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Fiber laser features air-cooled cutting head

September 12, 2016

Salvagnini has introduced the L3-30 fiber laser, now available with a 6-kW resonator to complement its 2-, 3-, and 4-kW product lines. It also comes with a new, air-cooled cutting head with adjustable optics for cutting both thin and thick materials. Air cooling is made possible by the addition of...

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Fiber laser cutting machines handle tube, flat sheet

September 12, 2016

Horn Machine Tools Inc. now offers flat sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machines. Four models are available that can be customized as required. The fully automatic tube laser model FLTA loads the tube into the cutting area and processes the cut parts without assistance from the operator. A...

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Class 1 enclosed laser system introduced

September 1, 2016

Kern Laser Systems has introduced the LaserCELL with a Class 1 (safety enclosure) machine design to help ensure the safety of personnel working on or around the system. The system is CDRH- and CE-compliant to meet rigorous safety requirements set forth by U.S. and European safety regulators. Its...

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Multiaxis laser system features two independent workstations

July 25, 2016

Prima Power Laserdyne has introduced the new dual-workstation Laserdyne 606D multiaxis laser processing system. The system features two completely independent work stations in a single, unitized structure. The dual-workstation design helps maximize the work envelope and throughput per unit of...

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Multiaxis laser workcell quickly processes even highly reflective materials

July 22, 2016

IPG Photonics Corp.’s multiaxis laser workcell welds and cuts most metal components, enclosures, and fabrications. Configurable with high-efficiency CW lasers or high-peak-power QCW lasers, the workcell provides fast processing of even highly reflective materials, the company says. Available...

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Laser machine switches from sheet to tube processing

June 23, 2016

The LC5 from BLM Group USA is a compact laser machine with automatic loading/unloading that can process both tube and flat sheet. It can be equipped with either a CO2 laser source with power up to 4.5 kW or a fiber laser source with power up to 5 kW. The machine can handle tube up to 334 in....

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Laser power meter measures high-power lasers

June 16, 2016

Ophir Photonics Group has introduced the Helios compact laser power meter for measuring solid-state lasers such as diode, fiber, and Nd:YAG with powers from 100 W to 12 kW and energies from 10 J to 10 kJ in industrial processing applications. The power meter includes PC software and...

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Fiber laser cuts 3-D formed and shaped parts

May 12, 2016

BLM Group USA has introduced the LT-Free, a 5-axis fiber laser machine designed for cutting 3-D formed or shaped parts such as bent tubes, hydroformed tubes, welded assemblies, and stamped or flat sheets. The machine can make cuts very close to each other to allow nesting of parts on a single bent...

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Multiaxis laser systems offer laser surface texturing

May 3, 2016

Prima Power Laserdyne has announced its Laserdyne 795 and 430 BeamDirector multiaxis laser systems can be used for laser surface texturing. This laser drilling process produces blind, or partial-depth, holes and indentations from a few micrometers to a few tenths of a millimeter deep, forming...

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Fiber laser system lenses, windows made for 1-micron applications

April 27, 2016

Mate has introduced Fibermax lenses and Fibershield windows for high-power fiber laser systems. Featuring UV-grade fused-silica material, sizes are available in stock for most OEM brand fiber lasers. The lenses feature an ultralow-absorption coating that provides focal stability with reduced...

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Reporting system offers insight into laser cutting machine usage, programming

April 26, 2016

Power-Tech has developed a reporting system for operators of its Eagle eVision and iNspire laser cutting machines. The reporting system allows users to monitor who made program and software updates and when. It can report about spare parts, such as nozzles or glasses, as well. The software can...

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Air filtration systems designed for laser materials processing

April 13, 2016

Universal Laser Systems has introduced the UAC 2000 and UAC 4000 air filtration units to integrate with the company’s current laser systems. Features include a four-stage filtration process and a multisensor design to monitor filter performance continuously at all stages. Variable-speed...

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Proprietary features unveiled for multiaxis laser systems

April 5, 2016

Prima Power Laserdyne has developed SmartTechniques™--new, proprietary features of the S94P controller used in the company’s 795 and 430 multiaxis laser systems. SmartPierce™ minimizes spatter and provides higher-quality pierce point. SmartRamp™ eliminates indentation at the end of laser...

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Laser system cuts highly reflective metals at high speeds

March 31, 2016

Fonon Corp. has announced three hardware technology updates to its laser cutting systems—direct-drive motion system advancements, CleanCut technology, and adaptive thin-to-thick laser beam shaping—for cutting highly reflective materials at production-level speeds. A magnetic motion system...

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Laser cutting software makes efficient use of leftover plate

March 28, 2016

Power-Tech has introduced Drop & Cut software for Eagle laser cutting machines from the iNspire and eVision lines. It is designed to make efficient use of leftover plate for inclusion in other items. The system features a high-definition camera mounted inside the machine that monitors the...

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