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Keeping pace with better ergonomics

August 4, 2014 | By Tim Heston

Every employee at Pentair operates under PIMS, or the Pentair Integrated Management System. PIMS encompasses everything from continuous improvement and hiring practices to safety and ergonomics. Concerning the last, the company instituted new material handling technology within a tightly run tank fabrication line in Delavan, Wis. The line has no WIP and, hence, little margin for error.

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Refurbishing servo-drive triaxis transfer systems cost-effectively

July 28, 2014 | By David Kuch

Upgrade transfer systems’ controls, drives, and bearings without complete replacement with a refurbishment. An appliance-maker had new rail connections, new wireless electrical connection methods for part tracking, electronic torque monitoring, and new kinetics drives installed as part of its press modernization program at 75 percent of the cost of new transfers.

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Customized lift truck provides safer, quicker unloading of tube, pipe, other long loads

July 10, 2014 | By Eric Lundin

BSS Industrial, a plumbing and heating products distributor, was accustomed to using slings affixed to its fork lifts to lift tube bundles from truck beds. The drawback was that on occasion the load would swing, creating a tipping risk for the lift truck. Lift truck manufacturer Combilift developed a truck with standard-length forks for placing and picking inventory, and a longer set of forks for lifting tube bundles from the delivery vehicle’s bed.

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5 FAQs about keeping conveyors running smoothly

March 10, 2014 | By Eric Taylor

A conveyor system only works as well as its weakest link. What are those weak links, and how do you recognize their signs of wear? What are the most critical components for optimal operations? How do you maintain the equipment and when do you know when to call in the calvary? This article answers those questions.

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Understanding lift magnet compliance -

Understanding lift magnet compliance

October 9, 2013 | By John Mackowski

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has established compliance standards for the use of permanent and electric-rated lifting magnets and the operators of those magnets. Familiarizing shop floor personnel with these guidelines builds a solid foundation for keeping employees safe as they move sheet metal and plate.

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No-, low-emissions lift trucks clear the air -

No-, low-emissions lift trucks clear the air

August 1, 2013 | By Kate Bachman

Manufacturers have many green options in their choices of lift trucks, including low- or no-emissions, energy-efficient forklift technologies. Raymond, Toyota, Nissan, Hyster, Yale, Power Designers, Minit-Charger, and AeroVironment weigh in on how today’s lift trucks meet demands for lower emissions, higher energy efficiency, and CARB and EPA emissions standards.

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New tools pick up material handling pace -

New tools pick up material handling pace

April 27, 2012 | By Peter Stephan

A variety of robotic tooling advances support technologies for moving parts through presses while increasing tooling changeover flexibility, reducing die set risks, creating efficiencies, and protecting against part damage.

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Service center gets new set of wheels -

Service center gets new set of wheels

April 16, 2012 | By Eric Lundin

When Tioga Pipe Supply Co. Inc. built a new facility in Easton, Penn., it leveraged its 60 years in business to design its new building. It planned the new facility, 150,000 sq. ft. under roof and 10 acres of outdoor storage area, around the use of side-loading lift trucks. The only drawback was occasional damage to the fork trucks' guide rollers, which Combilift eliminated when it designed a set of adjustable guide rollers specifically for Tioga.

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How to make your scrap worth more -

How to make your scrap worth more

February 20, 2012 | By Dan Zimmerman

Scrap is a necessary stamping byproduct, but it doesn’t have to be an unprofitable one. In recent years the high price of scrap has spurred the use of some sophisticated scrap handling and separation technologies.

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A holistic view of holemaking -

A holistic view of holemaking

October 20, 2011 | By Nick Hajewski

Drill lines must be robust enough to properly support the aggressive speeds and feeds of modern tooling. At the same time, shop layout and material handling strategies must ensure no drill line sits idle for excessive periods, just waiting for that next piece of material.

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Beltless magnetic conveyor handles 10 million lbs. of scrap -

Beltless magnetic conveyor handles 10 million lbs. of scrap

February 1, 2011 | By Magnetic Products Inc.

A Midwestern stamper installed a new press with an unusually high drop from the passline of the press to the scrap removal conveyor. The stamper determined that a magnetic conveyor could handle the challenges presented.

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Irish material handling manufacturer looks beyond the island for growth - TheFabricator

Moving material beyond the Emerald Isle

July 13, 2010 | By Tim Heston

In April 2010, more than 100 wordsmiths from 30 countries traveled from as far away as New Zealand and Australia to the picturesque hills of County Monaghan, northwest of Dublin, to visit Combilift, a forklift manufacturer that manufactures locally, but sells globally.

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squid head gripper

The squid head and the stamping press

March 9, 2010 | By Tim Heston

A stamper streamlines part handling, replacing the grunt work with a part manipulator, and designing a flexible manufacturing cell. In the end, the company's efforts improved worker ergonomics and part quality.

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overhead traveling bridge crane

Everything you wanted to know about overhead cranes

November 2, 2009

Most fabricating operations have an overhead crane, but just what do these companies know about these material handling tools? This feature provides the answers to their questions.

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Pipe supplier reduces aisle width, material handling

October 26, 2009

Pipe-Valves Inc., a distributor of industrial pipes and valves in Columbus, Ohio, had a small facility and stored all of its products outdoors. The products were prone to weather damage and the storage layout required handling some products two or three times. A move to a bigger facility and the purchase of two Combilift sideloading industrial trucks have made the company approximately 30 percent more efficient.

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