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Plasma torches now available for upgrade

February 28, 2011

Hypertherm has announced that its Duramax™ torch series now is available for upgrade on its Powermax1000® and Powermax1250® plasma systems. The torches use a new Conical Flow™ nozzle and spring electrode to help increase consumable life up to 55 percent, according to the company. They are...

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Plasma cutting system eliminates divots in small holes

November 15, 2010

SigmaTEK Systems and ITT Corp.'s Shape Cutting Division are combining their technologies to produce the UltraSharp plasma cutting system. SigmaNEST HDX-enabled nesting software processes parts specifically for precision plasma cutting. It assigns lead-ins and lead-outs to each part to eliminate...

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Plasma system comes standard with its own turnkey operating system -

Plasma system comes standard with its own turnkey operating system

October 18, 2010

MultiCam Inc. has introduced the V-series plasma machine, which comes standard with its own turnkey operating system. The PC and EZ G-code programming software included with the machine allow operators to design and cut files directly from the machine. The cutting sequence is displayed on the...

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Plasma cutting systems feature four new torch options

September 27, 2010

Hypertherm has released the Powermax65® and Powermax85® plasma cutting systems. They come with four new torch options: an ergonomic, 75-degree hand torch; a 15-degree hand torch for gouging and cutting in tight locations; a 15-in., full-length machine torch; and a 6-in., short-barreled machine...

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CNC for plasma cutting combines multiple-axis controls in one unit -

CNC for plasma cutting combines multiple-axis controls in one unit

September 7, 2010

Thermadyne®, the producer of Thermal Dynamics® branded manual and automated plasma cutting systems, now offers the XT series of CNCs. They combine multiple-axis controls in one unit and can be paired with any plasma cutting system. The CNC features dual-microprocessor control for multitasking...

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CNC plasma cutter for small to midsized shops introduced - TheFabricator

CNC plasma cutter for small to midsized shops introduced

July 26, 2010

Techno Inc. has introduced the HPLC CNC plasma cutting machine, designed for small to midsized shops. The company designs and programs its own CNCs and recently attached a plasma torch to the system and developed the electronic circuitry needed for automated torch functions. The plasma cutter is...

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800-amp plasma system cuts thick, thin metal without need to switch torches

July 26, 2010

Hypertherm has announced the availability of a new 800-amp HyPerformance® plasma system for cutting thick stainless steel and aluminum. In addition to its ability to production-pierce 3-in. and sever 6.25-in.-thick metal, the system cuts thin metal — including gauge — without the...

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Straight-line track cutting system available in plasma and oxyfuel configurations

July 7, 2010

The Glider straight-line track cutting system from C&G Systems is available in plasma or oxyfuel configurations. It cuts up to 4.5-in.-thick plate with an oxyfuel torch and up to 1.25-in.-thick plate with a plasma power source up to 100 amps. The small, portable unit is suitable for use on job...

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Torch height control continuously samples, automatically adjusts arc voltage

June 21, 2010

The new ArcGlide® THC torch height control is available from Hypertherm. It is engineered to continuously sample and automatically adjust the arc voltage. This helps ensure the torch is always the right distance from the plate so consumables reach their intended life expectancy. Productivity...

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400-amp plasma arc metal cutting system introduced

May 3, 2010

Hypertherm has introduced the HyPerformance® Plasma HPR400XD®, a 400-amp plasma arc metal cutting system. With patent-pending PowerPierce™, the system can pierce metal that is 60 percent thicker than the capacity of the company's HPR260 system and up to 25 percent thicker than any...

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Plasma bevel head designed to eliminate torch lead wind-up

April 6, 2010

AKS Cutting Systems has introduced the robo-kut plasma beveling head. The compact, 50-lb. unit features a rigid design and can be installed on small-footprint, precision, unitized cutting machines. The beveling head is designed to eliminate torch lead wind-up. It features patent-pending automatic...

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Combination plasma head option introduced

March 5, 2010

MultiCam Inc. has announced a new option for its 3000 and 6000 series CNC plasma machines. Its combination plasma features a Hypertherm® Powermax 45 mechanized plasma head mounted next to an HPR 130/260 XD high-definition Hypertherm torch. Each head is independently programmable, resulting in a...

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Two plasma consumable kits introduced

January 12, 2010

Hypertherm has introduced two consumable kits for its Powermax systems.The all-in-one kit is for hand-held cutting and contains up to four different consumable types: shielded with drag-cutting technology, unshielded with an unshielded nozzle, gouging, and FineCut. A reference guide provides tips...

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Plasma systems cut thicker materials

December 15, 2009

Hypertherm has introduced two new HyPerformance® plasma cutting systems —the HPR130XD® and HPR260XD®—with Extreme HyDefinition® (XD) technology.The two systems come with patent-pending PowerPierce™ technology for production piercing capability. According to the...

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Bevel cutting head compatible with multiple plasma systems

December 15, 2009

Koike Aronson/Ransome Inc. offers a lightweight, automatic contour bevel cutting head that is compatible with multiple plasma systems.It has fully integrated height sensing that uses ohmic contact and real-time monitoring of height control process parameters. Real-time arc voltage height control...

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