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Reciprocating surface grinder available

May 8, 2015

Knuth Machine Tools USA has introduced the HFS-B VC series reciprocating surface grinder. It comes with a programmable Siemens PLC, magnetic clamping plate, and coolant and exhaust system with complete particle filtration. Table size is 10 by 20 in. to 16 by 31 in., and the grinding wheel size...

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Machine deburrs powdered-metal parts in the green state

May 8, 2015

Abtex Corp. has introduced a machine to deburr powdered-metal parts when they’re still in the green state before sintering. Green parts are much less expensive to deburr than the same parts after they’re hardened in the sintering process, states the company. The unit deburrs both sides of...

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Product line offers contaminant-free finishing

April 24, 2015

Finishing Brands has announced the availability of the DeVilbiss CLEAN™ product line to the industrial market. The products for contaminant-free finishing have traditionally been available only to the automotive refinishing market. The product line includes personal protection equipment for...

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Black liquid topcoat retains color, gloss in changing environments

April 13, 2015

PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business has introduced SPECTRACRON® polyester urethane (SPU) coating, a mid-gloss black liquid topcoat engineered to maintain and control color and gloss on metal finishes in changing coating-application environments. The two-component topcoat consistently...

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Stainless steel surface treatment kit introduced

April 10, 2015

Suhner offers the Inox-Kit for the removal of contaminants such as aggressive deposits and flash rust from stainless steel. The company recommends two steps for effective surface treatment. First is to use the Sun-Clean deep cleaner to remove rust and deposits from the pores. It is not a...

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Black oxide, zinc phosphate coatings produced on same process line

April 8, 2015

Birchwood Technologies offers a dual-process line that produces a black oxide finish using the TRU TEMP® low-temperature process and a zinc phosphate finish using the MICROLOK® MZN process on the same system. Comprising 10 tanks with 100-gal. capacity, the line incorporates a Near-Zero™...

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Coating resists high heat

March 30, 2015

Cortec® Corp. has introduced VpCI®-386 HT Black, a high-heat-resistant, water-based acrylic silicone primer/topcoat that provides protection in harsh, unsheltered outdoor applications. The primer can be applied to areas that are cracked and corroded to protect the equipment and prevent any...

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Powder coating meets AAMA 2604 specifications

March 26, 2015

TCI Powder Coatings has introduced the TruAnodize line of powder coatings, which meet AAMA 2604 specifications. As part of the TruDurance architectural coatings product line, these powder coatings are designed for architectural applications that require an anodized look. The smooth, low-gloss...

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Rotary table wet blasting system offered

March 24, 2015

Guyson Corp. has introduced a rotary table wet blast system with manual and semiautomatic modes of operation. The model SS-10 SA is designed to use abrasive or bead-type media for dustless blast cleaning, descaling, surface preparation, and cosmetic finishing of components that might be too damp or...

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Pass-through industrial washer has adjustable belt flow from 2 to 20 FPM

March 19, 2015

Viking Blast & Wash Systems has released the CBW 2412H industrial washer. It has a 24- by 12-in. wash zone on a chain-mesh belt conveyor. The redesigned unit is made for standard manufacturing applications. Belt flow speeds are adjustable from 2 to 20 FPM on a continuous pass-through basis. The...

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Powder coating formulated with cross-link polymer

March 17, 2015

PPG Industries offers ENVIROCRON® HTE (high transfer efficiency) powder coating. The BPA-free coating is engineered for appliance, architectural, wire goods, and extrusion applications. Formulated with a cross-link polymer, the coating offers faster application build rates, less material waste,...

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Vertical oven saves space on factory floor

March 13, 2015

Davron Technologies Inc. has designed and manufactured the DTI-1135, an electrically heated vertical oven used to cure a coating on steel components for a Tier 1 automotive supplier. The vertical oven features one heated zone where parts index up and down in a vertical orientation. After...

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Nonwoven abrasive wheels, brushes designed for steel, brass, aluminum

March 11, 2015

Osborn has introduced a new line of JacksonLea® brand nonwoven abrasive wheels and brushes. The heavy-duty, nonwoven abrasive cleans, finishes, and polishes such materials as steel, brass, and aluminum. The line includes soft-density, medium-grit, silicon-carbide convolute surface finishing...

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Parts cleaning/collection unit handles larger parts

March 10, 2015

Custom Service Solutions Inc. has introduced the 12-in. MiJET™ parts cleaning and collection unit. It offers a larger-diameter opening than the original 8-in. model, allowing users to clean larger parts. Using one existing shop air line at a CNC machine, the pneumatically driven unit cleans...

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Blade designed for blast machine processing of narrow workpieces

March 6, 2015

Wheelabrator has introduced a concave blade for its 35 Ezefit blast wheel, which achieves a narrow blast pattern and a tight “hot spot” at high abrasive speeds. The blade design is suitable for blast machines processing narrow workpieces, such as wire, rod, tube, pipe, bar, and...

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