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Compact robot suited for limited-space applications

February 11, 2015

Comau has introduced the Racer 999 6-axis, articulated robot. With a reach of just less than 1 m (999 mm), the robot is suitable for applications in a limited space, including assembly, handling, machine tooling, and packaging. Designed for a payload of about 15 lbs., the robot can carry up to...

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Robotic tool changer handles payloads to 600 lbs.

February 5, 2015

The new QC-160 robotic tool changer from ATI Industrial Automation has a high moment capacity in a lightweight, compact design. It uses the same locking mechanism as the company’s QC-200 series. The tool changer features internal lock/unlock sensing and five 3/8-NPT and four ½-NPT...

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Product protects cables in robotic workcells

January 14, 2015

Developed for robotic workcells, Base-RAP® from Güdel manages and protects cables between the energy chain of TrackMotion® floor and overhead modules and the base of the robot. Key components include protective cable conduit, brackets, and quick-access mounting clips. Conduits featuring...

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Robotic welding system configurable with most tank designs

December 26, 2014

The Lincoln Electric Co. has introduced the RoboTank™ robotic tank welding system for fabricators producing tanks and vessels for the energy, automotive, and heavy equipment industries. The system can be used to fabricate most tank designs and includes tooling used to present the weld joints...

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Welding trainer designed for robot programmers

December 22, 2014

Virtual Welding Robotics by Fronius is available to instructors to assist the training of robot programmers. With this simulation platform, trainees in robotic welding can get close to the action without the limitations imposed by safety devices or missing welding equipment. The system shows...

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Robotic welding cells serve as entry point to automated welding

December 11, 2014

The Lincoln Electric Co. has introduced Auto-Mate™ pre-engineered robotic welding cells, designed for first-time buyers of welding automation. Delivered in two to four weeks, the systems serve as an entry point for new buyers to implement automated welding. The Auto-Mate 5 is a single-zone...

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GTAW process integrated with robotic system

December 11, 2014

The TIP-TIG process from ABB offers improved coping with joint fit-up gaps, higher travel speeds, and lower heat input requirements when compared to traditional GTAW, according to the manufacturer. Integrated with a robotic system for the first time, the process is installed at the ABB lab in a...

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Flexible electric gripper designed for universal robots

November 27, 2014

Robotiq has released a new version of its 2-Finger 85 Adaptive Gripper, with nearly twice the strength and speed as the previous version. The gripper is compatible with universal industrial robots with payloads between 11 and 22 lbs. The unit handles a variety of part shapes with its different...

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Robotic cells designed for first-time buyers of welding automation

November 26, 2014

The Lincoln Electric Co. offers Auto-Mate™ pre-engineered robotic welding cells for new buyers of welding automation. Two cells are available. The Auto-Mate 5 is a single-zone cell suitable for welding medium-sized to larger parts. The Auto-Mate 10 is a two-zone cell, but with the same...

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Camera provides images of welding, laser processes

November 21, 2014

Xiris Automation has released the Xiris XVC-1000 weld camera for capturing welding and laser process images. The system includes a 140+ dB high dynamic range capability with power over Ethernet. Features include a suite of welding-specific imaging software tools, image triggering, general-purpose...

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Arc welding robot delivers extra-long reach

November 19, 2014

The new Motoman® MA3120 arc welding robot features an extra-long reach arm that reduces the need for tracks. Available in floor-, wall-, and ceiling-mounted configurations and suitable for multiple robot layouts, the robot has twice the payload of the previous MA3100 model. The robot has a...

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Payload increased on arc welding robot

November 18, 2014

Yaskawa Motoman’s new 6-axis MA2010 arc welding robot features a 22-lb. payload, up from 6.6 lbs. on the previous MA1900 model, as well as a 23 percent larger wrist hole for utilities and a 6 percent longer reach. The robot, introduced with the DX200 controller, features a new contoured arm...

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Lightweight end effector tooling includes transfer press components, expanded clamp sizes

November 11, 2014

De-Sta-Co has expanded its Accelerate® collection of lightweight end effector tooling. The company has added more than 150 parts to the collection, including new transfer press components, expanded clamp sizes, and additional mounting options. Different pieces of the collection can be used to...

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Welding lathe features open naming convention for part welding parameter storage

November 10, 2014

Mavrix Welding Automation Inc. has launched a new line of horizontal and vertical welding lathes featuring PLC-based controls. The straightforward terminology of the PLC helps reduce the learning curve so that operators are ready to weld in minutes. With adaptive spindle speed compensation,...

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Gantry robots scalable to meet any application footprint

November 3, 2014

Macron Dynamics Inc. has added two new products to its T-Bot and H-Bot gantry robot product lines: the TBG-12 and the HBG-12. The small, lightweight products are designed for difficult jobs and scalable to meet any application footprint. The gantry robot lines comprise four pick-and-place linear...

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