Plasma Cutting

Alone or assisted with water, plasma has proven itself to be one of the most efficient cutting processes for sheet, plate, tube, pipe, and profiles. Search this technology area for information on equipment, cutting tips, and gases.

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Biodegradable water-table fluid prevents corrosion, bacteria growth

December 22, 2014

LubeCorp.’s GreenCut plasma arc water-table fluid, used as a treatment for water tables in CNC plasma arc cutting systems, now is available from Rhino Cutting Systems. The biodegradable treatment prevents corrosion, bacteria growth, foaming, and hot-spotting. It is thermally stable at plasma...

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Improved plasma cutting of stainless steel

December 17, 2014 | By Jesse Tyler, Jon Peters, Steve Liebold

New equipment technology and better understanding of gas selection make it possible to cut stainless steel productively using the plasma cutting process.

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MultiCam marks 25th anniversary

December 9, 2014

MultiCam Inc., Dallas, a manufacturer of CNC cutting systems, marks its 25th year in business in 2014. The firm was founded as Machine Automation Technology by Ken Koelling, who began building complete, customized CNC systems. Today the company offers CNC router, laser, plasma, waterjet, and...

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Short torch designed for use in 3-D plasma cutting

November 20, 2014

Hypertherm has introduced a modified HyPerformance® HPRXD® torch developed in cooperation with HGG Profiling Equipment B.V. Coupling of HGG’s pipe, box, beam, and profile cutting equipment with Hypertherm’s line of torches required a joint development effort to create a shorter,...

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Hypertherm announces management team changes

November 12, 2014

Hypertherm, a Hanover, N.H.-based manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, has realigned responsibilities in its management team. With the planned year-end departure of Carey Chen, current vice president and general manager light industrial businesses, and CIO, to become...

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Plasma/fiber laser combination machine achieves 3,000-IPM traverse speed

November 7, 2014

The MetalMaster Xcel from Messer Cutting Systems features high acceleration drives and traversing speeds of 3,000 IPM. Multiple tools can be added, including plasma beveling, oxyfuel, combination plasma/fiber laser cutting, drilling, and marking coupled with OmniWin software. Using the...

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Machitech Automation, EZ Cut CNC announce partnership

November 6, 2014

St. Louis-based EZ Cut CNC and Quebec-based Machitech Automation, both suppliers of plasma cutting systems, have announced a business partnership that allows both companies to expand into new markets. Machitech now has access to expanded infrastructure and EZ Cut CNC’s U.S. product line. EZ...

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Compact, automated cutting machine includes two oxyfuel torches, one plasma station

October 8, 2014

ESAB Cutting Systems has introduced SGX, a compact, automated cutting machine for plasma and oxyfuel cutting. Designed for small fabricators and manufacturers, the machine carries up to three tool stations, including up to two oxyfuel torches and one plasma station that can be equipped with the...

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Hypertherm introduces on-site training programs for plasma products

September 18, 2014

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems in Hanover, N.H., has announced two new training programs for customers who use its Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions plasma products. These products include HyPerformance plasma, EDGE Pro or MicroEDGE Pro CNC,...

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Manual plasma cutting/gouging system removes up to 25 lbs. of carbon steel per hour

September 15, 2014

Victor® Thermal Dynamics® has launched an improved PAK 200i manual plasma cutting and gouging system. It delivers 100 percent duty cycle at 200 amps, is capable of hand cutting up to 2.75 in. on mild steel and 10 IPM on 2-in. carbon steel, and removes up to 25 lbs. of carbon steel per hour....

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ESAB Cutting Systems launches redesigned website

September 10, 2014

ESAB Cutting Systems, Florence, S.C., has announced the launch of its redesigned website for North America. The new site at offers extensive information about the company’s cutting products and processes, as well as expanded resources in an easy-to-navigate format. The...

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Hypertherm selects new CEO and VP of corporate social responsibility

September 4, 2014

Hanover, N.H.-based Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, has announced succession plans for the positions of CEO and vice president, corporate social responsibility. As of Jan. 1, 2015, current President Evan Smith will assume the role of CEO from founder...

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Plasma torches keep consumables cool

August 26, 2014

American Torch Tip (ATTC®) launches the new PHDx series of torches for automated plasma cutting systems up to 260 amps. The torch is designed to keep consumables cooler through improved heat dissipation. Cooler-running consumables last longer, reducing the number of changeouts needed and...

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Hypertherm names market manager for Mexico operations

August 22, 2014

Hanover, N.H.-based Hypertherm, a manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, has named Takeshi Yamamoto as market manager for its operations in Mexico. He also is responsible for leading the expansion of the company’s waterjet and integrated cutting systems business within...

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Plasma bevel machine offers 24/7 operation

August 8, 2014

Messer Cutting Systems is introducing the MPC2000 CNC cutting machine at FABTECH. The heavy-duty plasma bevel machine offers oxyfuel, drilling, and marking with superior cut quality, high accuracy, and repeatability, according to the manufacturer. The large gantry has enhanced linear ways and...

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