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Die protection

Protecting metal stamping dies

February 13, 2007 | By Karen Keller

One of the most difficult problems to overcome in any die protection application is protecting the components from the environment in which they must function. In a typical stamping application, oils, coolants, and other liquids and lubricants often are present that can wreak havoc on components.

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Roller lubrication system

Cleaning up

February 13, 2007

Excessive fluid on finished parts, which required secondary cleaning operations, and additional cleaning of floors, aisles, and racks in the areas where parts were moved and stored were remedied by installing a roller system with a programmable controller.

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Draw Forming, Part VII

February 13, 2007 | By Edmund Herman

Setting the processing variables is different between the net shape and non-net shape processes. While non-net shape variables have to be programmed constantly to change the tool's position in space to follow the unique shape of the part being made, the shape of the part for the draw forming net shape process is built into the die.

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Tarter Gate logo

Establishing an identity

February 13, 2007 | By Stephanie Vaughan

Tarter Gate, a captive tube mill operation and tube and pipe fabricator, is the largest manufacturer of animal management equipment in the U.S. Learn how the company has used a marketing plan to increase sales and maintain growth in this family-owned and -operated business.

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Ward pressure vessels

Pressure to perform

February 13, 2007

A fabricator of large pressure vessels implements a welding power source to help it meet growing customer demand and ensure stringent quality standards without expanding its work force.

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Metal Manufacturing Leading Concerns

Steel prices remain top concern in 2007

February 12, 2007 | By Vicki Bell

The January 2007 "Fabricating Update" asked subscribers to choose their No. 1 concern from a list of factors affecting metal manufacturing. It also asked whether the Democrat-controlled Congress sworn in Jan. 4 will have a positive, negative, or no effect on their businesses. This article presents the survey findings.

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R & D tax credit

Get paid to make progress

February 6, 2007 | By Scott Schmidt

Many manufacturers don't think that their companies qualify as researchers and developers. But with a little look into your company's everyday activities, you may find that you do conduct R&D - and possibly spend enough on R&D in a year to qualify for a tax credit.

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Toyota patented fan blade

Patented fan blade design helps keep Toyota cool

February 6, 2007

SituationToyota's 900,000-sq.-ft. Hebron, Ky., facility is its largest parts distribution center in the world.Given the size of the facility, the company was forced to overheat during cold months to compensate for the majority of the warm air rising to the ceiling. Monthly utility bills were...

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R&D Update: Hot-stamping boron-alloyed steels for automotive parts - Part II

January 18, 2007 | By Taylan Altan, Ph.D.

Compared with cold-formed parts, hot-stamped parts provide better formability at high temperatures and exhibit no springback on the final part.

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High speed laser cutting

A new dimension in lasers

January 17, 2007 | By Thomas Burdel, Pieter Schwarzenbach, Dr. Per Stenius

High-speed laser cutting is a recent result of increased laser power and high acceleration motion technology, which have improved cutting speeds. Tilt beam 2D-3D systems allow laser cutting of small 3D parts, bevel cutting on 2D sheet metal and 3D parts, 3D trimming of small deep drawn parts, and processing of holes and cut-outs in hydroformed parts.

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Metal adhesive applicator

Joining metal with adhesives

January 9, 2007 | By Patrick Courtney

Adhesives offer several advantages that make them an attractive alternative to mechanical fastening or thermal joining, such as welding, soldering, and brazing. Advantages include the following: They can be effective on dissimilar metal substrates with dissimilar melting points; they do not cause distortion, discoloration, or weld worms; holes do not need to be drilled into the material in preparation for fasteners; and they distribute stress load evenly over a broad area.

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Waterjet laser cutting

Achieving precision and diversification with laser and waterjet technologies

January 9, 2007 | By Frank J. Arteaga

Both laser and waterjet cutting systems produce precision parts, and in many applications, either is appropriate. This article, which discusses the benefits and limitations of both technologies, can help you decide which is best-suited for your operation. In some cases, utilizing both can increase manufacturing flexibility and your business capabilities.

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Cutting shear

Die Science: Solving punch breakage problems - Part II

January 9, 2007 | By Art Hedrick

Cutting shear, or the angle ground into the end of a punch, has a big effect on punch deflection and breakage, as well as press tonnage required. Retainers, which hold the punch to the die shoe, also are important. The backing plates, ball lock punch retainers, and headed styles of punches and retainers all require careful consideration.

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Die handling tools

Choosing the right die handling tools

January 9, 2007 | By Michael Schollmeier

Many stampers rely on the machines and equipment you already have for moving and changing stamping dies. Using dedicated items such as die carts and shuttle tables can make die change more efficient.

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Is a good attitude all it takes?

January 9, 2007 | By Bob Nichols

This article from reader-favorite author Bob Nichols is a point-of-view piece that questions the popular adage that attitude is all it takes to excel in the business world. Nichols' article, written from a mature manager's perspective, is a good supplement to Understanding and motivating the multigenerational work forcepublished previously on

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