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Welding helmet delivers filtered air into breathing zone

December 1, 2014

Lincoln Electric has introduced the VIKING™ PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator) 3350 welding helmet. The PAPR draws air from the environment through a HEPA filter located on the belt and delivers filtered air in the breathing zone of the auto-darkening helmet. This model, which offers...

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Floor signs promote safety

November 18, 2014

Visual Workplace Inc. offers floor signs for communicating critical safety instructions clearly. The peel-and-stick signs are made of durable, high-bond acrylic that withstands forklift and heavy foot traffic. Signs are available in three sizes: 12 and 17 in. round or 14- by 20-in. rectangles with...

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Lightweight helmets feature adjustable autodarkening filter

October 29, 2014

Matheson has added two welding helmets to its Select® line. The Freedom 180 model features a stars-and-stripes design, while the Blaze 180 model incorporates bright orange and yellow flames. Both include two bonus front cover protective lenses and a helmet bag. The 13-oz. helmets feature a...

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Weld fume extractor designed for on-the-go welders

October 7, 2014

Lincoln Electric has redesigned its next-generation Miniflex® weld fume control system. The system removes and filters welding fumes wherever welding operators go, including confined and other hard-to-reach spaces. The system, made of lightweight, synthetic materials, comes standard with wheels...

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Catalog highlights safety products

October 2, 2014

Saf-T-Gard® Intl. Inc. has published its 2014-2015 print catalog. It includes more than 233 pages of safety products, with photos and descriptions. The catalog features more than 100 different names including 3M™, Ansell®, Honeywell Safety Products, Ambi-Gard®, Visi-Gard®, and Voltgard®...

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Attachment converts hard hat into autodarkening welding helmet

October 2, 2014

3M™ offers the Speedglas™ 9100 QR and 100 QR welding helmets, which convert many types of industrial hard hats into autodarkening welding helmets. Using the company’s quick-release rail system, helmets clasp onto a hard hat via a releasable ratcheting mechanism. When performing nonwelding...

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Caution tape warns bystanders of dropped-object danger

September 24, 2014

Ergodyne has introduced Squids® Drops Zone tape. Available in 300- and 1,000-ft. rolls, the tape features a repeating "Caution: Drops Zone” message to prevent workers or bystanders from entering potentially dangerous areas where dropped objects are a risk or from entering areas where foreign...

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Cut-resistant tube sleeve provides arm protection

September 11, 2014

Wells Lamont Industrial has introduced the KRG cut-resistant tube sleeve. It provides ANSI Level 4 cut resistance, as well as flame-resistant properties. The reusable sleeve is made from Kevlar® and other high-performance materials to withstand multiple launderings and provide comfort and...

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Wet collector captures combustible dust

September 10, 2014

Micro Air HydroMax™ dust collectors are designed to address the problem of dust explosions in manufacturing plants and recent related OSHA and NFPA regulations. The wet collectors feature engineered water streams to drop out and filter the combustible dust, containing it in the bottom of the...

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Telescoping arm designed for fume extraction in limited space

August 20, 2014

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced a telescoping arm as an option on the FILTAIR® SWX series of stationary fume extractors and the FILTAIR 2000-12000 centralized system models. It is available in 8 in. dia. for the SWX series or in 6 or 8 in. dia. for the industrial centralized fume...

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Safety eyewear offers parallel temple design for comfort, style

August 13, 2014

Gateway Safety’s Parallax™, the latest model in its line of Temple Technology® safety eyewear, is intended to provide comfort for all-day wear. The temple comprises two parallel pieces with a rigid, top temple component providing stability and the lower component—made from a flexible...

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Fume collection hood can be installed above robotic welding processes

August 8, 2014

The Industrial Maid RH series weld fume collection hood is designed to collect the smoke and fumes from automated weld cells. The nonproprietary filters handle oily welding particulate. A thermal safety switch helps prevent fires by shutting the motor blower system down at 180 degrees F. The...

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Safety laser scanners help increase safety monitoring flexibility

July 22, 2014

Omron Automation and Safety has introduced OS32C-4M safety laser scanners. The Type 3 safety laser scanners provide a 13.12-ft. safety range, 49.21-ft. warning zones, and a 270-degree detection angle for safeguarding large robotic cells and body entry detection. The scanners can be mounted...

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Welding helmet adjusts shade automatically

July 17, 2014

The e684 welding helmet from optrel features an adaptive shade autopilot based on a newly developed sensor concept that measures the brightness of the welding arc and automatically adjusts the shade level. This prevents welders from having to interrupt the welding process, even when the welding...

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Weld fume extractor made for welding on the go

July 9, 2014

Lincoln Electric offers the next-generation Miniflex® weld fume control system. Created for the welder on the go, the system removes and filters welding fumes wherever welding operators go, including confined and other hard-to-reach spaces. It offers a dual-filtration system made up of a...

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