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Fabricator goes 3-D -

Fabricator goes 3-D

January 10, 2011 | By Tim Heston

Fabricator uses both laser cutting and milling to manufacturer components quickly and to precision tolerances. Profiles are cut with a laser, and the mill machines specific elements with tight tolerance requirements.

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Fabricator growth strategy: Lower cost brings greater profit -

Fabricator growth strategy: Lower cost brings greater profit

December 2, 2010 | By Tim Heston

Hi-Tech Industries of New York invests heavily in automation, including a new laser cutting center and robotic press brake--large investments unusual for a typical job shop. But this is no typical job shop.

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Forming new possibilities with laser blanking -

Forming new possibilities with laser blanking

September 16, 2010 | By Tim Heston

If high-speed fiber lasers replace the traditional mechanical blanking press, they would open up new possibilities of blank designs optimized for the forming processes downstream.

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Analyzing the potential of the solid-state laser - TheFabricator

Analyzing the potential of the solid-state laser

July 1, 2010 | By Tim Heston

Fiber lasers have enormous potential in metal fabrication. They aren't a panacea, but for certain applications, they may be extremely attractive. They're solid-state, require less maintenance, and often can cut twice as fast as their CO2 counterparts.

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Upgrading your laser cutting equipment -

Upgrading your laser cutting equipment

March 1, 2010 | By Robert Kloczkowski

Upgrading the laser resonator or undertaking full laser cutting renovation represents an alternative to the expensive proposition of purchasing a new laser cutting machine.

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blended gas system

Blended laser-assist gases: Recipe for successful materials processing

February 23, 2010 | By David Bell

Now processing a greater variety of materials with their lasers, fabricators are exploring new assist gas blends of up to four gases. What's the best way to blend and deliver these gases? For some, on-site blending systems can help optimize cost savings and improve quality.

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focal position laser cutting

The importance of focal positions in laser cutting

January 8, 2010 | By Frank J. Arteaga

If the proper laser beam focal position and projection shapes are maintained within the material to be processed, the balance of the requirements necessary to producing a consistent, high-quality laser-cut are kept to a minimum. That's why it's important for laser cutting equipment operators to know the rules of laser beam focusing.

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laser blanking flexible stacker

Say goodbye to hard tooling

November 2, 2009 | By Charles Caristan, Jay Finn

The high-powered fiber laser now can take on the work of the blanking press.

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perforated products

Perfecting processing for perforated products

September 6, 2009 | By Eric Lundin

Beverlin Manufacturing Inc., a tube producer and component fabricator, struggled with various cutting processes. Its produces and fabricates perforated tube which, because of the perforations, complicates the cutting process. After using two sawing methods, it changed to laser cutting.

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Saying 'yes' when others can't

August 1, 2009 | By Tim Heston

IMEC, a small job shop in southwest Missouri, invests in automation not necessarily to increase capacity, but to increase flexibility.

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laser gas delivery system

The hidden costs of laser cutting gases

July 6, 2009 | By John Gabris

Gases for laser operations can be a significant factor in keeping costs down.

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matrix metalcraft laser cutting

Nontraditional fabricator chasing nontraditional markets

July 2, 2009 | By Dan Davis

Matrix Metalcraft, Clinton Township, Mich.,has done plenty of prototype and production work for the automotive industry in the past, but with the downturn in the industry, it is targeting industries aligned with alternative power generation for new business. In doing so, it has found out that its laser cutting capabilities will serve those efforts well.

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Diagram of typical air supply system

Purging the plenum for better laser cutting

June 23, 2009 | By David J. Connaughton

Typically, compressed air or nitrogen circulates in the plenum to ensure that water, dirt, dust, smoke, haze, and solid particulate matter are absent so that the mirrors in a laser resonator do not become cloudy. In recent years, membrane air dryer systems that provide drying and removal of particulate matter have been developed for flushing the beam path.

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S100 with Tiller Attachment

Bobcat pounces on cost-saving opportunities

February 12, 2009 | By Michael Bishop

Bobcat determined that the nesting software on its laser cutting systems didn't maximize the capabilities of the machines. After the company decided to purchase new nesting software, programmers outlined what capabilities they wanted. The company purchased ProNest® from MTC Software, Lockport, N.Y. The company has gained positive returns from the new software, which enables more control of process specifications.

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Manufacturing Transportation Equipment

New dimension, familiar direction

February 10, 2009 | By Michael Bishop

H.W. Metals offers punching, shearing, arc welding, machining, oxyfuel cutting, and standard and high-definition plasma cutting. The company found that there was more and more work it couldn't do for its customers because some jobs required laser-cut parts. The company decided to purchase a laser to expand capabilities in its current markets by offering an alternative to plasma cutting. In October, the company installed a Prima Maximo laser cutting system, which will allow the company to provide more capabilities to existing customers.

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