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Reality TV: Frame-making in the U.S.

November 8, 2005 | By Dan Davis

Sumitomo Metal Mining USA (SMMU) Inc. has supplied cathode ray tube frams to some of the largest, high-end television manufacturers in the world from its Oceanside, Calif., facility. Despite the trend in moving manufacturing overseas to take advantage of cheaper labor pools, SMMU believes it is poised to remain competitive while maintaining its U.S. base of operations.

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Trailblazing with waterjet

November 8, 2005 | By Sonja Bellem

For Johnson Enterprises of New Brunswick, Canada, the waterjet cutting system with shuttle table has opened the door to business opportunities more diverse than the materials it can process.

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Improving welded joint structure, properties in oil and gas pipelines

October 12, 2005 | By Yu.N. Saraev

The welding process and ambient temperature affect the structure and mechanical properties of welded joints in large-diameter (1,420 mm) pipes of manganese low-alloy steels, which are used commonly in oil and gas pipelines. Pulsed welding can improve the homogeneity of the structure and reduce the grain size of metal of the weld and HAZ zones. The ambient temperature causes structural changes, which affect the ductility and impact toughness in the welded joint zones. Temperature plays a role. Research shows that welding at 20 degrees C leads to an increase in ductility and impact toughness of 8 percent to 27 percent, and welding at -60 degrees C leads to an increase of 15 percent to 24 percent.

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Creating an efficient offline band sawing system Part I

October 11, 2005 | By Doug Harris

Planning an offline band sawing system can be complicated because it can affect, and is affected by, many interrelated factors. Breaking it down to infeed, sawing, and outfeed helps to frame the planning by breaking it down to three subprocesses. Furthermore, answering 15 pertinent questions can help you tailor an efficient sawing operation to your specific facility and sawing applications.

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Tube, profile cutting with lightning speed

October 11, 2005 | By Pieter Schwarzenbach

For more than 30 years, lasers have been used successfully for flat sheet cutting. Complex 3-D laser cutting is well-established in the automotive industry.

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Removing the obstacles to success

October 11, 2005 | By George Spilka

Owners of mid-sized businesses (those that sell for $2 million to $250 million) should know that the environment for selling such a business has grown increasingly harsh over the past 25 years or so. Many of the competitive forces at work in the global arena that have made manufacturing overseas attractive have made overseas manufacturing companies attractive investments, to the detriment of U.S. business owners. However, knowledge and planning can help an owner of a mid-sized manufacturing firm get a premium price for his business.

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Scarfing tube and pipe—cut to the quick

October 11, 2005 | By W.B. "Bud" Graham

Weld bead scarfing (cutting, removing, and disposing) exposes mill operators to numerous hazards, including cuts and burns from the scarf. Part I of this article discusses the reasons scarf is removed from tube and the mill parameters that affect the scarf removal process. Part II discusses a variety of manual and automated removal and disposal methods. Part III discusses strategies for improving ID weld bead removal and disposal.

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10 steps to winning a government contract - Step 5

October 11, 2005 | By John DiGiacomo, Jim Kleckner

When you want to bid on a government contract, getting the technical data you need, including specifications and drawings, is critical.

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Product liability

October 11, 2005 | By Dave Ludwin

By recognizing the myths and understanding the realities of protecting your business, you can make simple strategic refinements to help give you true peace of mind when it comes to product liability.

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Making the sale

October 11, 2005 | By Phil Pratt

Many customers are brand-loyal. How you sell to these individuals, some of whom may have preconceived notions of what they want, will determine your sales success.

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Pairing the right hydraulic press with your application

October 11, 2005 | By Jay Douglas Hartzell

Choosing the right hydraulic press for your application is crucial. Identifying the right press capability up front can eliminate additional costs and startup delays. Four primary hydraulic press return capabilities are return on position, return on pressure, return on pressure with dwell capability, or combinations of the three. Shown is a press with return on pressure capabilities.

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Selling to GM – A tough customer gets tougher

October 11, 2005 | By Bernard Swiecki

The automaker's relentless focus on cost cutting has made few friends in the supplier community. GM recently made several announcements that may signal an even greater focus on price.

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Welding aluminum piping

October 11, 2005 | By Frank G. Armao

Steel and aluminum have distinctly different properties, and this is important if you're manufacturing aluminum piping systems. Learn the differences in welding steel and aluminum pipe and how they apply to the best practices you can use to weld aluminum pipe effectively.

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Total transfer knowledge

October 11, 2005 | By Dennis Boerger

Transfer systems can deliver flexibility to perform a variety of tasks for current requirements, yet deliver the capability to carry the company at a competitive level over the long haul.

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'Star Wars,' move over: Presenting ... the Job Shop Trilogy

October 11, 2005 | By Richard Green

Evaluating the gas equipment you need to produce the shielding mixture you want for optimal laser hybrid welding is critical. Different shielding gases yield different results and should be considered carefully for your specific application.

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