Tube and Pipe Fabrication

The tube and pipe fabrication technology area covers sawing (band, circular, and friction) and other cutting processes, such as abrasive, flame, laser, oxyfuel, plasma, and waterjet. It also discusses forming processes, including bending and end forming. Finally, it includes a handful of miscellaneous processes, such as trimming, beveling, finning, grooving, threading, and spinning.

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BLM Group announces plans for new headquarters

August 15, 2016

BLM Group USA, a manufacturer of tube and sheet metal processing equipment, has announced plans to move into new headquarters in spring 2017 in its current location of Wixom, Mich. The newly constructed facility will have 75,000 sq. ft., with room to expand another 50 percent. This more than...

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Mathey Dearman provides support to UA Local 798 scholarship fund

August 8, 2016

Mathey Dearman, Tulsa, Okla., has announced its contribution of $1,500 to the UA Local 798 scholarship fund. The Pipeliners Voluntary Fund Scholarship Program, developed in 1969, has helped hundreds of students enrolled in institutions of higher learning. Recipients of the scholarships are chosen...

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Single machine serves as fully automated pipe cutting shop

August 2, 2016

HGG’s 3-D Tube Cutting Line (TCL) combines precision tube cutting with an automated and custom-designed infeed/outfeed logistics system to help increase production capacity. The line offers the accuracy to serve as an alternative to laser machines, and its automation gives users the...

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A novel approach to pipe welding automation

July 29, 2016 | By Soroush Karimzadeh

Pipe welding often requires frequent adjustments to changing conditions. Some changes are significant enough to make automation impractical. Today, though, collaborative robotics is helping to make pipe welding automation more flexible.

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Hyperloop One to open manufacturing plant in Nevada

July 28, 2016

Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One, developer of the Hyperloop structure to move passengers and cargo between two points, has announced it will open its first manufacturing plant, Hyperloop One Metalworks, in North Las Vegas, Nev. The 105,000-sq.-ft. tooling and fabrication plant will house...

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Lantek to provide software for Promotech pipe cutting machines

July 18, 2016

Lantek Systems Inc., Mason, Ohio, has reached an agreement with Polish company Promotech to supply its sheet metal software with Promotech’s pipe profile cutting machines. The equipment can cut pipes up to nearly 5 ft. dia. and about 39 ft. long with oxyfuel or plasma. Promotech manufactures...

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All-electric tube bender provides right-, left-hand bending in automatic cycle

July 18, 2016

E-turn, an all-electric tube bender from BLM Group USA, automatically loads, bends, and unloads various tube configurations, including round, square, rectangular, flat-sided, oval, and elliptical, on one machine. The series consists of four models: The E-Turn 32 that can handle tube up to 1.18...

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Rattunde to host open house marking 10th anniversary

July 18, 2016

Rattunde, a builder of tube and bar processing machinery, will host a technology open house at its Caledonia, Mich., headquarters to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. The open house runs 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Sept. 15-16, 2016, and with an anniversary celebration on Sept. 15 at 5:00 p.m. At...

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Large-capacity pliers hold pipes and tubes for butt welding

July 14, 2016

Strong Hand Tools® has introduced Strong Grip® economy pipe pliers for holding round pipes and square tubes for butt welding. The pliers assist with accurate line-up and setup of materials for a proper fit-up to prevent gaps and leave the welder’s hands free for handling and tack welding....

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Fabricating long coils rather than short straights

July 11, 2016 | By Wynn H. Kearns

Most fabricators work with standard lengths of straight tube, but this isn’t the only possibility. Many alloys are available in coiled form, can lead to faster processing, better use of floor space, and increased material yields.

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Tube fabrication equipment manufacturer takes a holistic view of sustainability

July 7, 2016 | By Eric Lundin

Sustainability and green technology are no longer buzzwords, but comprise a host of enduring manufacturing practices. Equipment manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec has rolled out numerous developments to conserve energy, consumables, material, and other resources.

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Great gates!

July 5, 2016 | By Eric Lundin

After learning to weld on the family farm and honing his skill during his college years, Josh Foster decided to augment his steady, part-time job with a fabrication business. Big Creek Metal Works makes all sort of items, from large ranch gates to small art items, specializing in custom work.

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Brochure highlights abrasives for pipeline welding

July 1, 2016

Weiler Abrasives Group has announced the availability of its new, four-page pipeline brochure featuring stringer bead wheels, bonded abrasive wheels, and flap discs for weld preparation and cleaning in pipe applications. The literature highlights the Dually®, Roughneck®, Polyflex®, and...

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Nivora Group acquires Dynobend B.V.

June 30, 2016

Netherlands-based Dynobend B.V., a provider of equipment and software for precision cold forming of tube, wire, and profiles, has been acquired by the Nivora Group. Nivora Group comprises the SafanDarley, Bewo Cutting Systems, and Style CNC Machines brands. It has factories in four locations...

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Pipe welding system allows use of multiple torches

June 29, 2016

Otto Arc Systems offers a pipe welding system that offers optional GTAW/GMAW or GTAW/SAW with a flip of a switch, allowing the use of multiple torches. The system is equipped with a patented open headstock, allowing for optional weld flanges and elbows on each side, while adjustable rollers...

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