Whether you're using a high-speed stamping press to make simple parts at breakneck speeds or doing something really tricky, like deep drawing a material that puts up a lot of resistance, the information in this technology area is sure to help. The articles, case studies, and press releases cover stamping presses, lubricants, and materials.

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Guide presents information on part marking

April 14, 2016

Durable Technologies has published Traditional Industrial Part Marking, a guide that offers detailed information about character styles, hand stamps, hand stamp holders, hammers and safety considerations, steel stamps and dies, steel type and holders, and hot stamping. It also presents five...

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Die change rail car moves 45,000-lb. die multidirectionally

April 13, 2016

Green Valley Mfg. of Illinois Inc. has developed a custom-engineered, built-to-order Titan 153353 bidirectional die change rail car with a capacity of one 45,000-lb. die. It has HMI remote control, RFID readers, location sensing to enable fully automated rail travel, docking, and die transfers....

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Ask the Stamping Expert: How can I get a die to run in two different presses?

April 11, 2016 | By Dennis Cattell

Q: When I move a die from one press to another, the die runs fine in the first press but will not run in the second press. The presses are the same size, stroke, and speed range, although one is a few years older than the other. What can I do to ensure the die runs in both presses. A: There are...

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Coe Press ships coil processing line to Broan-Nutone Mexico facility

April 6, 2016

Sterling Heights, Mich.-based Coe Press Equipment has installed a new press feeding line for Broan-Nutone, a supplier of residential ventilation products, at the company’s Tecate, Mexico, facility. The new line, which feeds a SEYI-America press, comprises a 42-in.-wide ServoMaster series 3...

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Bridge Tool and Die buys American Die and Mold

April 5, 2016

Buckley, Mich.-based Bridge Tool and Die, a manufacturer of carbide and steel tooling for the extrusion, deep draw, cold heading, and end form tooling markets, has purchased American Die and Mold (ADM). ADM supplies tooling for the automotive, building trades, medical, and aerospace industries....

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Jacar Systems releases corporate video featuring in-die transfer system

April 4, 2016

Jacar Systems, Fair Haven, Mich., has released a new corporate video at that provides an in-depth review of the Micro Transfer™ standardized, all-mechanical, in-die transfer system for the metal stamping industry. The video shows how small stamping companies can integrate...

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Ask the Stamping Expert: Is there a check list for setting progressive dies?

April 1, 2016 | By Dennis Cattell

Q: We are new to die setting. Do you have a check list that could help us with different progressive dies? Can you recommend any literature on the subject? A: First, I do not know of any comprehensive literature. Most literature tends to focus on an individual subject rather than cover the overall...

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Ask the Stamping Expert: How can we achieve fast punch changeout halfway through a run?

April 1, 2016 | By Thomas Vacca

Q: I’m a diemaker for a Detroit Three automaker. We have a job on which we have to change punches halfway through the run. Changing the punches is a lengthy operation and involves quite a bit of downtime. Does anyone in the industry make an automatic or semiautomatic punch removal system that we...

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Ask the Stamping Expert: How can I reduce snap-through condition effects?

March 31, 2016 | By Dennis Cattell

In the May/June 2012 “Ask the Expert” column, you discussed the causes of the large vibrational energy wave that must be dissipated by the press structure beyond the shear loads. Is there any way to reduce the vibration? A: Many lamination and blanking dies incorporate moveable stripper...

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Ask the Stamping Expert: Why do press and die problems occur at lower-than-capacity press speeds?

March 31, 2016 | By Dennis Cattell

Q: To improve efficiency and reduce cost in our newly acquired high-speed blanking operation, we have increased press speeds from 225 SPM to 450 SPM. After several successful months, we are experiencing a high number of new press and die problems. The presses are capable of speeds higher than 500...

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Ask the Stamping Expert: Can I pierce material in a progressive die in the opposite direction?

March 31, 2016 | By Thomas Vacca

Q: Do you have much experience with piercing material in the opposite direction than usual in a progressive die? In other words, the slug goes through the punch shoe. A: Yes. This is very doable and not uncommon. I assume you need to do this because the piercing direction is a part-functional...

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Talan hires engineering manager

March 30, 2016

Cleveland-based metal stamping company Talan Products Inc. has hired Fred Chordas as engineering manager. He has 31 years of experience in high-speed stamping, heavy stamping, progressive die, and transfer and line dies. In this position he assists customers in designing products for...

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Ask the Stamping Expert: How do I hold washers in the strip in a compound die?

March 30, 2016 | By Thomas Vacca

Q: Do you have suggestions for holding washers in the strip in a compound die? High-strength, low-alloy material properties change from heat to heat, periodically causing parts to drop out of the strip. For this reason, we blank up and use a knockout bar to eject the parts. A: Two significant...

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What’s sizzling in hot stamping?

March 28, 2016 | By Kate Bachman

This multisource article touches hot stamping's growth and new technologies and approaches to its further development, including pressure controlled hardening, hot forming of aluminum and magnesium, the option of using a servo-mechanical press that has been modified for hot forming as well as a hydraulic press, and secondary processing performed in-die to avoid having to use a laser cutting machine for trimming.

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Hexagon AB acquires Forming Technology Inc.

March 23, 2016

Stockholm-based information technology provider Hexagon AB has announced the acquisition of Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI), Burlington, Ont., a provider of manufacturing software for sheet metal forming. FTI serves OEMs and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and appliance...

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