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CS Unitec: ROLEI BE5 Sheet Metal Deburring Machine

CS Unitec Inc.

Length: 1:23

Double-sided deburring of sheet metal up to 0.2" thick in a single pass. Two-speed operation for fine deburring and standard deburring.

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Coating system protects metals from harsh climatic conditions

February 19, 2014

Centria offers the Versacor® Elite coating system for protecting metal from abrasion, moisture, and intense sunlight. It forms a 2-mil-thick barrier coat over a metal substrate, along with premium PVDF topcoats. The Elite PF includes an array of solid-color coatings, while the Elite MX...

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Autodeposition coating formulated for iron castings, ferrous metals

February 18, 2014

Henkel Corp. has introduced a new water-based, reactive autodeposition coating, Bonderite® M-PP 930C™, formulated to deliver a uniform, defect-free surface coating on raw cast components and ferrous metals. The epoxy-acrylic urethane coating coats the inside and outside of complex...

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St. Valentine’s Day, then and now

February 14, 2014


February 14 is here again, and although the origin of St. Valentine’s Day is a little weird, it’s hard not to miss the staying power of this celebration. Originally a pagan fertility rite celebrated in ancient Rome, Lupercalia was later co-opted by the church as Christianity took hold, and...

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Video demonstrates graffiti-removal system for metal panels

February 11, 2014

PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business has produced a new video introducing DURANAR® GR (graffiti-resistant) and CORAFLON® GR factory-applied clear coats. When combined with the company’s DURAPREP® Prep 400 field-applied graffiti remover, the coatings create a...

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Water recycler reduces metal blackening process water consumption by 99 percent

February 11, 2014

Birchwood Technologies offers the Near-Zero™ water recycler for use with its TRU TEMP® black oxide system. The recycler reuses the rinse water in the process line, reducing typical water consumption by 99 percent, the company states. It can be installed on a new or existing black oxide...

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Powder coating system offers color changes in less than 60 seconds

February 6, 2014

The new ColorSelect X powder coating system from Wagner Industrial Solutions is designed for fast powder color change while minimizing the potential for cross-contamination and powder loss. The system incorporates a simple pneumatic control system of up to 10 powder feed systems, including...

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Hex-drive tools enable 360-degree deburring, cleaning

February 5, 2014

Abtex Hex Drive™ tools are designed for use in semiautomatic and fully automatic machinery, including CNC and in-machine deburring stations, as well as robotic machine tools. The hex-drive system holds the brush rigid on the spindle, allowing the tools to be turned in both directions for...

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Manual powder gun balanced for operator comfort

February 4, 2014

The new PEM-X1 manual powder gun from Wagner Industrial Solutions features a lightweight design with fingertip controls, improved balance, and low trigger force. A trigger double-click allows for switching of spray recipes, while an on-the-gun remote control changes the powder amount. Other...

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Grain on cutting, grinding wheels slices through metal

February 4, 2014

3M Abrasive Systems has introduced Cubitron™ II Cut & Grind wheels for applications such as grinding, cutting, notching, gouging, fillet weld removal, and beveling of mild steel and stainless steel. According to the company, the precision-shaped grain enables the abrasive to slice through...

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Paul H. Gesswein & Co. names VP

January 30, 2014

Paul H. Gesswein & Co. Inc., a manufacturer of finishing abrasives in Bridgeport, Conn., has promoted Greg Gesswein to the position of vice president, marking the beginning of the company’s 100th anniversary. Gesswein first began working in the firm’s packaging department at age 12. After...

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Powder Coating Institute issues call for papers

January 29, 2014

The Powder Coating Institute, Montgomery, Texas, has issued a call for papers for its 2014 Powder Coating Show, scheduled for Sept. 16-18 in Indianapolis. The event attracts more than 1,200 attendees and provides more than 40 hours of presentations, with more than 100 exhibitors. The Institute...

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Parts washing

Parts washing system designed for use with biodegradable solvent

January 21, 2014

Walter Surface Technologies has added the CleanBox Flow to the BIO-CIRCLE® line of manual industrial parts washing systems. Suitable for the bulk cleaning of small to medium-sized parts, the compact unit is designed for use with Bio-Circle CB 100, a natural, water-based solvent that is...

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Deburring products designed for in-machine use

January 21, 2014

Abtex Corp. produces a line of abrasive-filament deburring brushes and accessories for in-machine deburring. Grit-impregnated nylon-filament disc brushes, combined with the company's quick-change arbors, let users replace brushes rapidly in the machine. Standard drive arbors are designed...

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Manual powder gun

Manual powder gun allows quick changeovers

January 14, 2014

The new PEM-X1 manual powder gun from Wagner Industrial solutions features a lightweight design and fingertip controls. Users can switch spray recipes with a trigger double-click and change powder amount with an on-the-gun remote control. Quick-release couplings, nozzles, and other...

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