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Respirators deliver comfort, flame resistance -

Respirators deliver comfort, flame resistance

February 14, 2013

Magid® has added two new disposable respirators to its Precision Safety® line. IR1950N95 disposable N95 respirators feature an exhalation valve designed to provide comfort and breathability. Engineered to maximize ventilation while maintaining a solid barrier against airborne...

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Scalable, functional safety architecture addresses needs of CNC machine builders

February 11, 2013

NUM has released a systemwide functional safety architecture for its CNC system, providing a scalable system that can be applied to almost any type of machine tool, regardless of complexity or number of axes. Known as NUMSafe, it includes a dedicated safety PLC, safe input and output modules, and...

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Patriotic design added to welding helmets, doo rag, cap -

Patriotic design added to welding helmets, doo rag, cap

February 7, 2013

Lincoln Electric offers a new All American™ graphic design on its three VIKING™ auto-darkening helmet series, as well as on a welder's doo-rag and cap. The 3350 series helmet features a 3.74- by 3.34-in. view size, variable 6-13 shade control, four arc sensors, and solar power with...

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Dust collector filter delivers MERV 15 efficiency

February 5, 2013

Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) offers the new HemiPleat® eXtreme nanofiber filter. The standard media delivers MERV 15 efficiency; a high-efficiency MERV 16 media also is available that delivers tested efficiency of 99.999 percent on 0.5-micron and larger particles by weight. A...

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Updates made to dust, fume collectors

January 22, 2013

Camfil Farr APC has announced updates to its Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume collectors. The line features a number of design changes and cosmetic enhancements, plus an expanded menu of options. The redesigned collector has a reinforced door with double-thick hinges; easy-to-operate...

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Gloves reduce risk of impact injuries -

Gloves reduce risk of impact injuries

January 22, 2013

Galeton has introduced maX HD gloves for added metacarpal and palm protection. They feature neoprene and rubber protection points at the knuckles and palms for extra protection and lower risk of impact injuries. Features include spandex finger crotches for ease of movement and ventilation, a...

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Spark separator helps prevent welding filter fires

January 7, 2013

Kemper America has introduced the Spark Trap separator, designed to prevent filter fires and extend the life of welding exhaust filters. The system's swirling air design accelerates exhaust gases and sparks up to 100 MPH, separating sparks and larger glowing particles from the airstream before...

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Steel lathe chuck shield protects workers from flying chips

January 7, 2013

Danray Products LLC offers a heavy-duty steel lathe chuck shield designed for lathes and similar machines. It provides a safeguard between people and point-of-operation or rotating hazards and protects individuals from flying chips, sparks, coolant, lubricant, and other particles. The shield...

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Work gloves grip in most situations

December 19, 2012

3M has announced the introduction of work gloves made with 3M™ Gripping Material. They are suitable for anyone who needs a better grip, especially in wet or oily conditions. Incorporated into the work gloves, the gripping material comprises thousands of microfingers to help improve traction and...

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Dust, fume collectors updated with new features

December 17, 2012

Camfil Farr APC has updated its line of Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume collectors with a number of design changes and cosmetic enhancements, as well as an expanded menu of options to help ensure a clean workplace in all types of industrial environments. New features include a reinforced...

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Reflective band stretches to fit protective head gear

December 14, 2012

Lynn Valley Mfg. offers the Orbis® Uni reflective helmet band. The stretchy band sticks to any protective head gear by friction to provide high-visibility fluorescence in the day and intense reflection for low-light conditions. Custom printing is available for identification and promotion. The...

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Safety app focuses on finishing, grinding products -

Safety app focuses on finishing, grinding products

December 11, 2012

Walter Surface Technologies has released a new safety app for iPhones®. It is designed to provide metalworkers with access to essential safety information for working on factory floors and job sites. Features include an abrasives speed chart that provides maximum RPM info for the company's...

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Press brake guarding system complies with new ANSI B11.3 standard

December 5, 2012

Lazer Safe offers the LZS-003-HS press brake guarding system. According to the manufacturer, it is the only retrofit system currently available in the U.S. that fully complies with the new ANSI B11.3 standard. The system features a laser transmitter and receiver that are mounted on the upper ram...

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Interactive online guide teaches welding safety

November 13, 2012

The Lincoln Electric Co. has launched a welding safety interactive guide, converting its welding safety interactive DVD to an online format accessible and viewable on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Designed to educate arc welders about potential arc welding safety hazards and the safe...

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Kit includes full set of protective welding gear -

Kit includes full set of protective welding gear

November 6, 2012

Lincoln Electric's new Premium Welding Gear Ready-Pak® includes personal protection equipment for welding and other fabrication tasks, sold in sized packages from medium to 2XL. Packed in an industrial-grade duffle bag, the kit includes a VIKING™ 3350 series variable-shade 6-13 black...

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