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gtaw technology advancements

Robotic GTAW or GMAW: No longer a clear-cut choice

September 6, 2009 | By Tim Heston

Gas tungsten arc welding is easier than ever to automate. At the same time, robotic GMAW technology now can produce welds that are close to GTAW quality

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perforated products

Perfecting processing for perforated products

September 6, 2009 | By Eric Lundin

Beverlin Manufacturing Inc., a tube producer and component fabricator, struggled with various cutting processes. Its produces and fabricates perforated tube which, because of the perforations, complicates the cutting process. After using two sawing methods, it changed to laser cutting.

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A love, or at least a respect, of labor

September 4, 2009 | By Dan Davis

I'm fascinated by this story unfolding in Fond du Lac, Wis. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 1947 voted to reject a new Mercury Marine contract on Aug. 23. The marine equipment manufacturer said thanks for the memories and announced a move of its...

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tube mill coolant

Shopping for a new tube mill coolant?

September 2, 2009

Many mill coolants are available today. Understanding the factors that drive selection and management of these fluids can help to minimize the costs of their use in welded tube production.

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low alley steel filler metals.jpg

Understanding low-alloy steel

September 1, 2009 | By Keith Packard

Alloys comprise 1 to 5 percent of a particular steels content and are added to provide the steel with a specific attribute. Knowing the type of low-alloy steel you have will help you to choose the right filler metal and achieve good weld quality.

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improve weld seams.jpg

Looking to improve weld seams?

September 1, 2009 | By Dr. Yehuda Baskin

Most tube and pipe producers weld the seam as it is—without additives or fillers—and risk the problems associated with oxidation. A specially formulated brazing flux, in liquid or paste form, dissolves and removes oxides, prevents re-oxidation, and helps transfer weld heat to the seam.

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pipe welders spool drawings.jpg

Robotic pipe welding with a human touch

September 1, 2009 | By Carl Heinrich

Automation has emerged as an alternative to manual welding, but these robotic and fixed automation technologies tend to work for specific applications, rather than general pipe fabricating. Automation coupled with the flexibility of a human operator during the welding process, however, represents a new alternative for those companies looking to squeeze more productivity out of the pipe fabricating process.

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zahner company.jpg

Fabricating with a digital foundation

September 1, 2009 | By Tim Heston

An architectural metal fabricator takes a building-information modeling (BIM) approach, using enhanced computer modeling to streamline operations.

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nortool precision machining tooling.jpg

Die not in the mix for tool shop

September 1, 2009 | By Dan Davis

Nortool Precision Machining and Tool has turned to a 3-D CAD/CAM package for both design and NC and has found that it is delivering quicker and more accurate bids, while simultaneously improving the quality of tool- and diemaking.

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lean manufacturing.jpg

10 steps to successful value stream mapping

September 1, 2009 | By Chris Hoff

Value stream mapping is an invaluable tool used to identify waste in day-to-day operations. Fortunately smaller companies can follow 10 specific steps to prepare for and achieve value stream mapping.

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smaw welders guide

SMAW: A welder's guide - Advice and troubleshooting tips for beginners

September 1, 2009

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is the most common form of arc welding. However, creating a good weld is not always easy, especially for a beginner. Following a few simple tips as well as learning the common weld defect and how to fix them will have you on your way to laying quality SMAW welds.

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manufacturing motorcycle mufflers.jpg

Manufacturing motorcycle mufflers

September 1, 2009

Like all manufacturers, Woodsage Industries is always on the lookout for a better way to manufacture the many components it produces for OEMs. It recently devised a way to make one-piece external muffler shells for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

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stud welding hand tool.jpg

Small studs, big impact

September 1, 2009 | By Chris Hsu, Terry Sterling, Doug Phillips

Stud welding, an often-overlooked process, can have a significant effect on the life-cycle cost of a product.

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ISM: Manufacturing sector grew in August—first growth in 19 months

September 1, 2009

Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in August, following 18 consecutive months of contraction, and the overall economy grew for the fourth consecutive month, said the nation's supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business®.The report was issued today by...

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gas saver flowmeter regulator

Getting the SPA treatment

September 1, 2009

You may think your gas welding and fabrication operation is on track, but what you may not see could hurt you in the long run. Performing a safety and performance audit will help you evaluate the safety and efficiency of your operations, minimize liability, and help ensure compliance with local state fire and safety requirements.

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