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Shop management encompasses everything from strategic planning to the nuts and bolts of statistical process control. Whether you're an executive, manager, or supervisor, you'll find articles about overcoming challenges and struggles just like yours.

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Misting, oscillating fan cools like 11 tons of air conditioning

May 1, 2012

Big Ass Fans offers the Yellow Jacket fan with a high-pressure misting system and oscillator. These improvements, together with the fan's established airflow, produce a cooling effect equivalent to 11 tons of air conditioning, the company states. Several accessories and mounting options are...

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Nesting software, controller updated

April 26, 2012

Jetcam Intl. s.a.r.l has announced the simultaneous launch of updates to its two flagship products: Jetcam Expert CAD/CAM and nesting software for sheet metal and composite users, and the Premium version of Jetcam Order Controller (JOC), which provides remote ordering, geometry creation, and...

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Telescopic-mast articulating crane replaces nuclear rods

April 19, 2012

Air Technical Industries has manufactured a telescopic-mast articulating crane, constructed mostly from aluminum, to be used by a nuclear power plant in California for replacing fuel rods in combustion engineering reactors. The modular crane's mast can raise up to 57 ft. through hydraulically...

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Antispatter compound protects surfaces from welding spatter buildup

April 16, 2012

Pico Chemical Corp. has introduced Pico Weld Kote HD, an environmentally friendly, water-based antispatter compound that protects metallic work surfaces, welding gun nozzles, tips, jigs, and fixtures from hot welding spatter buildup. The oil-free concentrate is applied by spray, brush, swab, or...

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Interface allows unfolding, import of CAD files from within nesting software

April 11, 2012

Jetcam Intl. s.a.r.l has introduced new CAD interfaces to AutoPOL for Windows® and AutoPOL G2 3-D CAD and unfolding software packages. The interface allows users to unfold and import CAD files from within Jetcam Expert nesting software, providing a seamless work flow from 3-D CAD to bending,...

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Manual clamps designed for extreme applications

April 11, 2012

DE-STA-CO offers the 5000 series HD clamps for the welding, automotive, agriculture, and transportation industries. This heavy-duty, manual toggle clamps feature rugged construction. Their pivot points comprise hardened pins inside durable steel bushings; the pins do not rotate in the joint. The...

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Job shop software integrates with accounting system

April 10, 2012

Exact's JobBOSS Starter Edition software for small job shop now integrates seamlessly with the Intuit QuickBooks accounting system. The software package is designed to help smaller job shops create quick or highly detailed customer quotes; track labor, outside service, and material cost; and...

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Mirrors designed for high-power lasers -

Mirrors designed for high-power lasers

April 9, 2012

Laser Research Optics has introduced a new line of OFHC copper mirrors offered with or without water cooling for use in high-power, multikilowatt CO2 laser systems. The mirrors are offered in polished, uncoated versions or with plasma gold coatings. They provide more than 99.6 percent...

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Ultrasonic wire splicer creates bond without filler metals -

Ultrasonic wire splicer creates bond without filler metals

April 9, 2012

Sonobond offers the Dual Head SpliceRite™ ultrasonic wire splicer. It creates solid-state metallurgical bonds with high conductivity without the need for filler materials. No clipping, soldering, crimping, or dipping is required. The process does not produce arcs, sparks, or fumes and does...

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Orbital stretch wrapper secures oversized loads

April 3, 2012

Yellow Jacket offers the 87M orbital stretch wrap machine, suitable for securing oversized, oddly shaped, palletized loads while the pallet remains on the forklift. The horizontally positioned stretch wrap dispenser moves around and under a load as the machine is advanced manually across the length...

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Welding gas cylinder shotblaster redesigned -

Welding gas cylinder shotblaster redesigned

April 2, 2012

Viking Blast & Wash Systems has announced the release of its redesigned GC 111 welding gas cylinder shotblaster. The unit incorporates a pneumatic safety latch on the door, as well as redundant manual door latches for maintenance. A new blast wheel blade option and different horsepower...

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Portable dust collector captures contaminants at the source -

Portable dust collector captures contaminants at the source

March 26, 2012

The PCH series of portable dust collection systems from Airflow Systems Inc. provides source-point collection of airborne contaminants, preventing them from migrating throughout the facility to settle on equipment and fixtures, contaminate product, or present physical hazards to personnel. The...

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Six-blade fans designed to use less power

March 22, 2012

MacroAir offers six-blade HVLS fans. The patented 6ixBlade technology uses a NASA-engineered wing design and blade-angle pattern for increased efficiency and reliability, the company reports. The fans create the same air movement as 10 blades, but with 40 percent less power and less torque,...

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Maintenance products made of recycled, sustainable raw materials -

Maintenance products made of recycled, sustainable raw materials

March 19, 2012

Weiler Corp.'s Green Works™ maintenance products are made from recycled or sustainable raw materials and manufactured in a LEED®-approved facility. Products include floor sweeps, street brooms, the duo sweep with two handle holes (one straight and one angled), counter dusters, scrub...

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Energy-industry software predicts, prioritizes equipment failure

March 8, 2012

GE has introduced Proficy® SmartSignal® Shield 4.0 software for the oil and gas and power industries. It is designed to provide early detection of problems in large equipment to prevent surprise equipment failure. It also offers diagnostic guidance and prioritized actionable intelligence. The...

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