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Still waters run deep

May 23, 2016 | By Amanda Carlson

Elaine Waters, the 2016 PWTeacher of the Year award winner, has taught, inspired, and intimidated the hell out of welding students for 30 years. This is her story.

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Welding information management system monitors welds in real time

May 19, 2016

Miller Electric has introduced Insight Centerpoint™ welding information management system, which communicates in real time with an automated welding cell’s power supply and robotic welding arm via Ethernet. The software also can be applied to power supplies from other manufacturers with the...

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The ability to multitask—a gift and a curse

May 19, 2016 | By Josh Welton

Times have changed. We live in the information and stimulation age. Many things vie for our attention, and it can be difficult to focus on a single activity or life plan. Is that good or bad? Here’s Josh Welton’s take, based on his own experience.

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GTAW machine’s touch-start feature controls, identifies weld location

May 18, 2016

Amada Miyachi America Inc. has announced that its MAWA-300A pulsed micro GTAW machine now features a touch start feature that controls and identifies weld location. The unit is suitable for welding small coils and terminals, bus bars, and covered wires as found in the automotive, medical, battery,...

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Arc Welding 101: Defining a fillet weld with D1.1

May 13, 2016 | By Paul Cameron

Q: I'm auditing a fab shop and have a question regarding the AWS D1.1 code. The shop is referring to the corner joints in the plates encompassing the columns as fillet welds, yet there is no faying surface. D1.1 says a fillet can have up to 3/16-in. misalignment (with certain stipulations), which...

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Pemamek Ltd. to expand

May 10, 2016

Welding and production automation company Pemamek Ltd. has announced plans to expand its production premises in Loimaa, Finland. The new facilities will enable the company to improve deliveries of its laser welding and intelligent robot systems. The expansion is expected to be complete by the end...

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Salesman turns entrepreneur, artist, welder

May 9, 2016 | By Eric Lundin

Working for a steady paycheck isn’t for everyone. Welding artist Kirk Yazel did that for nearly 20 years, but eventually his entrepreneurial spirit took over. He had been making steel garden decorations for some time, and he managed to turn his hobby into a full-time job.

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Welder training: The fundamentals, Part III

May 5, 2016 | By Professor R. Carlisle "Carl" Smith

The oxyacetylene welding (OAW) process continues to be useful in equipment repair, both in industry and the home. This article focuses on specific uses and provides some how-to instructions.

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Hobart Institute hires new staff members

May 4, 2016

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Troy, Ohio, has announced the hiring of two new employees. Brian Sheward has joined the company to teach students in the structural welding program and the combination structural and pipe welding program. A graduate of Hobart Institute, he has more than 25...

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Autodarkening helmets offer optical clarity in large viewing area

April 29, 2016

Weldcote Metals’ Ultraview and UltraviewPlus autodarkening helmets allow a wide range of colors to be viewable while in light mode, providing optical clarity in a large viewing area. Both helmets feature standard 4-1/2- by 5-1/4-in. cover lenses, four sensors, solar power with battery backup,...

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Still Building America—Welding big birds, pursuing big dreams

April 25, 2016 | By Josh Welton

Welder and inspector Lucca Ilbert, who trained at the Robert Morgan Educational Center in Miami, loves fabricating and repairing aircraft parts. He hopes one day to have his own FAA-approved custom fabricating shop.

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Lightweight welding helmet offers full coverage

April 25, 2016

ArcOne® has added the Croc welding helmet to the Carrera™ line. The lightweight, full-coverage helmet features a modern design. It comes with all of the Carrera filters, including the new 4500-V filter, with a 7-sq.-in. viewing area and four...

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Welding helmet comes with four filter options

April 22, 2016

ArcOne® has introduced the ZigTig welding helmet as part of its Vision® series. The lightweight helmet provides full coverage and a sleek, modern design, the company reports. It comes with ComfaGear® II headgear and four filter options: iDF81, X81VX, X54V, and...

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Running stringers—an exercise in utility

April 20, 2016 | By Josh Welton

Repeating certain exercises is a fundamental part of learning a skill. Running stringers is one such exercise for anyone learning to weld. It also helps to listen to the instructor explain how it’s done.

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Wired remote control units offered for welding machines

April 20, 2016

Lincoln Electric has introduced two wired remote control units for pipeline welders and those working in construction applications. The wired remote controls, available with or without a 115-VAC power duplex receptacle, include a 125-ft. detachable cable. A customizable min./max. range sets in...

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