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White paper explains importance of aligning rotating machine tools

August 27, 2013

Pinpoint Laser Systems has released the white paper "Helpful Alignment Tips for Machine Shops." The white paper is intended to illustrate to plant managers, engineers, and owners the value of aligning rotating machine tools. It describes how to use the company's Laser Microgage system to evaluate...

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Machining coolant designed for high-pressure machining

August 14, 2013

Wallover Oil Co. has introduced WS 8800 machining coolant. The chlorine-free coolant is designed for machining and grinding of ferrous and nonferrous metals, including stainless steel, titanium, cast aluminum alloys, and cast iron. The coolant's low-foaming characteristics make it suitable for...

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Laser system machines formed metal parts

August 7, 2013

Prima Power Laserdyne has introduced the new Laserdyne 430 series of laser systems for cutting, welding, and drilling of 2-D and 3-D drawn, thermoformed, hydroformed, punched, stamped, and spun metal parts. The new laser system can integrate the manufacturer's BeamDirector® motion and process...

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Options added to digital CNC -

Options added to digital CNC

August 7, 2013

Heidenhain has added software options to its TNC 620 control. The digital CNC can be customized with features and software options to meet machine builders’ and end users’ specific needs. Users purchase only the options that are required for their applications and can add other...

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Metalworking fluid contains 70 percent biobased content -

Metalworking fluid contains 70 percent biobased content

July 31, 2013

Cortec®'s EcoLine® metalworking fluid, powered by Nano-VpCI®, is a biodegradable, multifunctional product formulated with biobased lubricants, additives, and emulsifiers. It can be used as an alternative to chlorinated products and mineral oils. Containing 70 percent biobased...

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Twin-spindle machining center designed for midsized workpieces

July 30, 2013

MAG has introduced the new twin-spindle Specht 450 Duo for small-engine and parts production applications. The machining center, requiring 120.56 sq. ft. of floor space and featuring a spindle distance of 21.26 in., is the smallest twin-spindle machine manufactured by the company. It is designed...

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Double-column machining center reduces number of setups

June 26, 2013

Okuma America Corp. has introduced the MCR-A5CII double-column machining center. With its multiple heads, the unit can machine all five sides of a part from a single setup. According to the company, tasks that require five to six setups on a vertical machining center can be accomplished in two to...

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Micromachining system suitable for multipurpose, small-scale production

June 20, 2013

IPG Photonics Corp. has introduced the IX-255 UV laser micromachining system. The flexible system is designed for multipurpose, R&D, and small-scale production applications. The multifunctional system can be configured with a beam energy density up to 25 J/cm2 for applications such as drilling...

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Turning center software upgraded -

Turning center software upgraded

May 30, 2013

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has introduced version 6.0 of its CAMplete TurnMill software for Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning centers. The software includes several upgrades for greater macro language support, improved error handling, and increased post-processing capabilities. The software is...

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Milling machine made for delicate work

May 21, 2013

Advanced Control Technology (ACT) offers the DMC-III desktop CNC milling machine for delicate work. The lightweight machine is designed for engraving, 3-D moldmaking, research labs, and PC board drilling....

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Metalworking fluids designed for heavy machining -

Metalworking fluids designed for heavy machining

May 19, 2013

CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology offers CIMPERIAL® soluble oils, designed for heavy-duty machining and grinding on ferrous and nonferrous metals. 1072C is a chlorinated soluble oil for machining and grinding operations that offers stability in high-hardness, high-sulfate, and high-chloride...

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Ceramic end mills machine nickel-based, high-temp alloys -

Ceramic end mills machine nickel-based, high-temp alloys

May 19, 2013

Kennametal has introduced Beyond KYS40™ solid ceramic end mills, designed to machine high-strength, nickel-based alloys. The SiAlON ceramic grade offers high heat resistance and strong cutting edges (negative rake). The end mills provide roughing at cutting speeds up to 3,300 SFM with tool...

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CNC made for entry-level milling, turning

May 8, 2013

Siemens offers the Sinumerik 808D, a CNC for entry-level milling and turning machines. The control is designed for the high-volume 230-V, three-phase, and economy machine tool markets. With up to 3-axis plus spindle control capability in milling or turning applications, the CNC is offered as a...

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Bolt-on trunnion tables help reduce part handling

April 25, 2013

The Stallion 9\20 and 9\23 tables allow users to exploit the rotary fourth-axis capability of horizontal and vertical machining centers. The bolt-on trunnions are work-ready out of the box, with standard-sized models designed for the most commonly used models of Kurt vises,...

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Enhancements made to horizontal machining center -

Enhancements made to horizontal machining center

April 11, 2013

Mazak Corp. has made several enhancements to its Horizontal Center Nexus (HCN) 4000-III horizontal machining center. Y-axis travel and stroke have been expanded, and the Z axis has a higher allowable thrust. Rapid traverse speed now is 2,362 IPM, and machine acceleration rate is 1G. The...

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