Assembly and Joining

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Coldwater Machine named exclusive distributor for Avant Garde Technology

October 21, 2015

Coldwater Machine Co., a manufacturer of specialized equipment and solid-state welding/joining systems in Coldwater, Ohio, has established a business agreement with Avant Garde Technology, Lake Mary, Fla., providing Coldwater exclusive sales representation and turnkey manufacturing rights to Avant...

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Self-clinching threaded fasteners designed for close-to-edge placement

October 5, 2015

PennEngineering® offers variations of PEM® self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs designed to allow for close-to-edge placement in thin metal assemblies without compromising the host sheet or fastener. Their engineering reduces the standard minimum distance for hole-centerline-to-edge required...

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Blind rivet nut installation tool offered

September 22, 2015

Stanley Engineered Fastening offers the POP® Avdel® ProSert™ XTN20 blind rivet nut installation tool. Its lightweight design includes a patented, quick-installation mandrel exchange system and “pull-to-force/pull-to-stroke” dual-operating technology. These features allow operators to...

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Self-clinching blind nuts protect nut threads, internal components

August 25, 2015

PEM® self-clinching blind nuts from PennEngineering® permanently install into thin metal sheets to provide reliable and reusable metal threads for accepting mating screws and completing final component attachment in an assembly. Their blind, closed-end design creates a barrier to protect the...

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Structural acrylic adhesives simplify production of large assemblies

August 13, 2015

3M™ offers Scotch-Weld™ acrylic adhesive DP8425NS and low-odor acrylic adhesive DP8825NS. The products reach handling strength in 45 min. and structural strength (1,000 PSI) in 50 min. According to the manufacturer, the adhesives help simplify the production of large assemblies because...

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Clark Metal adds spot welding machine

August 12, 2015

Clark Metal has added an Amada ID40IV ST inverter-controlled spot welding machine to its facility in Blairsville, Pa. The machine delivers stable DC output to produce finished products that require little to no postprocessing. The unit will help the company handle increased work in stainless...

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Fastening system mounts to rigid materials

August 10, 2015

The new PEM® VariMount™ fastening system (Type VM) from PennEngineering® uses self-clinching technology paired with a round steel or stainless steel base plate to offer a clean, ready-made assembly for mounting into any rigid material or panel. Multiple radial holes in the base plate and a...

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Custom metal fabricator grows beyond sheet metal

August 4, 2015 | By Tim Heston

Nu-Way Industries, a fabricator near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, launched a new touchscreen display business, combining expertise in metal fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management.

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Structural acrylic adhesives offer extended process window, fast cure time

July 29, 2015

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ acrylic adhesive DP8425NS and 3M Scotch-Weld low-odor acrylic adhesive DP8825NS offer fast cure times and extend process work time up to 25 min. The kinetics of the reaction accelerate the cure, reaching handling strength in 45 min. and structural strength (1,000 PSI) in 50...

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Fasteners create strong right-angle attachment points

June 30, 2015

PennEngineering® offers patented PEM® R’ANGLE® fasteners for thin metal assemblies. They create strong right-angle attachment points to enable tighter design control and reduced hardware counts. The fasteners can serve as alternatives to conventional bent edge tabs, bent center tabs, bent...

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Resistance welding system provides process control, monitoring, quality analysis

June 25, 2015

Amada Miyachi America Inc. has announced the availability of the AWS3 Active Welding System 3, an integrated resistance spot welding system that provides process control, monitoring, and quality analysis. Available in basic and advanced versions with built-in remote services capabilities, the unit...

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Automatic strip end welding machine introduced

June 24, 2015

Straus-Artys Corp. has introduced a strip end welding machine with automatic strip cutting, strip positioning, and welding. The machine control enables parameter setting of starting, main, and end current flows. The integrated formula management allows fast repetitive welding of different kinds of...

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Rivet guns offered

June 24, 2015

S-B Industries offers pneumatic-hydraulic riveters. The BZ103A sets up to 0.1875-in. rivets in all materials. The BZ123A sets up to 0.25-in. structural rivets in all materials. Each riveter has a built-in vacuum system that carries the spent rivet mandrel back to an oversized collection tank....

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Negative pressure yields positive results in resistance welding

June 23, 2015 | By Tim Heston

A system helps resistance welding lines save water as tip changeouts become more frequent. The technology uses negative pressure, similar to placing your thumb on top of a straw and lifting it out of a glass of water.

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Evana Automation ships lean assembly cells to automotive electronics manufacturer

June 17, 2015

Evansville, Ind.-based Evana Automation Specialists, a systems integrator and builder of custom automated assembly and test systems, has shipped two lean assembly cells with subassembly stations to an automotive electronics manufacturer. During this process, an operator prints and applies a...

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