Laser Welding Products

Its small spot size and extremely high energy density make laser welding ideal for many welding applications. Learn about the capabilities and limitations of the process in this technology area.

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Laser processing cell can weld, cut, mark almost any part -

Laser processing cell can weld, cut, mark almost any part

October 17, 2012

Wayne Trail has introduced the Flex Lase Pro. The high-speed, three-axis, scanner-based laser processing cell is equipped with an IPG 2-kW, single-mode fiber laser and a Cambridge Technologies 3-D, high-speed scanner head. Typical spot size at midrange field of view is about 20 microns. With a...

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Free app simplifies working with technical gases

July 16, 2012

Witt offers iGASES, a new app for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices that answers questions about technical gases. The new app serves as a reference work for all current technical gases, including important physical-chemical characteristics such as density, steam pressure, ignition range,...

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Large-format laser system features small footprint -

Large-format laser system features small footprint

June 28, 2012

Prima Power Laserdyne offers the model 430 precision laser system. It combines high precision and large-format workholding capabilities for industrial laser welding and cutting. The company will show the system at IMTS 2012 with a rack-mounted fiber laser with more than 1,400 W of peak power...

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Aftermarket cavity, beam delivery mirrors available -

Aftermarket cavity, beam delivery mirrors available

January 17, 2011

A new series of aftermarket, OEM-quality cavity and beam delivery mirrors for TRUMPF® lasers is offered by Laser Research Optics. The optics feature plane-parallel configurations and include zero-phase, phase-lock, and rear mirrors; output couplers; and phase retarders in 1.5- to 2.7-in....

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Diode laser delivery systems designed for relatively larger numerical apertures, fiber diameters

September 7, 2010

Laser Mechanisms has introduced a line of diode laser beam delivery systems with output wavelengths from about 800 to 980 nm. The units are designed for the relatively larger numerical apertures and fiber diameters of direct-diode systems. Units with SMA-905, QBH, LLK-B (Q5), and other fiber...

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Pulsed Nd:YAG lasers have pulse-to-pulse stability down to ±0.5 percent

July 7, 2010

JK Lasers has released two new pulsed Nd:YAG lasers. Designed for industrial processing, the lasers provide high peak powers and beam quality for welding and fine-cutting applications. The JK80PS...

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Air dryer for laser purge helps protect system's mirrors

December 15, 2009

Parker Hannifin has introduced a line of Balston— air dryers for purging of industrial laser plenums, which protect the laser system's mirrors from dirt and moisture.The dryers use membrane...

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Cleaning kit helps extend laser optics life

November 10, 2009

The LRO CO2 laser optics cleaning kit is available from Laser Research Optics. It includes 24 surgical-grade cotton balls, 24 cotton swabs, 24 surgical-grade finger cots, 24 lens mats, distilled...

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Laser beam analysis system designed for enhanced data baseline accuracy

March 10, 2009

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced the BeamGage™ laser beam analysis system. It is based on UltraCal™, the company's patented baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3...

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Weld tracking laser camera developed for same material thickness butt welding

February 10, 2009

The Quanta from Servo-Robot is a high-resolution laser camera for butt welding applications, including same material thickness. It is designed for welding processes such as laser, GTAW, and plasma...

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Laser cutting system includes a CV5000 resonator

February 10, 2009

Prima North America Inc. offers the Optimo five-axis, 3-D laser cutting system. It includes a CV5000 laser resonator, which the company says helps the system achieve high cutting speeds, process thick...

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Laser welding system introduced

August 12, 2008

LaserStar Technologies Corp. has introduced its iWeld® advanced laser system. The system has a footprint 19 in. wide by 24.5 in. long and fits into any work environment, the company reports. It...

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Universal laser processing cell ships as complete module

December 11, 2007

The Flex Lase universal laser processing cell from Wayne Trail Technologies includes fiber laser technology, robot-based process articulation, and various fixture and tooling options. Fully automatic...

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Modular laser workcell designed for component repair, surface restoration

August 7, 2007

Alabama Laser's TetraPORT modular workcell offers configuration capability for specific laser applications, such as metal deposition, welding, cutting, hardening, and engraving.The metal deposition...

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Laser mirrors, reflectors available for high-, low-power lasers

July 10, 2007

Laser Research Optics offers CO2 mirrors and reflectors for high-power and low-power lasers used in etching, engraving, cutting, drilling, and welding applications.The mirrors are available for...

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