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Getting your mojo back

August 9, 2005 | By Bob Rausch, Ph.D.

Organizations can be only as energized and focused as their leaders. This article discusses how leaders can replenish their own waning energy levels and refocus.

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Oversized V dies: the effects on bottom bending

August 9, 2005 | By Steve Benson

Using oversized V dies in bottom bending can damage press brakes and tooling, but used properly, these dies can help compensate for springback.

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Judging the quick and the die

August 9, 2005 | By Kate Bachman

Overseas competition, high material costs, just-in-time schedules, demanding quality requirements, stringent safety standards, and industry consolidation are the forces driving trends in the quick die change industry, industry experts say. These forces have intensified the need for quick-die-change equipment and processes, as well as for larger quick die change equipment, equipment that will not damage sensors, and more efficient die storage that can be integrated with quick die change equipment.

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Recreational tube cutting

August 9, 2005 | By Dan Davis

In the 1990s, Polaris Industries Inc. realized it needed to rethink the way tube fabricating was done at its Osceola, Wis., facility. Laser tube cutting proved to be the answer.

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Boiled over by laser's performance

August 9, 2005 | By Dan Davis

Kvaerner Power Inc.'s Fairmont, W.V., metal fabricating operation needed new market opportunities and someone to take over plasma cutting chores after its business partner went out of business. They found a Pennsylvania job shop to help with metal cutting and eventually learned that a 3-D laser could help them bring their outsourced jobs back in-house and that the laser could lead to new business.

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Punch Tooling, aka ...

August 9, 2005 | By Andy Spence-Parsons

New types of punch press tooling make it possible to perform many secondary fabricating operations on the turret press as well as standard punching—in some cases eliminating additional equipment and part handling, and reducing machine downtime. Not only are new part features possible on the turret press using these new tools, the reduced costs fabricators may achieve by using these tools to may make the tools a variable in DFM.

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Metal spinner takes on OSHA

August 9, 2005 | By Dan Davis

On May 10 Jerrold Dodd was not spinning a yarn about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The general manager and chief operating officer of a spinning company warned a congressional subcommittee about OSHA's aggressive action against his small company.

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The science of steel

August 9, 2005 | By Tom Bell

The spray form process is a new manufacturing technique that offers high alloyed tool steel with uniform carbide size and uniform carbide distribution. With less processing steps than P/M and properties better than ingot cast tool steel, SF is an option that offers nearly P/M performance with a cost closer to ingot casting.

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Get the most out of your press:

August 9, 2005 | By Dean S Phillips

All presses go up and down, but that's where the similarity among them ends. When its time to review your pressroom and research a new press, consider your manufacturing needs, the parts the press will run, all ancillary equipment, raw materials, and the dies that will be making the parts.

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How to choose the consumables you use - Part II

July 12, 2005 | By Mike Sammons

Several small but crucial components—back caps, collets and collet bodies, gas lenses, and nozzles—are key components in enhancing GTAW productivity. These components are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Optimizing these consumables can help to optimize welder uptime.

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Random radiography

July 12, 2005 | By Walter Sperko, P.E.

Fabricators and contractors always should check to be sure that the extent of nondestructive examination and the acceptance criteria required are understood clearly by all parties and documented in writing.

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Laser welding in Singapore

July 12, 2005 | By Stephanie Vaughan

Prototyping parts for projects with shorter lead times and meeting the automotive industry's mass production needs were two large goals for Amtek more than a year ago. Amtek turned to laser welding to meet its goals.

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Draw cushions for mechanical presses

July 12, 2005 | By Andreas Lauke

The use of a draw cushion in the lead-off press of a press line is recommended for the production of high-quality parts to guarantee constant quality through reproducible production parameters.

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Changing workplace raises safety and health questions

July 12, 2005 | By Vicki Bell

The current economy has altered the organization of work. This article discusses the changes and their impact on the work force in terms of job safety and health.

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The most important welding lesson

July 12, 2005 | By Marty Rice

Relating personal experiences, welding professional and instructor Marty Rice discusses welding hazards and stresses the importance of learning and following all welding safety practices.

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