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Large-capacity pliers hold pipes and tubes for butt welding

July 14, 2016

Strong Hand Tools® has introduced Strong Grip® economy pipe pliers for holding round pipes and square tubes for butt welding. The pliers assist with accurate line-up and setup of materials for a proper fit-up to prevent gaps and leave the welder’s hands free for handling and tack welding....

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Brochure highlights abrasives for pipeline welding

July 1, 2016

Weiler Abrasives Group has announced the availability of its new, four-page pipeline brochure featuring stringer bead wheels, bonded abrasive wheels, and flap discs for weld preparation and cleaning in pipe applications. The literature highlights the Dually®, Roughneck®, Polyflex®, and...

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Pipe welding system allows use of multiple torches

June 29, 2016

Otto Arc Systems offers a pipe welding system that offers optional GTAW/GMAW or GTAW/SAW with a flip of a switch, allowing the use of multiple torches. The system is equipped with a patented open headstock, allowing for optional weld flanges and elbows on each side, while adjustable rollers...

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Software eliminates operator calculation in pipe cutting

June 28, 2016

HGG Profiling Equipment offers pipe cutting machines with optional Acorn piping software from Acorn Pipe Systems for precision shape cutting and beveling without the need for operator calculation. The software makes programming and cutting precision holes for branches and shaped ends for nozzles...

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Gel formulated for bending of large-diameter tube

June 24, 2016

IRMCO GEL® 986-00D is designed for bending tubing up to 8 in. dia. made from 304, 409, and 439 stainless steels and mild steels. It can be applied through the mandrel or manually by swabbing. The gel contains no chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur, boron, or zinc-containing EP/AW additives. It also...

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3-D fiber laser tube cutting system handles tube diameters up to 9.5 in.

June 22, 2016

BLM Group USA has introduced the model LT8.10 fiber laser tube cutting system. The 3-D, 3-kW machine cuts a variety of tube materials in diameters up to 9.5 in. It handles highly reflective materials such as brass, copper, and aluminum and can process round, square, rectangle, flat oval, and...

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Bar feeder automates drilling of tubes and profiles

June 13, 2016

Apollo s.r.l. offers the Speedy automatic bar feeder, available in different lengths. It can be installed on automatic drilling machines to perform the drilling of tubes and profiles at the desired center distances. The system is equipped with a motorized carriage with mechanical clamp that...

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Vinyl plugs protect machined threads, hammer union joint connections

June 9, 2016

Caplugs offers the HU series of vinyl plugs to protect machined threads and hammer union joint connections from impact and contaminants. Made from a high-durometer vinyl, the plugs are color-coded by FIG number for identification of working pressure. They come in a variety of sizes to fit...

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Large back-blow air nozzle cleans IDs

May 25, 2016

Exair’s new model 1008SS 1 NPT back-blow air nozzle has been designed to blow debris and liquids from pipe or hose IDs, axle housings, bores, holes, internal threads, and other internal part features found in hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes, and differential housings. An array of holes provide...

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Weld purging system purges tube and pipe joints up to 24 in. OD

May 24, 2016

PurgExtra® from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® purges tube and pipe joints from 1 to 24 in. OD. It allows the operator to purge at recommended rates initially and then to introduce additional purge gas to create desired results. A typical application is for extra inert gas with titanium welds...

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Pipe coupon cutting machine designed for training facilities

May 10, 2016

The PCC-1 pipe coupon cutting machine from Bug-O Systems is a cost-effective model suitable for welding schools and training facilities. It cuts pipe to a desired length or bevels the edges of pipe for weld prep. The machine features a self-centering speed chuck, capable of gripping up to...

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Fully automatic tube cutting machine offered

April 28, 2016

Straus-Artys Corp. offers tube cutting machines manufactured by the Conni division of RALCitalia. The fully automatic, high-production tube cutting machine is suitable for round, square, and rectangular hollow tube, as well as solid rounds. The unit incorporates a robust saw head with hardened...

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Purging system handles high-temp pipe joints

April 28, 2016

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® has developed the HotPurge® inflatable pipe purging system for heat-treated chrome and high-strength stainless steel pipe joints in which the temperatures might be as high as 1,400 degrees F for many hours. The system allows the purge to be continued safely...

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Wired remote control units offered for welding machines

April 20, 2016

Lincoln Electric has introduced two wired remote control units for pipeline welders and those working in construction applications. The wired remote controls, available with or without a 115-VAC power duplex receptacle, include a 125-ft. detachable cable. A customizable min./max. range sets in...

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End forming machine accommodates tube up to 6 in. OD

April 4, 2016

Tube Form Solutions has introduced the 150 Multi Strike ram former. This 5,500-lb. end forming machine, which runs a voltage of 240/480 VAC three-phase, can accommodate tube from 1 to 6 in. OD. The unit can perform extreme tube expansions because the tube can be formed in incremental steps to...

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