Waterjet Cutting Products

The waterjet cutting technology area has information on the machines and processes, but it doesn't stop there. It also covers abrasives, hoses, nozzles, and pumps.

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Waterjet cutting system pump rated at 94,000 PSI

August 30, 2010

Flow Intl. offers the Mach 4 system, which combines the company's HyperJet® pump and Dynamic Waterjet XD high-precision flat-stock and 3-D cutting technology. The pump, rated at 94,000 PSI, delivers continuous operating pressure at 87,000 PSI. Dynamic Waterjet eliminates stream lag and taper...

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Five-axis waterjet cutting machine introduced

August 17, 2010

Jet Edge Inc. has introduced the Idro line five-axis precision waterjet cutting machine. Capable of cutting almost any material, it is available in three sizes: 5.5 by 6.5 ft. nominal, 5.5 by 13 ft. nominal, and 6.5 by 13 ft. nominal. The machine features the IKC five-axis waterjet cutting head...

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Waterjet intensifier pumps available in sizes from 30 to 200 HP - TheFabricator

Waterjet intensifier pumps available in sizes from 30 to 200 HP

July 12, 2010

Jet Edge Inc. has released a brochure highlighting its precision waterjet intensifier pumps in sizes from 30 to 200 HP. The pumps can produce pressures from 60,000 to 90,000 PSI and flow rates of 0.65...

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System quickly removes spent waterjet abrasive - TheFabricator

System quickly removes spent waterjet abrasive

June 28, 2010

Barton Mines Co. offers the Barton Abrasive Removal Tool (BART), a portable abrasive removal system for the waterjet industry. The system achieves removal rates of more than 2,000 lbs./hour. Powered...

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Five-axis cutting head introduced - TheFabricator

Five-axis cutting head introduced

June 7, 2010

TECHNI Waterjet™ has released the PAC 60™ (Precision Angle Control) five-axis cutting head. The machine is capable of a true angle up to ± 60 degrees with continuous rotation.

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Waterjet pump has redundant intensifier system - TheFabricator

Waterjet pump has redundant intensifier system

June 7, 2010

Jet Edge's iP60-50R waterjet pump has two intensifier systems. If one of the intensifier systems fails or requires service, the second intensifier system can continue operations until the intensifier...

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Waterjet cutting system designed for distortion-free contour cutting - TheFabricator

Waterjet cutting system designed for distortion-free contour cutting

June 1, 2010

Knuth Machine Tools USA offers the Hydro-Jet Eco 0615 S waterjet cutting system. According to the company, the compact system provides distortion-free contour cutting on almost any type of material,...

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Digitizing waterjet allows reverse engineering

February 9, 2010

WARDJet offers a waterjet system with a digitizing capability, allowing reverse engineering of physical parts that have no drawings or electron files. Large parts can be laid on the waterjet table,...

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Pressure valve runs multiple waterjets

January 12, 2010

Jet Edge's patented Dual Pressure Valve® helps increase waterjet cutting productivity by allowing waterjet operators to control water pressure independent of the waterjet pump.With the remotely...

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Integrated diamond cutting head introduced

December 3, 2009

Barton Mines Company, a supplier of waterjet abrasives and waterjet replacement parts, has introduced the TRIDENT2 integrated diamond cutting head.The TRIDENT2 combines all the advantages of an...

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Lower-end waterjet cutting machine features high-end components

November 10, 2009

Flow Intl. Corp. has introduced the Mach 2 series waterjet cutting machines. The line comprises economical machines for those new to waterjet or on a limited budget, the manufacturer states. Featuring...

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Articulated waterjet cutting head allows nozzle tilting of 0 to 60 degrees from vertical position

October 13, 2009

OMAX® has introduced the new A-Jet™ articulated jet cutting head. It cuts accurate beveled edges at angles determined by the machine operator or part program.Controlled by the company's...

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Machine combines wire EDM, waterjet technologies

September 24, 2009

Mitsubishi's MD+CELL combines the MD+PROII wire EDM with a Suprema DX44 waterjet for high speed and precision in one automated unit. The machine is designed to minimize operator intervention and...

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Single-intensifier waterjet pump introduced

September 9, 2009

JetEdge Inc., a manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjets, has introduced the iP60-100S 100 HP, 60,000 PSI (4,100 bar) waterjet pump. The iP60-100S is a single intensifier version of the company's...

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Waterjet system for high-precision machining introduced

August 11, 2009

MC Machinery Systems Inc. has introduced the DX series waterjet machine. Its 700 series CNC delivers advanced programming capabilities for high-precision machining. The unit is controlled on a 15-in.,...

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