Cutting and Weld Prep

A good weld starts with good preparation. This is the place to find information on equipment for beveling, deburring, grinding, and sanding.

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Mechanized plasma cutting: Developments in high-definition technology improve versatility -

Mechanized plasma cutting: Developments in high-definition technology improve versatility

November 8, 2011


The plasma cutting process is best-known for its simplicity and its ability to cut virtually any metal. These qualities plus the productivity it yields have made plasma cutting a universally accepted metal cutting process with a range of capabilities and applications. Engineering achievements throughout the last 10 to 15 years have contributed to the improved performance of he process.

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Portable end prep tool designed to remove simply from tube and not catch on burrs -

Portable end prep tool designed to remove simply from tube and not catch on burrs

April 5, 2011

Esco Tool’s Ground MILLHOG® is a right-angle-drive, air-powered, portable welding end prep tool that features a clamp rib assembly incorporating a captive internal band and smooth clamp ribs. The ID clamping tool removes simply from the tube, does not catch on burrs, and is unaffected...

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Fiber cutting disks allow constant supply of new cutting edges -

Fiber cutting disks allow constant supply of new cutting edges

March 21, 2011

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced Norton NorZon® BlueFire™ F826 fiber disks for use on stainless, superalloys, steel cast iron, and high-pressure applications. They feature a blend of patented zirconia alumina and ceramic alumina abrasive with a microfracturing capability that...

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Thermadyne names national accounts manager -

Thermadyne names national accounts manager

January 17, 2011

Thermadyne® Industries Inc., a global manufacturer and marketer of metal cutting and welding products in St. Louis, has announced the appointment of Matthew Proffit as national accounts manager. In this position, Proffit is responsible for the strategic management of existing customer...

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Eliminating slag time in plasma cutting - TheFabricator

Eliminating slag time in plasma cutting

August 4, 2010


Vac-Con, a Green Cove Springs, Fla.-based maker of sewer cleaning vehicles, regularly participates in continuous improvement programs to identify opportunities for increased efficiency on the shop floor. As part of one exercise, the manufacturer invested in an automated grinding machine, which helped to reduce labor costs and improve part quality.

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Successful plasma cutting counts on consumables - TheFabricator

Successful plasma cutting counts on consumables

July 9, 2010


Clayton Gould, product marketing manager of torch consumables at Hypertherm, Hanover, N.H., discusses the five hand-held plasma consumable components, how they work with one another to achieve a successful cut, and what operators should look for when evaluating whether consumables require replacing.

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Automated metal removal system facilitates uniform U or J grooves in weld joint preparation

April 6, 2010

The Arcair-Matic® N6000 metal removal system from Thermadyne® Industries is designed for automated gouging of steels and other metals with the air carbon arc process. The system is suited for...

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Cutting wheel line expanded

September 9, 2009

Metabo Corp. now offers its expanded Choice Cuts line of thin cutting wheels matched to specific applications.The expanded line features four wheel types with a wider selection of job-matched abrasive...

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Descaling tool suitable for heavy-duty applications

July 14, 2009

Dynabrade's air-powered Dynascaler is a descaling and surface preparation tool suitable for heavy-duty applications. The tool powers Roto Peen bonded flap assemblies for removing rust, oxide, scale,...

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Plasma cutting system processes all AISC structural shapes

June 9, 2009

Peddinghaus Corp. has introduced a new thermal processing technology called Ring of Fire. It has the capacity to process all AISC structural shapes, including beams, columns, angle iron, channel iron,...

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weld fixturing machine

Weld fixturing from virtual to reality

May 11, 2009

A Florida job shop saved on material costs by integrating modular fixturing set up in SolidWorks. The CAD-friendly system allowed the company to define the fixture and the completed weldment before it hit the shot floor.

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portable milling tools

A briefing on portable milling tools:

February 24, 2009


By following eight simple rules regarding material removal, lubrication, and tips for general use, you can be sure that you are operating your portable milling tool correctly.

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Compact angle grinder has 10,000 RPM no-load speed

November 11, 2008

Metabo Corp.'s compact W8-125, a 5-in. angle grinder, is suitable for finishing welded seams, rough grinding for weld preparation, and sanding and cutting applications. The grinder employs cooling...

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Welding end prep tool designed for high-temperature, -pressure applications

May 13, 2008

Esco Tool offers the MILLHOG® Dictator ID clamping welding end prep tool. It is designed for beveling pipes in which the weld is critical because of high temperatures and pressures.The tool is...

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Angle grinder can be used in many different positions

April 15, 2008

Metabo Corp. has introduced the W6-115, a 4-1/2-in. angle grinder.The 4.5-lb. grinder has a 2-3/16-in.-dia. grip and can be used in many different positions, the company reports. It has a 650-W, 6-amp...

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