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Power straightener has retrofit capability

September 6, 2016

Coe Press Equipment offers the 350 series power straighteners with new design features that enable processing of a wider range of materials including advanced high-strength steels (AHSS). The straighteners offer improvement of more than 30 percent in strength and rigidity because of increased roll...

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Transfer press simulation software allows troubleshooting of stamping runs

August 25, 2016

3-D Solutions Design Service LLC offers T-Sim transfer press simulation software. With the software, stamping manufacturers, die builders, and designers can troubleshoot and perfect their transfer die stamping runs before going to production. The software uses kinematics to check for crashes and...

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Transfer die simulation added to software

August 3, 2016

Accurate Die Design Software Inc. has announced that transfer die simulation has been added to the Logopress3 software available from the company. Reportedly, the software now allows for realistic simulation with various press types, including servo presses and link- motion presses. Varying...

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Rotary bender cams material without distortion

July 6, 2016

Dayton Lamina™ offers the new Posi-Bend™ rotary bender as an alternative to wiping dies. The self-contained rotary bender cams the material without distortion, sliding, or marring, says the company. Custom orders are also available with short lead...

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Stainless steel compression springs available in wire sizes 0.080 in. and up

June 13, 2016

Lee Spring offers AISI 316 stainless steel compression springs in wire sizes of 0.080 in. and up. The material helps improve corrosion resistance with the presence of molybdenum and decreased carbon content. The new wire sizes offer up to 660 N or 148 lbs. of loading force. These standard-format...

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Sheet forming software offers automatic springback compensation

June 1, 2016

Engineering Technology Associates Inc. (ETA) has released Dynaform Version 5.9.3. The software simulates the sheet forming process and analyzes the entire die system. This version offers improvements in blank/trim line development, including combining the interface for blank development and...

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Press system features in-die laser welding capability

April 19, 2016

Airam Press Co. Ltd. has introduced a pneumatic stamping press system with in-die laser welding capability. After the stamping operation is completed, the press locates, positions, and holds the part in place inside the press for laser welding and cutoff. Fabricators can stamp and weld different...

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Guide presents information on part marking

April 14, 2016

Durable Technologies has published Traditional Industrial Part Marking, a guide that offers detailed information about character styles, hand stamps, hand stamp holders, hammers and safety considerations, steel stamps and dies, steel type and holders, and hot stamping. It also presents five...

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Die change rail car moves 45,000-lb. die multidirectionally

April 13, 2016

Green Valley Mfg. of Illinois Inc. has developed a custom-engineered, built-to-order Titan 153353 bidirectional die change rail car with a capacity of one 45,000-lb. die. It has HMI remote control, RFID readers, location sensing to enable fully automated rail travel, docking, and die transfers....

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Die springs suitable for high-volume, standard production capacities

March 11, 2016

Wilson Tool International® offers coil and nitrogen die springs from Special Springs for stamping operations. Part of the Impax Tooling Solutions line of Wilson Tool products, the springs are designed for use in high-volume and standard production capacities. Each coil die spring is...

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Press lines available in 12 and 14 SPM

February 12, 2016

Schuler has added press lines with production speeds of 12 and 14 SPM to its Servoline product line. The series already has lines up to 23 SPM, depending on the manufactured parts and line features. The newly added press lines are designed for users who require basic features and a medium...

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E-book helps high-volume metal stampers eliminate defects

February 1, 2016

ESI Engineering Specialties has published “3 Solutions to Eliminate High-Volume Metal Stamping Defects,” an e-book that explains how precision metal stampers address common challenges associated with high-volume production. The e-book presents tips for addressing challenges such as tooling...

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Mechanical clamping nut adapts to varying clamping edge heights

December 3, 2015

Hilma's new retrofittable mechanical clamping nut provides high clamping force with low torque in small spaces for clamping and locking of dies on stamping press beds and rams. With temperature resistance up to 300 degrees F, the clamping nut can be clamped and unclamped by hand. It offers a...

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Small sheet metal press suitable for low- to medium-volume production

November 24, 2015

Quintus Technologies (formerly Avure Technologies) offers the Flexform QFC 0.7x1.8-800 sheet metal forming press, the smallest press in the company’s fluid cell line. Generating a pressure of 11,600 PSI over the full forming area, the press can produce several parts in the same forming operation...

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E-book highlights advantages of laser cutting in metal stamping

November 17, 2015

American Industrial Co.’s new E-Book, The Laser Cutting Advantage, offers a look at the advantages of using laser cutting in metal stamping. The free E-book explains how laser cutting capabilities allow for flexibility for short-run orders and facilitate fast turnaround...

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