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A Great Combination

September 14, 2004 | By Stephanie Vaughan

Dwarfed by his largest sculpture to date, artist Gary Beals collaborated with K-zell Metals to create this piece for the University of New Mexico.The stainless steel centerpiece for a grouping of sculptures at the University of New Mexico is a first for its creators for several reasons.First, the...

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Thinking about an equipment upgrade?

September 14, 2004 | By James P. Rutt

Products change, and so do manufacturing methods used to make products. In the tube and pipe industry, however, manufacturing changes have been few and infrequent over the past few decades.

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Lean times call for mean tactics—Part 1

September 14, 2004 | By Ronald R. Stange

Ron Stange looks back on his 50 years in the tube-bending industry and provides his insight on the one thing tube bender operators must know to be successful: Ironclad rules for successful bending do not exist. Tube bender operators must start with guidelines and incorporate their own experience to be successful.

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Not your average museum—a metal art mecca

September 14, 2004 | By Bob Nichols

Editors Note: Bob Nichols, author of The Fire of Creation, a reader favorite on, recently toured the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, Tenn. The following account of that tour display only a few of the many items on display at this amazing facility.Closed for exhibit...

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Skilled workers make new press brake technology even more valuable

September 14, 2004 | By Steve Benson

This article grew out of an FMA discussion board posting about new press brake controllers and software in which someone asked, "Do I really need all of these bells and whistles?" A profound fact of today's technology-intensive world is that skilled press brake operators are now unnecessary. After...

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Keep on stamping

September 14, 2004 | By Kevin Enos

To be competitive in a global economy, U.S. stampers must provide defect-free parts, reduce waste, and eliminate downtime while contending with increasing raw material costs and limited availability of some metals. Because stampers have no control over the supply side of the market, they must focus...

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The case for open-book management

September 14, 2004

Editor's Note: This column was prepared by the staff of Winning Workplaces, a not-for-profit organization that helps small and midsized businesses create better work environments.Some companies' financial information is not exclusively in the realm of accountants and top management. Everyone from...

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Winning with Lean

September 14, 2004 | By Kathleen McLaughlin

Larry Martin hates the term lean manufacturing."When someone mentions lean manufacturing, it usually conjures up visions of layoffs and a stark, militarylike plant," said Larry Martin, vice president of Utah-based Martin Door Manufacturing Inc.He blames lean manufacturing's bad reputation on...

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Wise words from the mountaintop—Part 9

September 14, 2004 | By Gerald Davis

Editor's Note: This is the ninth episode in a mountaintop dialogue that Gerald has been having with a "wise business guru." They have been talking about business network tiers, and the guru has asked Gerald to identify which tier his job shop is in.I sucked in my gums and tried to ape his sagacious...

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Survival of the fastest

September 14, 2004 | By Ken Shoop

Because metal fabricators and OEMs have increasingly strict requirements, many suppliers of sheets and blanks must provide high-quality metal stock in terms of flatness, finish, and dimensional accuracy. Competition for every bid is tight, making it easy to take the quality for granted. If every...

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The growing versatility of turret punch presses

September 14, 2004 | By Rich Dapp

Recent improvements in press drive technology, machine control design, tooling, and CAD/CAM programming software are increasing the throughput capability and the overall versatility of CNC turret punch press equipment.

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Where abrasive waterjets shine

September 14, 2004 | By Dr. Mohamed Hashish

Abrasive waterjet's cold-cutting and omni-directional capabilities make it especially well-suited to cutting unusual shapes out of exotic and heat-sensitive materials. Also, because abrasive waterjet is a cold-cutting process, it does not create a heat-affected zone (HAZ), which can make it more difficult to execute downstream processes, such as welding.

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Tube Hydroforming Design Flexibility—Part VI

September 14, 2004 | By Gary Morphy

Tube hydroforming reshapes a tube from a normally round cross section to a desired shape. The final shape, usually rectangular, develops along the part length. The cross-sectional periphery may be consistent throughout the part and equal to the original tube, or it can be expanded in localized...

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Chemical-free cleaning of HSP lubricants

September 14, 2004 | By Brad Jeffery

New requirements for clean, dry parts drive the need for efficient, flexible workcell parts cleaning.

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Sequence scheduling in automotive scheduling

August 10, 2004 | By Frank G. Rubury

Although automakers' demands on automotive stampers fluctuate, under normal conditions, the variation in quantities of parts required is 20 percent or less. Most of the time the variation is substantially lower, although seasonal changes, such as holidays and plant shutdowns, can have an impact on...

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