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Multiprocess inverters designed for extreme-use applications

December 2, 2014

Tweco®, an ESAB brand, has introduced the ArcMaster® 401MST (GMAW/SMAW/lift GTAW) and ArcMaster 401S (SMAW/lift GTAW) power sources for on-site and portable welding applications. The units have a 10- to 400-amp output. At 16.5 by 8.3 by 17.7 in., they weight 54 and 46 lbs., respectively....

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Multiprocess welding machine comes with optional portable wire feeder

December 1, 2014

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced Warrior™ 400i Multi-Voltage, a multiprocess welding machine with 230-V, three-phase or 460-V, three-phase power. Designed for GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and GTAW, as well as arc gouging, the unit can be equipped with the new MobileFeed 201AVS wire feeder....

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Compact multiprocess welding machine is portable

November 6, 2014

The Power MIG 210 MP from Lincoln Electric is a multiprocess welding machine that performs GMAW, as well as DC SMAW, DC GTAW, and self-shield FCAW. Push-and-turn digital controls and a color display screen simplify setup and operation, while the all-metal wire drive and sheet metal construction...

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Live welding guidance system helps welders establish proper technique

October 8, 2014

Realityworks® Inc. has introduced the guideWELD™ LIVE welding guidance system to its line of Real Career® welding products. The system takes the step from simulation to real life, providing live welding guidance to help users establish proper position and technique while welding. The system...

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Inverter-based power source designed for high-productivity welding

September 12, 2014

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products will display the Aristo® Mig 4004i Pulse power source at FABTECH. It can be combined with the Aristo Feed 3004 or Aristo Feed 4804 wire feeder to form a complete GMAW package. The feeds are offered with a choice of machine interface — the user-friendly U6 or...

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Diesel engine-driven welding machines handle multiple welding operations

September 3, 2014

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Vantage® 600 SD and Air Vantage 600 SD engine-driven welding machines. Each is equipped with a Tier 4 Final-T4F-compliant Deutz® turbo-charged diesel engine that meets all new EPA diesel fuel emission standards. Designed for heavy industrial applications...

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New arc process helps improve welding efficiency

August 18, 2014

Fronius has introduced four new arc variants for the TPS/i GMAW power source platform: The LSC (low spatter control) Root and LSC Universal, based on a new algorithm, are characterized by increased arc stability and reduced spatter ejection, says the company. New welding parameters form the...

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Wireless foot control installs quickly on welding equipment

July 31, 2014

Linemaster has introduced the Varior RF wireless foot control, a plug-and-go system that is compatible with brand-name welding equipment. The foot pedal operates on three AA batteries, offering 4,000 hours of battery life and 90 ft. of range. The compact receiver plugs into the piece of...

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Power sources, interface controls designed for SAW, ESW

July 23, 2014

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new SubArc Digital series of power sources, interface controls, and accessories includes digital control and communication electronics designed to help improve weld performance and simplify equipment integration in advanced applications. The product line includes...

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Stud welder runs on 120-V, single-phase power

July 10, 2014

Nelson Stud Welding has introduced the N550c Arc Charger. Its input charger system converts the 120-V wall outlet power into digitally controlled stored energy for welding studs up to 0.375 in. dia. The portable unit can run off a small 5-kW generator, allowing fastening in remote places. Its...

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Variation of hot-wire GTAW combines two arcs into one

June 24, 2014

TIGer technology from Polysoude is a variant of hot-wire GTAW. The basic principle involves the juxtaposition of two GTAW arcs, organized and controlled to combine into one single arc with the calorific value of the combination of both powers, but with characteristics that are unusual for such...

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Welding outfit tote allows easy access for regulator pressure adjustment

June 17, 2014

Uniweld offers the 511 Cart welding outfit tote. Designed to allow easy access for regulator pressure adjustment, it is equipped with a center-balanced handle for carrying. The tote includes a dedicated hose winder and large storage compartment for accessories on the front. Storage slots hold...

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GMAW guns are custom-built by users

June 9, 2014

Bernard has announced the availability of Best of the Best (BTB) Platform GMAW guns. Users build the semiautomatic, air-cooled GMAW guns by choosing from an expanded list of features from the legacy Bernard Q-Gun™, S-Gun™, and T-Gun™ GMAW gun lines. The company has consolidated the top...

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GTAW outfit comes with hundreds of options

June 4, 2014

CK Worldwide Inc. offers the Professional TIG Outfit (PTO). According to the company, the outfit includes in one box everything users need to begin their welding process. Hundreds of options are available, giving users the GTAW torch of their choice, with power cables, DINSE connector, argon...

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Clamp-on weld heads expand orbital system for welding small-diameter pipe, tube

May 29, 2014

The Lincoln Electric Co. offers HELIX® C450 and C663 weld heads for welding various pipe and tube sizes. With these orbital GTAW clamp-on weld heads, operators not only can weld large diameters with no upper limit, they also can weld smaller tubes and pipes with ODs from 1.315 to 6.63 in. The weld...

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