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Pay Attention! To safety

November 9, 2004 | By Gregory Gronbacher

Boredom may not appear to be a significant obstacle to a safe workplace, but the problem is that boredom usually translates into poor retention and learning. Workers who are bored by the safety training programs don't learn as well as those who find their training programs interesting and exciting. Failure to retain safety education material can make all the difference on the shop floor or out at the job site.

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The meeting of the manufacturers

November 9, 2004 | By Stephanie Vaughan

A new organization in Rockford, Ill., thinks job shops working together is a MARRVelousidea.

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Managing Success: The value of rewards

November 9, 2004

Editor's Note: This column was prepared by the staff of Winning Workplaces, a not-for-profit organization that helps small and midsized businesses create better work environments.Employee reward programs can be a great way to motivate staff. If set up correctly, they are a win/win proposition that...

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Successful stamping: It's a 'we' thing

November 9, 2004 | By Art Hedrick

As a consultant and educator, I travel to numerous die shops and stamping plants, and almost all of them have the same basic request:"Can you show these tooling guys how to make the dies run better?"I hear comments like "We sure have a lot of downtime and scrap, not to mention the usual problems...

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On the road again

November 9, 2004 | By Kate Bachman

Contract manufacturer Morton Metalcraft talks about how it faces challenges in fabricating weldments and assemblies for heavy-duty equipment, including ramping up after a slowdown—with machines, manpower, and material, and revising material flow.

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Selecting a tube cutting process

November 9, 2004 | By Alec Banish

Tube fabricators use a variety of methods—sawing, lathe cutting, rotary cutting, supported shear cutting, dual-blade shear cutting, and laser cutting—to cut tubing from mill lengths into shorter pieces for use in final fabrication. No single method is optimal for cutting the broad range of tubular materials and tubular shapes produced by this industry.

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Know when to fold 'em

November 9, 2004 | By Rick Wester

Folding machines aren't the fastest machines for bending sheet metal, but for low- to medium-volume production, they can provide an efficient bending process. Because the equipment operator does not support the weight of the material during the bending cycle, folding machines are well suited to large, bulky parts. Also, part quality is not dependent on an operator's skill.

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Challenges and considerations in joining exotic materials

November 9, 2004 | By Voss Aerospace

Every day Voss Aerospace faces challenges that vary as much as the materials its welders join and fabrication processes they use.

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Launching a successful die protection program

November 9, 2004 | By Greg Dickerson

As I entered the clean, well-lit Midwest factory one day, I found several relatively new presses and feeder systems. The shop floor appeared to be well-organized, with material steadily flowing into and away from the presses. The employees seemed to know their jobs and were on task.But when I...

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Why use multiple-impulse resistance welding?

November 9, 2004 | By Girish P. Kelkar

Multiple-impulse welding isn't uncommon, but it's not usually the first choice for most resistance welding applications. However, experiments with this type of resistance welding demonstrate that it has a wider range of applications, especially when its modified heat balance is understood

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Having a safe office party

November 8, 2004 | By Vicki Bell

Editor's Note: Originally published on December 11, 2003.It's that time of year when companies celebrate the holidays. Whether the celebration involves a lavish holiday party held off-site or a casual get-together in the office, both party organizers and attendees should follow safe practices, not...

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Wise words from the mountaintop—Part 11

November 1, 2004 | By Gerald Davis

Editor's Note: This is the eleventh episode in a mountaintop dialogue that Gerald has been having with a "wise business guru." He has been advised to develop a feedback system and to become a master of metrology.My guru missed my joking attempt at yoda-speak. "Meteorology is the study of weather,...

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10 steps to winning a government contract - Step 1

October 14, 2004 | By John DiGiacomo, Jim Kleckner

Editor's Note: This is the first in a 10-part series intended to help fabricators develop a plan to obtain a government contract. This series is a follow-up to John DiGiacomo's article "Fact, fiction, and the feds: Dispelling myths about selling to the government." Several steps are necessary to...

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Welding zirconium and zirconium alloys Part I

October 12, 2004 | By Richard Sutherlin

Editor's Note: This is the first installment of a three-part series on welding zirconium. Part I addresses metallurgy, weld preparation, and shielding techniques. Part II covers welding technique. Part III discusses additional methods of joining refractory metals.

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Wise words from the mountaintop—Part 10

October 12, 2004 | By Gerald Davis

Editor's Note: This is the tenth episode in a mountaintop dialogue that Gerald has been having with a "wise business guru." They have been talking about understanding that your niche is only part of the strategic planning job."Remind me of what you have tried so far to improve your cash flow," my...

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