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Models added to abrasive waterjet line

November 7, 2011

MAXIEM Waterjets, a division of OMAX® Corp., has added 16 new abrasive waterjet machines to its line of JetCutting centers. The 2000, 3000, and 4000 series employ the same 50,000-PSI, direct-drive pump technology as OMAX's JetMachining® centers. They also feature Intelli-MAX® software and...

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3-D pyramid abrasives allow finer grits sizes to remove more material -

3-D pyramid abrasives allow finer grit sizes to remove more material

November 7, 2011

Metabo Corp. has introduced a line of pyramid-design abrasives. The new aluminum oxide abrasives feature a 3-D-structured geometric grain placement that allows finer grit sizes to remove more material while giving work surfaces a consistent, even finish. According to the manufacturer, users can...

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Where the rubber meets the road -

Where the rubber meets the road

November 7, 2011 | By Amanda Carlson, Tom Wermert

Joshua Shaw describes himself as half archaeologist and half fabricator. Those qualities come in handy when he's restoring vintage Sprint race cars, which can provide a number of historical and fabrication and welding challenges. To do it right requires patience and flexible welding equipment.

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Robotic welding: Don’t forget the consumables -

Robotic welding: Don’t forget the consumables

November 7, 2011

When designing and operating a robotic welding cell, don't overlook the consumables. Choosing the wrong consumables can over time lead to serious costs.

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Less lubricant results in better sawing? -

Less lubricant results in better sawing?

November 7, 2011 | By Tim Walker

For fabricators looking to reduce the amount of lubricant they use for sawing applications, lubricants designed for near-dry sawing may be the answer. These minimum quantity lubricants, as they are called, are designed to provide complete coverage of the blade with as small an amount as possible.

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Concentrating on little things leads to big success -

Concentrating on little things leads to big success

November 7, 2011 | By Dan Davis

An electric press brake is not typically found in a metal fabricating operation, but that is changing as more companies realize the accuracy, speed, and energy savings that this type of device offers.

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Don’t overlook the heat-treat -

Don’t overlook the heat-treat for tool steels

November 7, 2011 | By Gary Maddock

Proper heat treatment is essential to optimize tool steel properties. This entails not only selecting the appropriate time and temperature parameters for the grade involved, but also equipment fully capable of doing the job at hand. Toolmakers should talk with their heat treat facilities to ensure that when it comes to heat treating requirements, everyone is on the same page.

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How press maintenance and safety interwine -

How press maintenance and safety intertwine

November 7, 2011 | By Jeff Fredline

Various factors must work in harmony to create a safety-conscious stamping environment. The press must be used and maintained properly, as should its safety systems. You should know how to use personal protective equipment (PPE), undergo safety training, and know how to identify hazards. Ignoring...

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Collect, recycle, reap the benefits -

Stamping lubrication: Collect, recycle, reap the benefits

November 7, 2011 | By Pat Ontrop

A recycling strategy shouldn’t be implemented in isolation but instead be part of a broader lubrication strategy. Shop managers should first determine what lubricant their stamped parts require; how and where this lubricant needs to be applied; and how part geometry affects lubricant usage and reclamation practices.

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Don't fear the inevitable end-of-year slowdown

November 3, 2011 | By Dan Davis

Are you worried about the new year? I'm not. That wasn't the case back in 2008. I remember a conversation I overheard at the 2008 FABTECH International &AWS Welding Show in Las Vegas that year. I was probably in search of a Diet Coke, so I was standing in line with a bunch of people waiting...

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LINE survey: U.S. labor market's struggles will continue in November

November 3, 2011

The U.S. labor market's struggles will continue in November, as job creation will slow and job cuts will rise in the manufacturing and service sectors compared with a year ago, according to the Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM) Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE) survey...

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Reefer madness coming ashore?

November 2, 2011 | By Vicki Bell

This past Labor Day weekend, my husband and I spent a quiet early morning hour on River Street in Savannah, Ga. River Street is a hopping place from mid-morning until late night, filled with people, music, and vendors selling hand-crafted items. It's the home of the second largest St. Patrick's Day...

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Praxair acquires American Gas Group

November 2, 2011

Danbury, Conn.-based industrial gas supplier Praxair Inc. has acquired independent supplier American Gas Group. With facilities in Toledo, Ohio, and Wheeling, Ill., American Gas and its various units have 56 employees Now part of Praxair Distribution Inc., American Gas packages various specialty...

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Fabricators & Manufacturers Association board of directors elects new members, officers

November 2, 2011

George Bogan, president & COO of Main Steel Polishing, Tinton Falls, N.J.; Rob Clark, vice president-operations, Clark Metal Products, Blairsville, Penn.; Vivek Gupta, managing director, Texas Profab Corp. of Carrollton, Texas; and Dan McLeod, general manager, Brenco Industries Ltd., Delta,...

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Super Steel names president, COO

November 2, 2011

Milwaukee-based Super Steel LLC has announced that executive Dirk Smith has been named president and chief operating officer. Smith, who has been in the metal manufacturing industry for 20 years, also was appointed to the board of directors. Paul Luber will continue as CEO and board chairman....

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