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Machines do the bulk of the work, but every fabricator relies on hand-held power tools too. This technology area has information on hand tools for many tasks, from simple to complex.

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Magnetic annular cutter has flexible toolholder

September 12, 2006

Fein Power Tools' KBM 52U magnetic annular cutter has a flexible toolholder that is interchangeable for the company's Quick-In system and a Morse taper #3.Other features include a reversible action...

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Titanium nitride-coated step drill offers reduced friction

July 27, 2006

Titanium nitride-coated step drills from M.K. Morse Co. help reduce friction and extend drill life. They have three flats ground on the shank, preventing the drill from slipping in the drill chuck.The...

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Sheet metal cutters made of M2 high-speed steel

April 11, 2006

Sheet metal cutters from Jancy Engineering Inc. are made of M2 high-speed steel, which provides accuracy and rigidity in hole drilling operations.With patented arbor systems, the hole cutters can be...

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Grinders feature antivibration handles

March 7, 2006

Metabo Corp. offers the new Vibratech antivibration handle on its entire line of angle grinders.The handle helps reduce vibration on the side handle by eliminating direct contact between the spindle...

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Jigsaw blades fit universal, Bosch shank saws

June 14, 2005

L.S. Starrett Co. has introduced its Unified Shank™, a line of jigsaw blades that have a new shank design that is compatible with both universal shank and Bosch shank jigsaws, eliminating the...

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Angle grinders feature reduced vibration

March 8, 2005

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories offers its 1800 series 7- and 9-in. large angle grinders and sanders. Their reduction handle system incorporates vibration-absorbing rings into the three-position,...

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Portable beveller is emission-free

March 8, 2005

TRUMPF offers the TKF 1100, a portable, emission-free beveller.With the beveller, an operator can remove a 0.35-in. beveled edge of high-grade steel or 0.43 in. of steel in a single cutting stroke on...

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Depressed-center wheel grinder cleans metal, removes stock and weld beads

November 9, 2004

Dynabrade's 4-1/2 in.-dia. depressed-center wheel grinder cleans metal for welding and removes stock and weld beads.The lightweight, ergonomically designed, 12,000-RPM tool features a 1-HP air motor...

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Cordless hammer drill designed for heavy-duty applications

July 13, 2004

Metabo Corp. has introduced the SBP 18 Plus cordless hammer drill for heavy-duty applications. The tool is suitable for a variety of materials, including steel and aluminum.The hammer drill has a...

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