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Intelligent Robotic Welding

April 11, 2006 | By Michael Erickson

Planning a productive intelligent robotic welding workcell requires many phases. These include preplanning with a computer simulation, getting the virtual results to translate into real-world operation, using multiple robots within the workcell for material handling as well as welding, and utilizing vision systems to help compensate for part variations.

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Are company politics undermining your robotic projects?

January 10, 2006 | By Jim Berge

Success with robotics depends on many factors. Purchasing the right equipment is not enough. A company's political environment and policies regarding robotics can make or break a robotic project. This article discusses poor politics and policies and offers suggestions for achieving the right robotic environment.

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Positioning your welds

January 10, 2006 | By Geoff Lipnevicius

Robotic welding can improve your productivity, but only if your fixturing design lets you. When you're designing fixtures for your welding application, consider your fixture's material; welding circuit optimization; orientation and deposition rates; accessibility, repeatability, simplicity, and dependability; and alternatives to fixture design when design costs are prohibitive.

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Robotic welding

November 8, 2005 | By Stephanie Vaughan

Rad Craig, owner of Induction Concepts, which develops high-performance twin turbo systems, has been considering robotic welding but wasn't sure where to go for information. Rad contacted Practical Welding Today®, which contacted several robotic welding equipmentmakers and integrators to help him find the answers to his questions. This is the first of several articles PWT plans to publish directly from subscribers' questions.

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Welding robots and lean manufacturing learn to play together

October 11, 2005 | By Jim Berge

With careful analysis and planning, automation can be an integral, cost saving component of lean manufacturing.

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Simulating a robotic workcell

March 8, 2005 | By Eric Patty

Not so long ago, setting up a robotic work cell was a trial-and-error affair. However, advances in simulation technology allow manufacturers to visualize a robotic work cell and sort out any problems before setting up the cell. Simulating the work cell's function helps to ensure the cell will yield the desired results and helps prevent costly mistakes and re-engineering.

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Construction Junction

March 8, 2005

Two six-axis robot arms perform full-penetration gas metal arc welds on structural steel.Millions of construction companies strive every day to cut production time while maintaining, or even improving, quality.Robert J. Simmons owns a company that has made it happen.Over several years he found a...

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Racing against the clock

December 7, 2004

Prince Industries Inc., a contract manufacturer of CNC machined components, branched out into CNC fabricated components several years ago when it purchased two turret punch presses, a plasma machine, and a laser with manual loading and unloading. These machines were quickly overburdened with the growing workload, so the company sought a more modern laser with automated material handling.

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Playing it safe with robotic welding

August 10, 2004 | By Sergio Aguilar

This robotic welding workcell is guarded on all four sides. The back of the workcell uses the control panel and hard guards to prevent entry to the safeguarded space. The wall must be high enough to ensure that no one can reach over it into the protected area.In 2002 the Robotic Industries...

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Intelligent controls improve automotive robotic welding

Intelligent controls improve automotive robotic welding

July 13, 2004 | By Jean-Paul Boillot, Frederic Arsenault

The automotive industry worldwide has experienced dramatic changes in the last 10 years. Challenges facing the industry include increasingly stringent safety rules; requirements for dramatic improvement in fuel consumption; and the necessity to maintain or even reduce the vehicle price, even as...

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The challenge of robotic welding aluminum

June 8, 2004 | By Joe Hoffman

Robotic gas metal arc welding (GMAW) of aluminum alloys has been an industry challenge for many years. Early attempts made to automate this process typically failed. The failure of early automated cells was associated with a lack of process experience or improper equipment selection. This failure...

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Programming multiple robots

October 23, 2003 | By Mary Kay Morel

In many applications—such as large-component welding, press-tending lines, and multiprocess cells—running multiple robots from a single point of control assists in preventing collisions, simplifying the programming structure, and reducing integration cost. This approach also meets the American National Standards Institute/Robotic Institute of America (ANSI/RIA) R15.06-1999 safety standard.

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Selecting equipment for a robotic welding workcell

August 14, 2003 | By Darl Osborne

So you've decided to automate your welding process. Now it's time to select the equipment that performs the robotic welding. It's critical to take care choosing the appropriate equipment and an integration partner.

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Laser-integrated robotics for assembly

June 26, 2003

In recent years laser welding has advanced into many different industries, from automotive to electronics. With lasers, it is possible to weld at high speeds with great efficiency. Once unthinkable applications and processes are now being developed into working systems.

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Loading up on quality, productivity, safety

June 12, 2003

Like the products it manufactures, CNH Global N.V. has to stay on the move—technologically.The company's Wichita, Kan., facility uses robotic weldingto help produce Case- and New Holland-brand skid steer loaders.Powerful yet quick, skid steers can spin on a dime and move heavy loads of...

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