Aluminum Welding

The aluminum welding technology area has instructions, tips, and product information geared specifically toward welding this lightweight, versatile material.

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Aluminum Workshop: Achieving T6 designation for 6061

March 14, 2011


Q: Can you tell me the heat treatment steps necessary to produce 6061-T6? I have heard that heat treating it after welding will increase its mechanical properties.A:Let's first describe what is happening when you heat treat 2XXX, 6XXX, or 7XXX alloys. All of these alloys are heat treated by...

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Tackling aluminum GMAW -

Tackling aluminum GMAW

November 22, 2010


The reactive nature of aluminum to the welding arc, which is much more pronounced than that of other base materials, presents many challenges, including excess heat input and burn-through, porosity, poor bead appearance, poor fusion, and cracking. Technology advancements have made tackling these challenges easier by providing a balance of high travel speeds with a narrow, focused arc

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Wire feeder/welding machine designed for GMAW, FCAW on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum

March 23, 2010

Lincoln Electric has updated its POWER MIG® 216 wire feeder/welding machine line with the new 216 model for GMAW and FCAW on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The machine, which provides...

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Push-pull welding guns designed for aluminum fabrication, production welding environments

January 12, 2010

Lincoln Electric has introduced two push-pull welding gun models for aluminum fabrication and production welding environments.The Panther™ semiautomatic, gooseneck-style gun provides smooth wire...

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ESAB adds new manufacturing lines in Ohio plant

November 10, 2009

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products, based in Florence, S.C., has added two new wire drawing lines at its Ashtabula, Ohio, manufacturing facility. These lines produce wire for high-production SAW...

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Lincoln Electric hosts wind tower welding seminars

October 13, 2009

Lincoln Electric recently hosted more than 120 industry professionals interested in learning more about wind tower fabrication for several daylong seminars.Seminar attendees traveled from across the...

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ESAB appoints president – CEO, North America

October 5, 2009

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has announced the appointment of Andrew Masterman as president and chief executive officer of ESAB North America, effective August 17, 2009. Masterman is based in...

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alloy welding aluminum

Welding aluminum

June 30, 2009


The first step in learning about welding aluminum is learning about the various alloys themselves (cast and wrought)—the digits used in the aluminum designation system, the properties of the various alloys, and the considerations in matching a filler metal to a base material.

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alternating current welding

Riding the right wave in aluminum welding

May 19, 2009


Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), or tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, often is thought of as the most difficult welding process to master. Fortunately for welders, several technological advances have occurred, forcing many to rethink their assumptions. Alternating current (AC) GTAW is no longer...

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Aluminum filler metals meet AWS Specification A5.10

May 12, 2009

Hobart Brothers has added two new lines of aluminum solid welding wires and GTAW cut lengths to its McKay® brand of filler metals. The company joined in a strategic relationship with Maxal...

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nereus hybrid remote vehicle

The pressure's on!

April 1, 2009

Massachusetts-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is dedicated to researching the impact that oceans have on the Earth as a whole, and sometimes that means diving to treacherous depths to gather pertinent information. For an excursion at Challenger Deep, a portion of the South Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Marianas Islands, WHOI fabricated a hybrid remotely operated vehicle able to withstand the 15,751 PSI of pressure, allowing scientists to gather valuable data from more than 35,000 feet below sea level.

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Aluminum Workshop: Age before welding in T6

March 24, 2009


Q: In the last Aluminum Workshop, you talked about improving the welded strength of 6061 by welding in the T4 temper and aging after welding. But what happens if we weld in the T6 temper and age after welding? Does the weld get stronger, or does the extra aging cycle overage the T6 base material...

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Arc welding technology to be showcased at FABTECH

September 16, 2008

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. offers a variety of equipment for arc welding that will be on display at the 2008 FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show.The PipePro system, suitable for field and shop...

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AWS conference emphasizes uses of alternative materials, improved processes

June 17, 2008

The American Welding Society (AWS), Miami, Welding in Aircraft and Aerospace Conference will feature aircraft and aerospace industry experts. The two-day event, Sept. 16-17, will explore new products...

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Aluminum welding resource guide available from AWS

May 13, 2008

The American Welding Society (AWS) has published a resource manual entitled

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