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Fineblanking press breaks 200-SPM barrier

November 16, 2015

Feintool has introduced the XFT 1500speed fineblanking press, which reaches speeds up to 200 SPM. The 1,500-kN press is compatible with existing tools but reaches its full potential using high-speed tools developed especially for the press, the company reports. Without a gearbox, the drive...

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Software enables definition, optimization of hemming operation

November 10, 2015

AutoForm Eng. GmbH offers AutoForm-HemPlannerplus software, fully integrated in the AutoFormplus R6 version. The software enables users to define and optimize the hemming operation. In combination with AutoForm-Solverplus, this software offers efficient planning of hemming processes to meet...

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Electrostatic lubrication system handles sheet metal, coil stock

November 2, 2015

Coldwater Machine Co. has introduced the StaticLube™ electrostatic lubrication system. Available for both sheet metal and coil stock, the system decreases lubricant consumption for metal stampers and fabricators by up to 95 percent as compared to other systems, says the company. It delivers 100...

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Laser-based loop control maintains continuous material payout

October 20, 2015

Coil Control’s new Laser Material Loop Control provides noncontact control of continuous material payout for the metal stamping industry. Laser-based loop control can operate in any lighting condition and almost any production environment, remaining unaffected by high-pitched noise from...

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Brochure highlights coil processing machine manufacturer’s services

October 15, 2015

Coe Press Equipment has announced the availability of a six-page brochure highlighting its services. The brochure provides information on Coe-Assurance “On-Demand” capability, the COE-Certified preventive maintenance program, the company’s 24/7/365 technical support, parts inventory, and...

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Synthetic lubricant made for stamping automotive components

October 13, 2015

Tower Oil offers Klenedraw W-4701, a nonstaining, oil-free, full-synthetic lubricant for use in punching, forming, drawing, and deep-drawing of automotive components. The lubricant has received Japanese automotive approval for its performance in metal stamping operations. According to the...

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Hot-stamping line produces up to 4 million parts per year

September 1, 2015

Schuler has introduced PCHflex technology, a further development of the pressure-controlled hardening process. In the press-hardening method, parts are heated to 1,700 degrees F and then simultaneously cooled and hardened in the subsequent forming process to give them high rigidity. PCHflex...

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Pneumatic counterbalance integrates with existing press controls

August 26, 2015

ROSS CONTROLS® has introduced a 1.25-in. automatic pneumatic counterbalance for large mechanical stamping presses. The system can be integrated with existing press controls to set and maintain the correct pressure for each die set. It meets ANSI B11.1 requirements and is available in a variety of...

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Robot model handles hot forming processes

July 21, 2015

Schuler has unveiled two new models of its Crossbar Robot 4.0 for the automation of mechanical and hydraulic press lines and for retrofitting of existing lines. The 4.0 S is equipped with an additional shift axis that enables it to use the Crossbar feeder tooling, which in turn is used for...

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Antirust machine applies protective oil to pipes, profiles

June 30, 2015

Kent Corp. offers DieTronic antirust machinery for the tube and pipe and stamping industries. The LCP antirust machine enables inline application of protective oil onto the surface of pipes and profiles. Oil is applied proportionally to mill speed by the encoder feedback circuit, which measures...

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Software’s functionalities expand digital process chain

June 26, 2015

AutoForm Eng. GmbH has introduced AutoFormplus R6 sheet metal forming software. This release offers a new set of functionalities to support users along the digital sheet metal process chain. New options are included for draw bead modeling, blank definition, enhanced springback compensation,...

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Deep-draw sheet hydroforming press handles up to 20-in.-dia. blanks

June 18, 2015

Beckwood has expanded its Triform product line with the addition of a 10,000-PSI deep-draw sheet hydroforming press, featuring a 20-in.-dia. maximum blank size, 10-in. draw depth capacity, and an integrated tool change system for fast changeover. The model 20-10-10BD offers cycle times less than...

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Software offers free-form approach to creating, morphing addendum geometry

June 15, 2015

Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI) has released FormingSuite Sculptured Die Face to address the needs of cost estimation, process planning, and metal forming simulation. It offers a free-form approach to creating and morphing addendum geometry, resulting in a fast, flexible, and visual approach to die...

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Mechanical presses offer three slide motions

May 26, 2015

Ingyu Precision Industries Co. Ltd. has introduced Saga single-point, multislide-motion stamping presses in capacities from 45 to 300 tons. They are designed to meet requirements for running close-tolerance dies. Vertical accuracy is within 0.01 mm. The drive technology offers low power...

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Destacker designed for automotive industry

April 21, 2015

AP&T offers the DST-DH Destacker DoubleHead, which delivers the rapid production speeds required in the automotive industry. The destacker can work twice as quickly as a conventional destacker, says the company, and is intended for use with blanks for large vehicle parts (A-Class) such as doors,...

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