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The arc welding technology area focuses on the most commonly used arc welding processes, mainly GMAW/MIG, GTAW/TIG, SMAW/stick, and plasma. The articles and press releases cover processes and power sources, plus all of the related items—electrodes and wire, wire feeders, fixtures, manipulators, positioners, and power sources. If you need information on personal protective gear, ventilation systems, and safety practices for welders, see our Safety coverage area.

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Welding gear designed for female welders

April 16, 2014

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Jessi Combs Women’s Welding Gear Ready-Pak®. It includes essential PPE designed for female welders. The kit includes an industrial duffle bag, VIKING™ Jessi vs. The Robot™ 3350 series auto-darkening helmet, Jessi Combs Women’s...

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Straight-cutting torch’s gas-mixing technology reduces flashback potential

March 26, 2014

ESAB’s Global Center of Excellence for Gas Apparatus has introduced the Oxweld® SCT-1500 TR manual straight-cutting torch as part of its Elite series of gas apparatus products. The torch features patent-pending universal swirl injector gas-mixing technology to provide the optimum mix of gas...

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Arc welding system designed for production of spiral pipes

March 25, 2014

SMS Meer offers Perfect Arc®, a precision-controlled system for arc and submerged arc welding production of spiral pipes. A digitalized current source generates the “perfect arc,” reports the company, while cutting energy usage by 30 to 40 percent. Welding speed is up to 39...

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Portable welding unit powered by built-in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

March 19, 2014

According to Fronius, its AccuPocket 150/400 is the world's first MMA welding system with a high-performing lithium-ion rechargeable battery. With an overall weight of 24.25 lbs., the system is portable for manual electrode welding and GTAW. A fully charged battery delivers power to weld up to...

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Gas apparatus products suitable for light fabrication

March 17, 2014

ESAB’s Global Center of Excellence for Gas Apparatus has introduced the SabreCut™ series of gas apparatus products. These straight cutting and combination torches, regulators, regulator-flowmeters, cutting tips, and complete outfits address a variety of welding and cutting needs for light,...

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Auto-darkening welding helmet features four sensors, grind/weld modes

March 11, 2014

The new Tweco® four-sensor, auto-darkening welding helmet from Victor Technologies™ can be used in both weld mode and grind mode. It darkens during GTAW, even at 5 amps. Available in three styles — Patriot Eagle, Skull & Fire, and Yellow Dragon — the solar-powered helmet has a...

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Cladding machine enables welding with stainless steel, INCONEL alloy

February 25, 2014

Climax offers the AC5000 AutoClad on-site cladding machine. According to the company, the machine helps manufacturers of processing equipment such as pressure vessels, valves, and flow-control devices get the right weld in the right place, even during difficult welding jobs. The machine enables...

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Welding tables spatter-resistant

February 24, 2014

Forster America offers 3-D welding tables and accessories in the U.S. The tables come in gray cast or AlCu for stainless steels. Both versions are spatter-resistant. The tabletop comprises beams that can be rearranged, moved, and adjusted at any time during the welding process to accommodate the...

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Auto-darkening welding helmet offers new operator interface

February 24, 2014

Lincoln Electric has introduced the VIKING™ 2450D digital-interface welding helmet. The auto-darkening helmet is equipped with pivot-style headgear and improved optical clarity with enhanced color recognition. The helmet, which produces full-spectrum shade 4-13 with variable sensitivity...

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Flash welding process minimizes oxide, carbide formation

January 13, 2014

Taylor-Winfield Technologies has introduced the patented Force Freeze flash welding process. According to the company, the process extends the range of material that can be joined using conventional flash butt welding; eliminates "checker-boarding"; and minimizes the formation of oxides, carbides,...

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Book introduces welding and its applications

January 9, 2014

Fronius has released a book called Operation: ARC that acquaints young people, beginners, and the technically interested with the world of welding technology. Through graphic-novel style stories, readers get to know an innovative tech firm and some of its most adventurous people whose job it is...

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Welding guide revised

January 7, 2014

The revised 31st edition of the Pocket Welding Guide, now in color, has been released by Hobart Institute. The handbook is designed for use by students and hobbyists as well as veteran welders, draftsmen, instructors, supervisors, foremen, technicians, and engineers. The new edition features...

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Lightweight GTAW machines weld material up to 0.375 in. thick

January 7, 2014

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the Dynasty® 280 and Maxstar® 280 GTAW/SMAW-capable machines. They can weld metal up to 0.375 in. thick, but are more lightweight and portable and use less energy than machines with similar output capabilities, according to the manufacturer. The...

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GMAW gun nozzles help minimize changeovers -

GMAW gun nozzles help minimize changeovers

December 11, 2013

Bernard has introduced the new Quik Tip™ HD series GMAW nozzles, featuring a removable nozzle cone. These nozzles offer an increased wall thickness and insulating material to help them withstand the heat of the welding arc for longer periods of time, minimizing the frequency of changeovers...

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Three-in-one welding machine handles light-duty projects -

Three-in-one welding machine handles light-duty projects

December 6, 2013

Victor Technologies™ has introduced the Tweco® Fabricator® 141i three-in-one welding machine, a multiprocess unit that runs off 115-V household power. It offers 10 to 140 amps of power for GMAW and lift GTAW and 90 amps for SMAW, making it suitable for light-duty welding projects...

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