Punching and Other Holemaking

Making holes is a critical capability for fabricators. This technology area covers ironworkers, perforating machines, piercing machines, drills, slotting machines, single-station punch presses, turret punch presses, and combination laser/punch presses.

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Software feature helps improve quality in fiber laser drilling

November 17, 2015

Prima Power Laserdyne has enhanced the CylPerf™ software feature on its S94P laser process control for higher quality and throughput in on-the-fly percussion drilling of small, shallow angle holes in aerospace engine combustors. CylPerf is a graphical software utility for programming and...

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Indexable holemaking platform handles variety of applications, materials

November 3, 2015

The new Top Cut 4 indexable drilling platform from Widia™ is targeted to end users that need one drill for a variety of drilling applications and workpiece materials. Capabilities include through- and cross-holes, inclined entries and exits, 45-degree corners, half-cylindrical, concave, and...

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Tool coating extends life of punch press tooling

October 7, 2015

Mate’s new SuperMax™ is a hard, wear-resistant, lubricious coating for punch press tooling. It acts as a barrier between the punch and sheet metal to help improve stripping, reduce galling and slug pulling, and extend tool life. The proprietary coating outperforms currently available...

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Magnetic drills redesigned with pressure indicator, material and thickness detector

September 24, 2015

Walter Surface Technologies has introduced the newly redesigned Icecut 100 and Icecut 200 magnetic drills. They include the addition of the Accudrill pressure indicator, as well as a material and thickness detector. Redesigned for heavy-duty applications, the safety amp meter, located in the...

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Blind-hole taps made for use on stainless steels

September 16, 2015

The new TC142 blind-hole taps from Walter USA LLC are designed for machining stainless steels, ISO M materials, and ISO P materials, particularly the softer steels that require more chip control. They come in two versions. Grade WW60RB, suitable for high-volume production, offers a...

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Parting tool offers long grind life

September 15, 2015

Wilson Tool International® offers the Dura-Die parting tool. Its replaceable die inserts are made from the company’s Ultima tool steel, which offers high wear resistance for long grind life. The die base is made from shock-resistant steel, allowing it to withstand high punching force....

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Lean or mean in punching tool organization?

September 8, 2015 | By Dennis Lowry

Examining the eight deadly wastes can help to eliminate inefficient production practices in a fabricator's punching operation.

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LED pilot light added to magnetic drill

September 4, 2015

Hougen Mfg. Inc. has released the redesigned HMD904 portable magnetic drill. The newest feature is an LED pilot light, built into the base of the magnet. It allows the operator to line up the pilot with the hole’s center location in low- or no-light conditions. The drill’s motor features a...

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Automated punch press loaders allow unattended operation

August 31, 2015

Murata Machinery USA Inc. has introduced the FG series of automated punch press loaders. They provide lights-out, unattended operation during breaks, shift changes, lunch, and after hours. The servo-controlled systems feature an axis drive, programmable parts stacking patterns, and an integrated...

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Three-spindle drilling line compatible with all types of tooling

August 7, 2015

The ball screw feed, 5,000 RPM Vanguard drill lines from Ficep are compatible with all types of tooling. The direct-drive spindle prevents power loss at the tool. The ball screw feed permits tapping, countersinking, and counterboring. Other features include rack-and-pinion positioning on all...

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Magnetic drill with automatic feed suitable for production applications

August 4, 2015

CS Unitec’s MAB 825 V portable magnetic drill features an automatic feed mechanism with power retraction, which makes it suitable for production applications. The 16-amp, double-insulated reversible motor has a 4-speed oil bath gearbox (40-110, 65-175, 140-360, 220-600 RPM) for applications...

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App simplifies punching calculations

July 21, 2015

TRUMPF’s new PunchGuide app, designed for use with smartphones and tablet PCs, helps punch press users determine calculations. The app offers support for calculating punching force, cutting clearance, prepunching diameters, maximum edge length, stripper selection, and sheet metal thickness and...

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Punch press offers two tooling options

July 20, 2015

Murata Machinery USA Inc. has introduced the Motorum M2558TS/TS-S punch press. The TS model uses Wiedemann-style push/pull tooling, while the TS-S model uses spring-style tooling. With the push/pull tooling, the ram, punch holder, and punch are connected to achieve a push/pull action (positive...

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Cutting oil made for cutting fine threads, drilling deep holes

July 15, 2015

Wallover's Wococut 508 cutting oil is suitable for cutting fine threads in small-diameter screws, drilling small-diameter holes in 306 stainless steel, and heavy-duty screw machining. The product uses chlorine, active sulfur, and synergistic fatty additives to reduce the chance of burrs...

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BTM announces new ownership

July 14, 2015

BTM Co. LLC, Marysville, Mich., a provider of production equipment systems for sheet metal clinching and precision piercing, has announced the new owners are Bruce Smith and Thomas Kemeny. Smith has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from...

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