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Robotics education curricula and software offered

April 14, 2016

Yaskawa Motoman has developed dedicated curricula, programs, and hardware and software tools to deliver real-world industrial experiences in a classroom environment. The STEM Robotics Platforms are modular packages that enable instructors to teach robotics using the same equipment deployed in...

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Mechanized welding package uses SAW, open-arc processes

April 12, 2016

The new Pantheon™ mechanized welding system from Lincoln Electric performs automated, repetitive welding operations for SAW and open-arc welding processes for such industries as heavy fabrication, shipbuilding, power generation, construction, and pressure vessel manufacturing. Available in 8-...

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Medium track motion platform accommodates rapid product changes

February 10, 2016

ABB has introduced the IRBT 2005, a flexible, compact, modular medium track motion platform for robots and transfer applications. It is designed to accommodate rapid product changes in applications that require an extended working range and high degrees of speed and accuracy, including arc welding,...

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Robotics assimilated into machine control

January 7, 2016

With the introduction of openRobotics, partners Comau and B&R offer new levels of robotics integration for machinery and production lines. The system is based on a line of Comau robots that handle payloads from 6.6 to 1,433 lbs. Programming is uniform for every component in the line, including...

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Virtual system helps students learn robotics skills

December 2, 2015

MotoSim® Touch from Yaskawa Motoman is a PC-based, off-line programming environment and robotics simulation tool for schools, training organizations, and educational research institutions. It provides instructors and students with a fully functional production environment for Yaskawa industrial...

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High-payload robot designed for short cycle times

December 1, 2015

ABB has introduced the IRB 8700, its highest-payload, multipurpose industrial robot. It has a reach of 11.5 ft. and can handle a payload of up to 1,763 lbs. (1.1 tons with the wrist down; 1,389 lbs. with LeanID). The robot is targeted for material handling applications in the automotive and...

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Compact welding workcell designed for job shop market

November 24, 2015

Featuring one station with a welding table suitable for customized part fixtures in a compact footprint, the ArcWorld® C-30 workcell from Yaskawa Motoman is designed for welding small to medium-size parts typically found in job shop applications. The workcell offers all the components needed...

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Bin picker combines collaborative robot and 3-D vision technology

November 23, 2015

Blue Ocean Robotics has announced the release of the Mini-Picker for 3-D bin picking of small industrial parts. The system currently is available with the Universal Robots UR5 collaborative robot. It will be available with additional robot brands to cover a wider range of...

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Multiprocess welding kits handle joining, cutting, hardfacing

November 18, 2015

Broco® Rankin has introduced multiprocess welding kits to accompany the Rankin Automation™ multiprocess, 2-axis, automated welding machine. The kits perform multiple functions and processes from one base unit machine. A tilting-head positioner also is available. The kits can be used for a...

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6-axis force/torque sensor offered

October 22, 2015

ATI Industrial Automation has introduced the Capacitive F/T sensor for industrial robots, pressing force control, grinding, and deburring. It is IP65-rated for protection against dust and water spray, and hard mechanical stops are implemented for overload protection. The senso’s force range...

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Weld camera captures open arc welding images

October 14, 2015

Xiris Automation Inc. offers the XVC-1000e weld camera, a rugged version of the XVC-1000. The high-dynamic-range camera can capture images of open arc welds that show all features of the weld arc, its surrounding environment, and its position relative to the weld seam. Features include...

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Adaptive robot gripper features wide stroke

September 29, 2015

Robotiq has released the 2-Finger 140 adaptive robot gripper, a large-stroke electric gripper with advanced control features. This gripper allows a robot to pick a variety of objects with a single, programmable tool. It is suitable for high-mix pick-and-place applications in industries such as...

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Power source supports robot-assisted welding

August 24, 2015

Fronius has introduced the TPS/i Robotics power source, designed for robot-assisted welding. Featuring interconnected and fully synchronized system components, the power source enables robotic welding to be performed with speed and a high degree of reproducibility. The modified dip transfer arc...

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Hollow-wrist robotic torch system available in water-cooled version

July 28, 2015

American Weldquip offers a water-cooled version of the ArcSafe™ Advantage hollow-wrist robotic torch system. The 550 series has a rotary electrical joint that provides for +/- 360 degrees of rotation while eliminating electrical cable twisting or torsional strain. The system’s modular...

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Quick-change robotic torch system offered

July 28, 2015

American Weldquip has introduced the new ArcSafe™ QC Solid Mount quick-change robotic torch system, designed for use on robots with integrated collision software. Standard features include a heavy-walled gooseneck and a cable assembly for fast changeout. Optional features include air blast,...

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