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Laser Welding | video | Sponsored Content

Laser Mech: FiberWELD with Real-Time Direct Penetration Monitoring

Presented by Laser Mechanisms Inc.

Length: 3:16

Laser Mechanisms’ FiberWELD® processing head, through the use of patented inline coherent imaging (ICI) technology, now features real-time direct penetration monitoring for precise depth measurement of industrial laser processes.

Bending | video | Sponsored Content

RAS Systems MiniBend Center

Presented by RAS Systems LLC

Length: 2:40

The RAS MiniBendCenter is the world’s first automatic folding center for small parts. Blanks will be automatically fed, squared and measured. Tool setup is all automatic. A manipulator moves and rotates the blank automatically to the exact position. The folding cell folds the part up and down.

Bending | video | Sponsored Content

RAS Systems UpDownCenter

Presented by RAS Systems LLC

Length: 6:52

RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH presents a semi-automated bending center for panels and boxes up to 3200 mm in length, 3 mm thickness and 250 mm box height. Besides the up and down folding capability and the automatic tool change, the true highlight of the machine is the automatic programming feature.

Laser Cutting | video | Sponsored Content

Take the lead in fast flexible fiber laser processing with the Electra FL and FA-L automation

Presented by LVD Strippit

Length: 1:04

The Flexible Automation for Lasers (FA-L) offers true flexibility, load/unload in 40 seconds and handles sheet sizes from 1000x1000mm up to 3050x1525mm.

TPJTV: Superior Joining Technologies

Presented by TPJ - The Tube & Pipe Journal®

Length: 3:50

TPJ-TV host Eric Lundin interviews Thom Shelow, co-owner and vice president of Superior Joining Technologies, about the company’s joining capabilities, which include microwelding.

Plasma Cutting | video | Sponsored Content

Hypertherm ‘Cut with Confidence’ 60 Seconds Video Contest

Presented by Hypertherm Inc.

Length: 1:00

Here's Jim Colt telling us about a new video contest anyone with a Hypertherm product can easily enter. T-shirts for just entering and nice prizes, too. Check it out!

Laser Cutting | video | Sponsored Content

Mazak Optonics Corp's OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 CO2 Laser Cutting System

Presented by Mazak Optonics Corp.

Length: 5:00

The OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 CO2 laser-cutting system is simply innovative. It combines high performance with a compact and flexible design, ideal for fabrication job shops looking to expand into laser-cutting services.

Cutting and Weld Prep | video | Sponsored Content

Surface Finisher - Linear Grinder - Model PTX Eco Smart

Presented by CS Unitec Inc.

Length: 1:04

The PTX Eco Smart is a multi-functional grinding and polishing system for flat surfaces and open or closed pipe constructions. Grind from coarse to very fine finishes, and burnish to a high-gloss finish. Work with stainless steel, steel and nonferrous metals (aluminum, brass, bronze and copper), as well as wood and rigid plastic.

TPJTV: Chicago Tube & Iron

Presented by TPJ - The Tube & Pipe Journal®

Length: 4:11

TPJ-TV host Eric Lundin interviews Mark Sowka, vice president of Chicago Tube & Iron's Engineered Products Group, about the company's ASME-code pressure boiler work.

Bending | video | Sponsored Content

Take the lead in bending productivity with LVD Strippit’s Toolcell

Presented by LVD Strippit

Length: 2:42

This unique Press Brake system will give you a leading edge in bending productivity with its integrated automated tool changing system that maximizes bending throughput.

Visit our website at

Laser Cutting | video | Sponsored Content

Bystronic BySpeed Pro 3015: Indispensable for modern sheet metal processing

Presented by Bystronic Inc.

Length: 3:00

The highly productive BySpeed Pro owes its unique capabilities across the entire range of sheet thicknesses to the latest machine automation technologies, the highest speeds, the shortest cutting times and a low cost per part.

Waterjet Cutting | video | Sponsored Content

MAXIEM JetMachining Centers

Presented by OMAX

Length: 1:00

MAXIEM JetMachining Centers, designed and built by OMAX, provide speed and Efficiency for an affordable, versatile abrasive water jet solution. For more information visit our website:

Laser Cutting | video | Sponsored Content

TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 fiber: Fast and Flexible

Presented by TRUMPF Inc.

Length: 4:00

The TruLaser 3030 fiber features both high speed cutting and processing flexibility, resulting in maximum profitability. The fiber-delivered TruDisk laser excels not only at thin sheet cutting, but also in steel up to 3/4" thick with peak performance, cut quality and low operating cost.

Stamping | video | Sponsored Content

Bystronic Xcite 80 E

Presented by Bystronic Inc.

Length: 4:14

Bystronic introduce the Xcite 80E, an innovative press brake that exemplifies speed, accuracy and reliability.

Finishing | video | Sponsored Content

Norton Abrasives: Fastest Material Removal in the Industry

Presented by Norton | Saint-Gobain

Length: 3:40

Norton NorZon® Plus depressed center wheels now utilize a proprietary blend of patented, newest generation Norton SG ceramic alumina and Norton BlueFire™ zirconia alumina abrasives, combined with a high performance bond system for significantly improved grain micro-fracturing.