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Press brake offers autonomous operation

December 8, 2016

Salvagnini’s B3.ATA press brake, integrated into the FlexCell FMC, has been upgraded with numerous automated devices that make it self-adaptive and able to offer entirely autonomous operation. The electrically driven press brake can be monitored via smartphone. It is designed to handle the...

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Online product advises press brake users on tooling choices

December 6, 2016

Wila offers the Tool Advisor, an engineering product that helps users choose press brake tools online that are best suited to their specific bending needs. If the required tool is unavailable as a standard, the user can design a special tool and order it online. The product can be used in two...

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Pneumatic toolholders employ self-locking clamping

December 6, 2016

Wila has introduced New Standard premium toolholders for top and bottom tooling, based on a patented self-locking clamping mechanism. Tools are clamped using air pressure, allowing for fast clamping and unclamping. Tool segments are clamped and positioned individually using clamping pins, which are...

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Press brake available up to 600 tons

November 30, 2016

LAG-Rainer S.r.l. offers the G-Top press brake in models from 60 to 600 tons. The 6-axis machine comes in tandem and tridem versions.Features include a G-Flex deflection compensation system, G-CS active crowning system, safety system, touchscreen NC, sliding motorized front supports, 4-axis...

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Tube bender switches from clockwise to counterclockwise bending

November 18, 2016

Transfluid offers the t bend DB 630 CNC bending machine for pipes up to 1.65 in. dia. While the machine usually processes the parts in a clockwise direction, it can be converted to counterclockwise bending for smaller diameters.For the processing of smaller pipe diameters, a quick change of the...

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Adaptive bending system handles large profiles

November 15, 2016

LVD Strippit has introduced Synchro-Form adaptive bending technology, an integrated feature of the Synchro-Form series press brake. The technology automatically maintains angular consistency and the required geometric profile when handling, positioning, and bending large parts with multiple bends....

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Press brakes feature hydraulic crowning system

November 4, 2016

Megafab has introduced the Piranha line of press brakes. The WPH and WPB models feature the EasyCrown™ hydraulic crowning system, which eliminates guesswork and rework by compensating automatically for deflection through hydraulic cylinders in the brake’s bed. The operator programs the part,...

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Hydraulic press brakes introduced

October 17, 2016

LVD Strippit has introduced the PPED series of hydraulic press brakes. They feature a multiaxis backgauge, CNC crowning system, and a 15-in. version of the manufacturer’s Touch-B graphical icon-driven CNC. The press brakes, which offer rigid construction and servo-controlled hydraulic systems,...

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Tube bender bends random-length tube components in single step

October 11, 2016

Schwarze-Robitec offers the CNC 80 E TB MR tube bending machine, developed for the series production of tube systems, commonly used in the automotive industry.A disconnecting device integrated into the bending tool makes it possible to bend and separate tube components at random lengths in a single...

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Panel bender available with automatic blank holder adjustment

September 26, 2016

The all-electric Salvagnini P1 panel bender for 2016 is a smart, adaptive machine newly redesigned for flexible kit and single-piece part production.According to the company, the panel bender delivers up to three times the throughput of a press brake and zero setup time, making it a suitable...

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Bending software updated for better interconnection of workstations

September 12, 2016

Aicon 3D Systems has introduced version 3.1 of the software platform BendingStudio. The new version has made interconnected work at different workstations more efficient. The Data Service module is more transparent; connections to other workstations are visibly displayed. The user sees network...

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Panel bender offers single-sequence loading/unloading

July 12, 2016

Prima Power has introduced the BCe Smart 2220 panel bending machine. Its large working table allows loading and unloading in a single sequence, and the machine does not require skilled operators. With the machine’s barcode reader and ATC system, setup is automatic, takes place in masked time, and...

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Rotary bender cams material without distortion

July 6, 2016

Dayton Lamina™ offers the new Posi-Bend™ rotary bender as an alternative to wiping dies. The self-contained rotary bender cams the material without distortion, sliding, or marring, says the company. Custom orders are also available with short lead...

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Gel formulated for bending of large-diameter tube

June 24, 2016

IRMCO GEL® 986-00D is designed for bending tubing up to 8 in. dia. made from 304, 409, and 439 stainless steels and mild steels. It can be applied through the mandrel or manually by swabbing. The gel contains no chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur, boron, or zinc-containing EP/AW additives. It also...

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40-ton electric press brake offers 60-in. working length

June 8, 2016

LVD Strippit has introduced the Dyna-Press 40/15 Plus, a compact, high-speed, 40-ton electric press brake. The machine, which offers a working length of 60 in., features a precision 4-axis backgauge and the Touch-B touchscreen CNC. The press brake is designed to bend parts at 59 IPM. The ram...

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