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Rust blocker shield offers long-term corrosion protection in enclosed spaces

November 23, 2015

Cortec®’s BioEmitter™ provides rust and corrosion protection for metals stored in enclosed spaces as large as 50 cu. ft. Attached to a clean surface inside an enclosed area, the product takes up less than 1 sq. ft. of space. Vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCIs) migrate throughout the...

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Industrial caster integrates electric motor

November 20, 2015

Caster Concepts Inc. has introduced the Drive Caster™, an all-in-one motorized industrial caster. It is available with a ¼-HP or ½-HP motor to move loads up to 6,000 lbs. at up to 5 MPH. A second unit can be added to double the load capacity that can be moved and to enable tank-style...

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Dust-extraction swing arm removes fumes at point of source

November 19, 2015

Ruwac USA has introduced a dust-extraction swing-arm attachment that can be connected to any of the company’s portable vacuum systems to remove airborne dusts, gases, and smoke straight from the point of source during the manufacturing process. The swing-arm assembly is fully mobile and...

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Rotary table washer offered

November 18, 2015

Viking Blast & Wash Systems has released the newly redesigned RW 2836 parts washer. It features a 7.5-HP, reservoir-mounted, vertical, centrifugal pump with about 65-GPM pump capacity at about 60-PSI pressure. The pump has no bearings, seals, or gaskets to replace. The rotating work basket...

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Rust, mill scale remover is environmentally friendly

November 16, 2015

PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business has introduced CORROKLEEN™ 44 rust remover, a citric acid-based gel cleaner that removes rust and mill scale. According to the company, the cleaner is safer for users and the environment than traditional grinding, sanding, media blasting, or...

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Legacy migration services help preserve legacy data

November 16, 2015

Theorem Solutions offers tailored and automated legacy migration services to help users with the seamless transfer of legacy data to a new system while managing the execution of data migration tasks, automating repetitive tasks, and using available hardware and software resources. Different...

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Universal controller designed for marking systems

November 12, 2015

Automator America has released the AC500-3.0 universal dot peen controller for its line of pneumatic, electric, and scribe marking systems. The new release of the controller features increased flash memory, a faster and cooler processor, software enhancements, and expanded capability to operate...

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Filter helps keep contaminants, condensate out of industrial gases

November 11, 2015

Witt has introduced a new version of gas filter 77, certified by BAM (German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) for oxygen service. In addition to removing contaminants from industrial gases, the filter keeps out condensate and protects downstream equipment, the company reports....

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Hand-held dot peen marking system requires no power, air cables

November 9, 2015

Equipment Sales Co., the sales and distribution subsidiary of Rocklin Mfg. Co., offers the FlyMarker® Mini battery-operated, hand-held dot peen marking system. Housed in an ergonomically designed, compact, 6-lb. unit, the tool requires no power or air cables. The unit marks such materials as...

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Ball rail systems offer high travel accuracy

November 4, 2015

Rexroth has introduced BSHP ball runner blocks. Their patented entry zone helps improve travel accuracy and workpiece quality while increasing load capacities and service life, says the company. The runner blocks are available in most sizes, versions, and accuracy classes. They are 100 percent...

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Cold car batch oven provides stress relieving of large weldments

November 2, 2015

Wisconsin Oven has manufactured a gas-fired cold car industrial batch oven for a custom metal fabricating company. The batch oven is used for stress relieving of steel assemblies weighing up to 20,000 lbs. at temperatures up to 1,250 degrees F. The heat-treating oven has work chamber dimensions...

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Structural detailing software includes new nesting engine, improved traceability

October 29, 2015

Aveva offers a new release of its Bocad structural steel detailing software. The new nesting engine helps manage materials accurately and decrease waste of raw material by enabling more parts to be cut per ton of steel. It also enables more efficient procurement and scheduling, the company reports....

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E-book gives advice on choosing a sheet metal parts supplier

October 26, 2015

Precision Metal Industries (PMI) has published an e-book titled Save Money and Improve Quality on Your Complex Sheet Metal Assembly AT THE SAME TIME. The e-book is designed to help companies that are deciding to manufacture parts from sheet metal to choose the best manufacturer to meet the...

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Dual-chamber electric bench furnace delivers heat treating

October 22, 2015

No. 886 from Grieve is a dual-chamber electric bench furnace used for a variety of heat-treating applications at a customer’s facility. The unit comprises an upper chamber with operating temperatures to 2,200 degrees F and lower chamber with operating temperatures to 1,250 degrees F....

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Grit recovery unit gathers abrasive for disposal or reuse

October 20, 2015

Airblast AFC has introduced the AbVac grit recovery unit, a portable abrasive recovery unit capable of removing anything from dust up to 2-in. debris. It is available with a variety of flexible hoses, tools, and extensions. The recovered abrasive is collected automatically into a bag ready for...

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