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Steelmax Tools, Fab Tool Technologies merge

November 15, 2010

Steelmax Tools LLC, Centennial, Colo., has acquired Fab Tool Technologies LLC, Bridgeville, Pa., and merged it into Steelmax. All employees of Fab Tool Technologies have joined the Steelmax team. The combined company, which operates as Steelmax Tools LLC, produces and distributes fabrication tools...

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Lincoln Electric earns Market Share Leadership Award - TheFabricator.com

Lincoln Electric earns Market Share Leadership Award

October 25, 2010

Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, has been honored with the Market Share Leadership Award for best practices in the world pipeline industry related to welding equipment and consumables. The award, based on global research by analysts and consultants and outlined in Frost and Sullivan’s "CEO...

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MultiCam names customer service manager - TheFabricator.com

MultiCam names customer service manager

September 13, 2010

MultiCam, Dallas, has promoted Becky Mullis to the position of customer service manager. She is a business management graduate of Vincennes University and has spent the last eight years as office manager of the company's Florida Technology Center. Mullis is in charge of customer service for all...

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Straight-line track cutting system available in plasma and oxyfuel configurations

July 7, 2010

The Glider straight-line track cutting system from C&G Systems is available in plasma or oxyfuel configurations. It cuts up to 4.5-in.-thick plate with an oxyfuel torch and up to 1.25-in.-thick plate with a plasma power source up to 100 amps. The small, portable unit is suitable for use on job...

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oxyfuel safety

The X's and O's of oxyfuel

January 15, 2010 | By David Bell

If properly used and well-maintained, this equipment can cut, heat, and weld metals safely. But damaged, worn, or improperly handled equipment can lead to safety hazards such as fire and explosions that can cause serious injury or death. To know how to handle and care for the equipment and devices found in oxyfuel cutting and welding, you have to first be familiar with them and the kind of care they need.

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Heavy-duty kit introduced for hand-held oxyfuel cutting, heating

December 15, 2009

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced the OXWELD® Trade Master GT II, an extra-heavy-duty outfit for hand-held oxyfuel cutting and heating. The kit comprises a toolbox containing three cutting tips and one heating head, as well as a torch and regulators.The outfit has a standard...

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D&S Mfg. installs cutting system

November 10, 2009

D&S Mfg., a custom manufacturer of large-scale components, assemblies, and complete weldments located in Black River Falls, Wis., has installed a Messer MG Titan II cutting machine. It unites oxyfuel and high-definition plasma technologies in one integrated system by placing them on a common rail...

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ESAB appoints president – CEO, North America

October 5, 2009

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has announced the appointment of Andrew Masterman as president and chief executive officer of ESAB North America, effective August 17, 2009. Masterman is based in Florence, South Carolina, and replaces Brendan Colgan, who has assumed the role of chairman of The ESAB...

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Messer hires technical products sales manager

July 1, 2009

Messer Cutting Systems Inc., a manufacturer of thermal cutting gantry machines, has hired Bell Heller as technical products sales manager.Heller, who has a background in robotic automation sales, has 32 years' experience in the cutting and welding fields. His holds a business degree from Mt. Union...

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Company announces name change

June 9, 2009

MG Systems & Welding, Inc. headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wis., a manufacturer of thermal machining centers, mainly plasma and oxyfuel, has officially changed its name to Messer Cutting Systems, Inc. The decision was made on a corporate level to improve brand consistency among all facilities;...

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Retro Systems appoints regional managers

April 14, 2009

Retro Systems, Valley Center, Kan., has announced the appointment of Randall J. Damas as regional manager in Cleveland and promoted Kelly Craft to regional manager in Butler, Mo.Damas has been selling welding products, plasma cutting systems, and CNC cutting machines since 1979. He is responsible...

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Lincoln Electric begins Green Initiative Awareness Program

April 14, 2009

Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, has announced its new Green Initiative Awareness Program to promote the company's initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes and products.To help customers identify the products connected to these initiatives, the company is labeling...

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Check valves and Flashback Arresters

The importance of exercising oxyfuel welding safety

February 10, 2009 | By David Pryor

To ensure safe oxyfuel welding and cutting, equipment manufacturers design torches with safeguards. However, nothing takes the place of the welder's knowledge and attention to safe practices. This article discusses common oxyfuel hazards and how to avoid them.

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Torch series introduced

November 11, 2008

Victor Equipment Co. now offers a series of cutting, welding, and heating torches and outfits.The Performer® is the lightest outfit in the series and can weld from 1/32 in. to 1-1/4 in. and cut 1/8 in. to 6 in. The SuperRange® II is a medium-duty outfit suitable for cutting and heating with...

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Thermadyne Honors Distributor Cee Kay Supply

October 14, 2008

Thermadyne Industries Inc., St. Louis, recently honored one of its distributors, Cee Kay Supply, St. Louis, on Cee Kay's 60th anniversary. Cee Kay is an independent supplier of industrial gases, welding and cutting equipment, and supplies.Thermadyne Executive Vice President of Global Sales and...

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