameters from 42 to 84 in.,...

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American Piping Products releases online pipe dimension calculator

December 13, 2012

American Piping Products has released an online pipe dimension calculator at The company reports that this is the only calculator of its kind in the industry, built for mobile use using responsive design. The interactive chart features drop-down...

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Atlas Tube releases new video on website

December 12, 2012

Atlas Tube has premiered the latest video in the "Designing with HSS" web series, "Use Jumbo HSS for Large Load Demands." This fourth installment in the video series, available at, explains how and why jumbo sections can help engineers...

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AddisonMckee to supply SIO end forming machine to Eastern Catalytic -

AddisonMckee to supply SIO end forming machine to Eastern Catalytic

December 11, 2012

AddisonMckee, Lebanon, Ohio, has been commissioned to build an SIO end forming machine for Eastern Catalytic, a manufacturer of catalytic converters, manifold converters, and converter components for the aftermarket and OEMs. The machine will feature Hydra Green technology, which employs...

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Modular bladder system is customizable -

Modular bladder system is customizable

December 11, 2012

Aquasol Corp. has introduced the patent-pending I-Purge™ modular inflatable bladder system. Operators can combine various components to create a customized, heavy-duty, reusable system. A pipe reducer can be created by connecting two bladders of different, yet similar, diameters. With the...

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Laser cutting system switches from flat-sheet to tube/pipe cutting

December 6, 2012

Amada has added a rotary index to its FOM2 laser cutting system, delivering the power and speed to cut mid to thick materials. The rotary index is located on one of three interchangeable shuttle pallets, simplifying the switch from flat-sheet cutting to tube or pipe cutting. The FOM2RI-3015 can...

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