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Plasma Cutter Lead image

Cleaner consumables, cleaner cuts, better production

September 16, 2008 | By Jim Colt

Plasma cutting is one of the most efficient ways to cut sheet and heavy plate, but that efficiency can evaporate quickly without proper consumable maintenance.

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ButlerBuilt Plasma Table

Plasma delivers precision for top seat manufacturer

May 13, 2008

ButlerBuilt, a leading manufacturer of motorsports seating located in Harrisburg, N.C., finds a new plasma cutting system to be a much better improvement over the 15-year-old plasma table it dumped in early 2007.

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Hypertherm plasma cutter

Service center fabricates its future

March 11, 2008 | By Dan Davis

Denman & Davis calls itself the largest general-line, independent service center in the Northeast. The company has about 65,000 square feet of inventory and manufacturing space in Clifton, N.J., another 70,000 square feet in Slatersville, R.I., and another 35,000 in Albany, N.Y. The company distributes a variety of hot-rolled and cold-finished bars, structural shapes, sheets, and tubing, but has discovered a fruitful niche with plate, used in pressure vessel, power generation, and processing applications.

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plasma arc cutting

Plasma cutting primer

March 11, 2008 | By Kent Swart

Plasma cutting is a widely used process in the welding industry that provides both speed and precision, but it doesn't happen by accident. Being knowledgeable about your cutting applications, and familiarizing yourself with cutting techniques, maintenance, and safety features, will allow for a productive plasma experience.

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The life and times of plasma cutting

November 6, 2007 | By Nakhleh Hussary, Ph.D., Thierry Renault

Plasma cutting has become a process of choice for many because of its cost-effectiveness. However, this wasn't the case when the technology was introduced because of short consumable life. Technological innovations over the years, however, helped to change that.

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CNC Plasma

Improvements to CNC plasma technology

September 11, 2007 | By Craig Brooks

Continued improvements to CNC plasma cutting technology have made these units much more adaptable and user friendly. They have also helped improve consistency and cut quality.

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Plasma cutting components

Improving plasma cut quality

September 11, 2007 | By Tex Whiting

By optimizing the performance of each of the plasma cutting system's components, a fabricator can quickly and consistently create high quality parts. The plasma power supply, torch, and lead assembly comprise a plasma cutting system. Robust cutting applications require a mechanized system with an integrated computer numerical control (CNC) and a three-axis configuration with the plasma torch and a torch height control.

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George Conner C & S

Taking waste off the plate

August 8, 2007

C&S Metal Fabricating, Houston, fabricates parts for the oil and petrochemical industry. When it purchased a thermal cutting table with the latest controller technology, it took the unusual step of keeping all nest designs down on the shop floor, not in the front office as many other shops do.

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Attention, all plasma table shoppers

June 12, 2007 | By Brian Gallup

CNC plasma cutting machines are more affordable and easier to operate than ever before. By knowing the right kind of hardware and software makes sense, a fabricator can choose the equipment that makes the most sense for his operation.

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Proper weld speed

Improving manual plasma cutting quality

March 13, 2007 | By Don Keddell

Some tips and suggestions for best practices that will increase your efficiency and precision and prolong the life of your plasma cutter and consumables include: Take the time to read the manual thoroughly; develop a "preflight routine" visually follow the arc that is coming from the bottom of the cut—the arc should exit the material at a 15- to 20-degree angle opposite the direction of travel; and maintain a 1/16- to 1/8-inch distance between the tip and the workpiece.

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Plasma arc cutting

The ABCs of PAC

March 13, 2007 | By W.F. Garth Stapon, Randy Damas, Bob Einfeldt

Plasma arc cutting systems come in many capabilities. Knowing what those capabilities are and which ones you need for your operation is crucial when choosing a system.

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Plasma cutter

High Roller meets fast cutter

December 12, 2006 | By Stephanie Vaughan

The historic High Roller roller coaster, perched atop the Stratosphere Tower on the Las Vegas Strip, needed to be demolished. The question for contractors was what cutting process and equipment would be best to dismantle the roller coaster, all 367, 3-foot, 300-lb. sections of it.

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VICON Elite Plasma

Better cuts with plasma

November 7, 2006 | By Eric Lundin

One job led Keller & Son Industrial Contractors Inc., Spartanburg, S.C., to buy a new plasma cutting table in 2001. The need for extra capacity required it to purchase another in 2006. Now the company feels it is in the perfect position to take on all types of metal fabricating jobs.

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Older plasma and laser cutters having performance fits?

October 10, 2006 | By Kenneth Woods

If you are considering retrofitting existing equipment to not just expand your plate cutting capacity, several factors need to be considered. These factors focus on a higher wattage resonator or an higher amperage plasma system, but also on the need to review the entire machine architecture.

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Starting from scratch

September 12, 2006 | By Tex Whiting

Knowing the basics of plasma cutting, as well as some fundamental operator guidelines can lead to quality cuts and extended consumable life. The more operators know about the process, the more readily they can identify and address problems that may occur.

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