Whether you're using a high-speed stamping press to make simple parts at breakneck speeds or doing something really tricky, like deep drawing a material that puts up a lot of resistance, the information in this technology area is sure to help. The articles, case studies, and press releases cover stamping presses, lubricants, and materials.

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Improving metal forming performance

February 18, 2016


What does your stamping operation do to improve metal forming efficiency? The key is to learn more about the metal, conduct practice runs in the virtual world, and pass along knowledge to co-workers.

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Schuler receives Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award

February 16, 2016

Germany-based metal forming equipment-maker Schuler has received the Volvo Cars Quality Excellence (VQE) Award. The award’s fundamental requirements include environmental certification according to ISO 14001 and quality certification pursuant to ISO 9001 for indirect material suppliers. It also...

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Press lines available in 12 and 14 SPM

February 12, 2016

Schuler has added press lines with production speeds of 12 and 14 SPM to its Servoline product line. The series already has lines up to 23 SPM, depending on the manufactured parts and line features. The newly added press lines are designed for users who require basic features and a medium...

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Modern hydraulics: Six advanced capabilities for stamping presses

February 2, 2016

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Advanced hydraulics and intelligent drive systems are now available to provide greater metal forming precision and to improve stamping press productivity and product quality.

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Roll Forming | video | Sponsored Content

COE Press Equipment

Presented by Coe Press Equipment

Length: 4:24

COE Press Equipment provides coil processing and servo feed equipment that is manufactured with attention to detail and supported by a skilled team of professionals. Its vertically-integrated manufacturing process results in systems of exceptional operational control and reliability you can count on for years to come, providing outstanding value over the life of the equipment.

E-book helps high-volume metal stampers eliminate defects

February 1, 2016

ESI Engineering Specialties has published “3 Solutions to Eliminate High-Volume Metal Stamping Defects,” an e-book that explains how precision metal stampers address common challenges associated with high-volume production. The e-book presents tips for addressing challenges such as tooling...

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Coe Press Equipment to supply nine coil feeding lines to Goodman Mfg.

January 27, 2016

Coe Press Equipment, Sterling Heights, Mich., has announced that it is supplying nine new coil processing lines to Goodman Mfg., a provider of air-conditioning and heating equipment. Seven of the lines comprise standard motorized uncoilers, feeds, and pull-through straighteners in widths of 30, 48,...

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At WITS end with wrinkles, tears, springback in AHSS?

January 26, 2016

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: Stamping AHSS comes with forming challenges such as wrinkling, tearing, and springback. A servo’s controlled force can help resolve some of those problems—and keep you from tearing your hair out.

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FCA adds stamping press line at Warren, Mich., plant

January 25, 2016

FCA US has added a $63 million stamping press line to its 65-year-old Warren Stamping Plant in Warren, Mich. According to the company, its last installation of a new press line was more than 15 years ago, and this investment was needed to keep up with demand. The high-speed servo tandem press...

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Mid-Park opens stamping plant in Kentucky

January 20, 2016

Mid-Park Inc., a manufacturer and fabricator of metal products, has opened SST Morgantown, a stamping facility operating under Mid-Park’s SST division in Morgantown, Ky. The new plant offers stamping capabilities up to 800 tons, as well as production CNC, tool and die, and threading...

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New aluminum forming method can cut car chassis weight in half

January 18, 2016

AP&T is cooperating with Raufoss Technology, Hydro Aluminium, and the SINTEF research institute to develop a new method for forming of aluminum sheet. The method will enable passenger cars to be manufactured with a significantly lower weight than today, which will enable greatly reduced fuel...

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AP&T receives distinction for outstanding know-how in press hardening

January 18, 2016

AP&T has received the University of Kassel's new distinction for outstanding knowledge in press hardening: the Certificate of PHS Team Excellence. The distinction recognizes APT’s training of its employees in press hardening over the past year. More than 160 of AP&T's approximately 450...

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Schuler opens Hot Stamping TechCenter in Germany

January 14, 2016

Schuler has announced the opening of its new research and demonstration center for hot stamping at its home base in Göppingen, Germany. At the Hot Stamping TechCenter, the company will showcase applications for the future of lightweight vehicle construction. Developed at the company’s...

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COE Press Equipment's SpaceMaster Series 4

Presented by Coe Press Equipment

Length: 3:35

COE Press Equipment’s new SpaceMaster® Series 4 compact coil line can process today’s Advanced High Strength Steels at speeds up to 70 SPM, and all within 23-feet of floor space.  COE customer Nahanni Steel Products tells how this capability has opened up new business opportunities.

IRMCO offers in-house stamping lubricant comparison

January 12, 2016

Evanston, Ill.-based IRMCO®, through a cooperative partnership with Bennett Tool & Die in Nashville, Tenn., has developed a tool and test method to compare the performance of stamping lubricants before customers use them in production. The iTOOL cup-draw process measures and compares...

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