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The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to welding processes. This technology area has information on consumables, including cutting tips, electrodes and wire, spatter prevention compounds, temporary purge dams, and welding torch components.

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Metal-cored wires provide strength after extensive stress-relief hold time

October 29, 2014

Hobart has introduced two new metal-cored wires formulated to maintain strength after extensive stress-relief hold time when welding 4130 and 4140 steels. The Hobart® FabCOR® 4130 SR is a gas-shielded metal-cored wire for semiautomatic welding, and the Hobart SubCOR® 4130 SR is a metal-cored SAW...

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Low manganese emission welding wire enhances worker safety

October 28, 2014

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced Coreweld C6 LF, a new low-manganese-emission, high-efficiency, metal-cored welding wire developed in response to new EPA regulations and guidelines from American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) for manganese exposure limits....

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Gas cutting tips available with copper finish

October 22, 2014

ESAB’s Global Center of Excellence for Gas Apparatus has introduced a new copper finish for its OXWELD® series of acetylene, alternate fuel, specialty cutting, and steel industry product tips in its gas apparatus product line. The company no longer chrome-plates its cutting tips, as the process...

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Electrode welds plates with surface contaminants

October 15, 2014

Select-Arc Inc. has introduced Select 70CRP, a flux-cored carbon steel electrode designed for the welding of structural plate with surface contaminants, such as rust and weldable primers. It welds on these surfaces with minimal porosity and blowholes, delivering smooth arc characteristics, minimal...

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Metal-cored electrode engineered for low-temperature stress relief

September 19, 2014

Select-SAI Inc. has introduced Select 70C-6 SR, an E70C-6MJ-H4 gas-shielded, metal-cored electrode designed for low-temperature service requirements. The wire provides excellent weldability with a low slag, resulting in a smooth arc transfer with outstanding arc stability, the manufacturer says....

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Welding torches feature close-to-process wire feeding

September 5, 2014

SKS Welding Systems offers the Frontpull 8 family of welding torches. They feature close-to-process wire feeding, with the drive unit directly in front of the torch neck. The torches are suitable for all standard arc welding and soldering processes, including spatter and heat-reduced welding...

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GTAW torch welds in hard-to-reach places

September 2, 2014

The CK Flex-Loc GTAW torch from CK Worldwide Inc. is suitable for welding in hard-to-reach places. It uses a 360-degree rotating head that locks in any position, allowing the user to position the head at any angle. Interchangeable heads allow simplified changeout of different head and tungsten...

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Semiautomatic GMAW gun, consumable catalog released

August 14, 2014

Bernard has released a new full-color catalog to assist in determining the right semiautomatic GMAW guns and consumables for an application. The catalog includes comparative charts and reference tables. To order a copy of the catalog, please use the online request form at...

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Collet’s angled cut allows firm hold on tungsten

August 5, 2014

CK Worldwide Inc. offers the Wedge Collet as an alternative to standard collets. According to the company, the collet has a precision angled cut that gives it a wedge action for a firm hold on the tungsten. The tungsten is in direct contact with the collet body, creating less resistance heating....

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Multiflame tip provides even heat distribution for brazing copper tubes

August 5, 2014

Uniweld’s patented MTF-5 Cap’n Hook® multiflame tip is designed to provide even heat distribution for brazing copper tubes in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. The tip offers concentrated heat (up to 5,600 degrees F). The 40-degree flame angle flows onto copper tubing and away from...

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SMAW electrode resists moisture in humid conditions

July 30, 2014

Lincoln Electric has introduced Millennium Arc™ 7018, a new mild-steel, low-hydrogen SMAW electrode that resists moisture in humid conditions. According to the company, the electrode offers 50 percent less moisture pickup than competing SMAW consumables. The electrode is designed for such...

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Nickel-based GMAW/GTAW wire resists oxidation

July 16, 2014

Lincoln Electric has introduced Techalloy® X, a new nickel-based GMAW and GTAW wire that resists oxidation and provides high-temperature strength. The welding wire is suitable for petrochemical applications, providing enhanced stress corrosion cracking, and for aerospace applications that are...

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Boot design encapsulates electrical connection between weld torch, cable

July 14, 2014

Victor Technologies™ has introduced a new boot design on its Victor® Arcair® Angle-Arc series of torch and cable assemblies that encapsulates the electrical connection between the torch and weld cable and eliminates the chance of accidental arcing. The patent-pending, two-piece boot design is...

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Fume extraction gun made to be lightweight

July 10, 2014

Bernard has redesigned its Clean Air™ fume extraction gun to be lighter and smaller than many standard fume extraction guns. With nearly the same dimensions as the company’s regular semiautomatic GMAW gun, it is suitable for almost any medium- to heavy-duty solid or flux-cored welding...

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Seamless wires resist moisture pickup

June 30, 2014

Hobart Brothers Co. has introduced new seamless flux-cored and metal-cored wires designed to offer extreme resistance to moisture pickup and minimize cracking. The new Hobart® MEGAFIL® wires also have less than 4 ml of diffusible hydrogen per 100 g of weldment, which further mitigates cracking...

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