Assembly and Joining Products

Assembly is much more than welding. This technology area covers adhesive mixing, metering, and dispensing equipment; hardware-insertion presses; clamps; fixtures, holders, jigs, and vises; part counters; part feeders; and part positioners.

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Strain sensor uses piezoelectric elements

August 8, 2006

The Force/Torque Div. of PCB® Piezotronics Inc. has introduced M240 ICP® strain sensors that use piezoelectric sensing elements to indirectly measure dynamic and quasistatic forces on...

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Heavy-duty turntables available in cast iron, stainless steel

July 11, 2006

SKF® Linear Motion & Precision Technologies has introduced its heavy-duty turntables operation in work and assembly stations, welding tables, swivel product displays, material container stands,...

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Fastener designed for prepainted metal

July 11, 2006

AKH Inc. has introduced the painted FAS-NER® that allows fastener insertion into prepainted metal. The color is matched to the color of the painted assembly, eliminating postpaint operations.The...

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Robot handles welding, assembly, material handling

May 9, 2006

FANUC Robotics North America Inc. has introduced the R-2000iB multipurpose, intelligent robot that handles welding, assembly, part transfer, material removal, and machine loading.The robot is...

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Indexer performs assembly, inspection at up to 1,600 parts per hour

April 11, 2006

The Toggle-Aire® multistation indexer from AIM Joraco is pneumatically operated and programmable logic-controlled to perform parts assembly operations and provide 100 percent pre- and postassembly...

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Self-clinching threaded standoffs allow installation close to edges

February 7, 2006

PEM® type DSOS self-clinching threaded standoffs from PennEngineering® can be installed close to edges in thin metal sheet and offer a method to stack or space components in an assembly. They...

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Adhesive is alternative to welding on galvanized metals

January 10, 2006

Devcon offers its Flex Welder FC (fast cure) methacrylate adhesive and Dev-Thane 5 urethane adhesive as alternatives to welding on galvanized, galvanneal, or GALVALUME® metals.The methacrylate...

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In-die fastener-feeding system installs nuts, studs, standoffs

November 8, 2005

The PEMSERTER® in-die fastener-feeding system from PennEngineering® Fastening Technologies, which consists of die tooling, fastener-feeding, and die-sensing systems, installs self-clinching...

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Fastening process smooths, folds material into seamless, solid form

October 11, 2005

Orbitform has developed a new metal forming and joining process, Rollerforming, that uses multiple rollers mounted on a rotating spindle to gently smooth and fold material into a seamless and solid...

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Self-locking nuts install close to edge in thin sheets

August 9, 2005

PEM® self-locking nuts from PennEngineering® enable permanent installation close to edges in metal sheets as thin as 0.036 in. (0.91 mm).Available in thread sizes #4-40 and M3, the steel...

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Screwdriver features pushbutton, self-storing, interchangeable bits

August 10, 2004

Ready Products Inc. has introduced the Retract-A-Bit self-storing screwdriver system that features pushbutton changeable bits. Because the bits are integral to the screwdriver, they never can be...

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Cordless hammer drill designed for heavy-duty applications

July 13, 2004

Metabo Corp. has introduced the SBP 18 Plus cordless hammer drill for heavy-duty applications. The tool is suitable for a variety of materials, including steel and aluminum.The hammer drill has a...

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All-metal floating panel nuts position, spin freely

May 4, 2004

PennEngineering® Fastening Technologies offers PEM® floating panel nuts designed to position and spin freely upon installation into any type of rigid material. The all-metal threaded nuts are...

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Modular machine guard assembles, reconfigures with hand tools

April 8, 2004

80/20 Inc.'s modular T-slotted aluminum extrusions can be assembled and reconfigured with hand tools for machine guarding applications. The T-slot facilitates mounting other safety components, such as...

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