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COE Press Equipment's SpaceMaster Series 4

Presented by Coe Press Equipment

Length: 3:35

COE Press Equipment’s new SpaceMaster® Series 4 compact coil line can process today’s Advanced High Strength Steels at speeds up to 70 SPM, and all within 23-feet of floor space.  COE customer Nahanni Steel Products tells how this capability has opened up new business opportunities.

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TRUMPF TruPunch 2000

Presented by TRUMPF Inc.

Length: 2:23

The TruPunch 2000 from TRUMPF offers the highest level of punching performance in its price range. With fast tool setup, rotation of all tools and a rigid punching head, the TruPunch 2000 provides the flexibility to tackle the most complex jobs and the punching speeds to do them productively. Watch and see just some of the machine’s capabilities. For more information on all TRUMPF equipment, contact us at

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Rebel by ESAB: Go anywhere. Weld anything.

Presented by ESAB Welding & Cutting Products

Length: 1:38

The truth is out about this game-changing welding machine that combines unmatched simplicity, performance and control in a complete, ready-to-weld package. Visit

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Prima Power Customer Profile: Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment

Presented by Prima Power North America Inc.

Length: 3:36

Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment, Corona, CA Shear Genius Cells are the recipe for higher productivity at Imperial Cooking Equipment.

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Prima Power Customer Profile: Unison Comfort Technologies

Presented by Prima Power North America Inc.

Length: 5:38

Unison Comfort Technologies, Minneapolis, MN

Unison Clears the Air on Automating Sheet Metal Fabrication.

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Norton Vortex Rapid Prep Belts

Presented by Norton | Saint-Gobain

Length: 1:47

Norton Vortex® Rapid Prep Belts that are ideal for Aerospace, Metal and Stainless Fabrication, and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) applications. The proprietary agglomerate grain of Vortex Rapid Prep increases belt life up to three times that of Aluminum Oxide grain and reduces two to five grit sequences in blending operations, substantially reducing labor and material costs.

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SigmaTEK Systems Laser Plasma Oxyfuel Waterjet Punch Combo Punch

Presented by SigmaTEK Systems

Length: 1:42

SigmaTEK Systems is the world's leading authority for material optimization, shop floor automation, and manufacturing/business systems integration. Products include: SigmaNEST (Supports: Laser, Plasma, Oxyfuel, Waterjet, Punch, Combination Punch/Laser, Router, Knife). SigmaTUBE (Laser and Plasma tube and pipe cutting).

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Remove spent garnet abrasive easily with BART – The Barton Abrasive Removal Tool

Presented by Barton International

Length: 2:50

The Barton Abrasive Removal Tool, known as BART®, has revolutionized the way operators remove spent garnet from their waterjet equipment. First introduced in 2009, BART is an easy to use, inexpensive and totally portable garnet abrasive removal system. Since then, hundreds of waterjet operators have used this remarkably convenient, efficient, versatile, cost-effective piece of equipment.

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Amada: Unlocking the Doors to Growth

Presented by Amada America, Inc.

Length: 7:18

"Our partnership has opened the doors to growth... being able to jump from one job to the next in minutes increases our greenlight time to 90%."

Jeffrey L. McCain, CEO and Founder McCain, Inc. Vista, CA

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Amada America, Inc.

Presented by Amada America, Inc.

Length: 2:10

Since its inception, Amada America, Inc. has provided manufacturers with innovative, productivity-enhancing sheet metal machines, including both fiber and CO2 lasers, turret punch presses, press brakes, automation systems, and software. We accomplish this by carefully listening to the voice of our customers and engineering machine solutions that solve their sheet metal fabrication needs.

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SuperMax: Graining Aluminum with a Superbrush

Presented by Supermax Tools

Length: 1:00

SuperMax Tools offers affordable automation with their SuperBrush machine. Find a solution for brushing, deburring, straight-lining, graining, paint prep, and more. We have free sample testing and will run your parts to prove out the process. Call us today! 888-454-3401

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TRUMPF at FABTECH 2015 – Boost your Business

Presented by TRUMPF Inc.

Length: 2:11

Every manufacturer can use a boost to give them the edge they need. At FABTECH, TRUMPF will display products to propel your business further into the lead including: the new TruBend Center which enables bend geometries not possible with a traditional panel bender, flexible automation concepts for laser cutting, punching and bending machines, and our new TruTops Boost software featuring all-in-one design and programming. Get the “Boost” that only TRUMPF can provide. Stop by and see us in booth S1701

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Bystronic Xpert 40 Press Brake Delivers Highest Process Efficiency

Presented by Bystronic Inc.

Length: 1:26

Fastest press brake of its size on the market! The Xpert 40 keeps pace with today’s high-speed Fiber lasers. Ultra high-performance ram, back gauge and safety system ensures highly efficient production of complex shapes. First to combine entire setup and production in one station, greatly reducing non-productive bending time.

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Nordson Pipe and Tube Continuous Coater

Presented by Nordson Corp.

Length: 5:05

The Nordson dry filter continuous coater delivers consistent, high-quality finishes with rapid return on investment. A compact, integrated finishing system, it requires minimal floor space and adapts easily to in-line production methods. It is completely automated and offers the clean operation of a self-contained spray system, while allowing you to coat pipe and tube at extremely high line speeds.

PWTV: An Introduction to Shop Automation

Presented by Practical Welding Today®

Length: 8:51

Samantha Noland from nexAir provides a brief overview on the benefits of automation in a shop environment.